Why Corbyn is so popular

Is he? I guess, in the way that Andrew Little is popular.

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– Twitter, H/T R Williams


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  • Bud

    More socialism is always touted as the only solution to the problems created by socialism.

    • Eddie

      But importing moderate socialists to tackle the radical socilist problem is bound to work – just like our Islamic issues.

  • STAG

    If your debts outweigh your income, You Must examine your accounts, if their are no quick gains income to be made then long term debt reduction must be implemented. Without this a individual a household a family, a business and a country go broke.

    Money can only be spent if it exists.

    • shykiwibloke

      The alternative of course is the array of sleight-of-hand lefty tricks to make money appear when needed – usually saddling future generations with more debt. The U.K. Is not different from other Western economies in that decades of excess must be paid for sooner or later.

  • Annoyed

    What they inevitably seem to ignore is that the debt (as it is in NZ) is being built by the welfare system, and by more people willingly joining said welfare system. Austerity has to be aimed at those people otherwise they aren’t going to fix the problem they cause.

  • Kevin

    Well he’s wrong about the WMDs and Iraq. WMDs were found. And I would call the invasion of Iraq a success given that it is now a functioning democracy, although admittedly with it’s share of problems.


  • Orca

    Well, I can see why Jeremy Corbyn is so popular, some of his jokes on 7-Days are actually quite funny, if you ignore the left-wing spin. :)

  • dumbshit

    Think I would opt for a frank discussion with one of “cows” strainer posts, than attempt a basic economics explanation to Mr Boyce!

  • Mikev

    Yeah right!