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sequester (verb) – 1. To remove or set apart; segregate or hide.
2. To cause to withdraw into seclusion.
3. To remove or isolate (a chemical, often a gas) from an environment by incorporation, mixing, or insertion under pressure.
4. (a) Law To take temporary possession of (property) as security against legal claims.
(b) To requisition and confiscate (enemy property).

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Late 14th century, “remove” something, “quarantine, isolate” (someone); “excommunicate;” also intransitive, “separate oneself from,” from Old French sequestrer (14th century), from Late Latin sequestrare “to place in safekeeping,” from Latin sequester “trustee, mediator,” noun use of an adjective meaning “intermediate,” which probably is related to sequi “to follow”. Meaning “seize by authority, confiscate” is first attested 1510s. Alternative sequestrate (verb) is early 15th century, from Latin sequestratus.


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