Winston in top form as he schools a reporter

Winston Peters is a wily old dog and he schools Lloyd Burr good and proper.

When it comes to avoiding questions, Winston Peters is the best in the business.

But when there’s a simple question like: “Is Helen Clark the right person to lead the United Nations?”, if your answer isn’t “yes”, there’s no credible way to skip the question, change the subject and try move on without sounding like a Helen-hater.

The New Zealand First leader did just that. Here are his answers.  

  • “We respond as a caucus and we’ve had a discussion on the nomination, not the question you’re asking.”
  • “We answer as a party, we are united, cohesive, we don’t speak with 12 different voices. If you have anybody giving out rumour or statement about New Zealand First that doesn’t come from the leadership, then it simply wouldn’t be true.”
  • “I just told you New Zealand First speaks with one voice. We put out a press statement wishing her all the best. Why would you be asking me that question.”
  • “I think these are, with the greatest respect…you must be having a bad day or you’ve had a bad weekend…these are mindless questions that nobody with any sense would answer.”
  • “I don’t understand the point of that question. Are you trying to be….what is the point of that question?”
  • “Why would some Tom, Dick, and Harry journalist come along who’s been here five minutes and start asking me obtuse questions like that when it’s very obvious?”

It wasn’t a mindless question. The reason I kept asking was because he wasn’t answering the question. And when politicians don’t answer questions – especially Mr Peters – you know there’s something wrong.

So the question remains — does Mr Peters think Helen Clark is the right person to lead the UN?

The video is funny. Winston Peters was clearly playing with Burr and then gets bored and just walks off.

Whiny reporters are bread and butter for Winston.


– Newshub


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  • cows4me

    I bet he wears titanium underpants, arse covering 101.

  • Peter

    Also a good reason why this guy should never be given a role in power. You will never get a straight answer or a clear direction from the man. A wasted talent.

    • Charley jones

      Also a wasted vote because when given power Winnie only does what is best for Winnie. I remember when ousted previously he hung onto a ministerial car which had to be forcibly removed from him 3 months later. The man has a gigantic dose of entitleditis. He seems to think he has the right to put his hand in your pocket and help himself to your money. Who needs enemies with people like that calling the shots.

  • rua kenana

    Give a straight answer to a journalist and, unless it already suits the editorial dictate, it’ll be twisted and slanted out of all reasonable recognition. A very sensible response by Peters.

    • jcpry

      Cant agree in this case. Straight forward question and an evasive answer.

      • rua kenana

        Wasn’t implying Winston gave a straight answer. He didn’t. Because he knew all too well what would happen if he did. His reponse was very sensible.

  • Keeping Stock

    “I just told you New Zealand First speaks with one voice.”

    No prizes for guessing whose voice that it. The party isn’t known as Winston First for no good reason.

    But on this occasion it’s nice to see Peters schooling young Mr Burr, who always seems to be something of a lightweight when he emerges from Paddy Gower’s shadow.

  • axeman

    May be evasive but he is right, as a party they wish her all the success so there is the answer. Media Party looking for a story where there is none

  • Yellow Admiral

    Why on earth would NZ First put out a press release supporting her nomination if they did not think she was suitable – ‘the right person for the job’?

    Young Burr was trying the typical Journo’s trick of looking for something that he could later twist into a false meaning that was not what Winston meant.

    Why must these journos think they are the only ones with a valid position on the affairs of the world!

  • MarcWills

    Can’t understand why the MSM continue to give Winston First any exposure at all. They know he feeds off it, and will only slam them depending on the day/time since lunchtime/tired and emotional quotient (pick one). When it comes to election time, and Winston is looking for free publicity, then they can tell him to naff off – they don’t need his aggression, and who would blame them. Watch Winston throw his toys when he gets ignored. Narcissists hate being ignored and treated as irrelevant.

  • Diehard

    Winston should be in charge of the UN. Much more exciting candidate than Helen. Imagine the entertaining he could get up to, and that expense account would be huge.

  • Big fella

    Ole Winston, the biggest waste of space God ever put breath into. Not Wiley, obviously has poor comprehension and does not understand questions. To be fair it was a simple question requiring a simple answer. WP what a joke.