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termagant (noun) –  A woman regarded as quarrelsome or scolding; a shrew.

(adj) – Shrewish; scolding.

Source : The Free Dictionary

Etymology : Circa 1500, “violent, overbearing person” (especially of women), from Teruagant, Teruagaunt (circa 1200), name of a fictitious Muslim deity appearing in medieval morality plays, from Old French Tervagant, a proper name in Chanson de Roland (circa 1100), of uncertain origin. As an adjective from 1590s.


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  • Woody

    Aahh, she sits at Little’s right hand.

    • Korau

      Take your pick:

      harpy, harridan, shrew, virago, vixen.

  • JEL51

    Wo, that’s me!! I had a whole week with Leftie- visitors for which I did my best to enlighten them of a few facts. I am quite sure they would tag me with that term.

    • OneTrack

      A badge of honour then :-)

      • JEL51

        Accepted ;). It was when I heard “Helen Clarke is a good woman” in a tone that said ‘enough’ did I hold my breath for fear of what may venture from my mouth next. I think they have gone home with much to ponder over. Whether life-long friends become full-life fiends remains to be seen. They weren’t expecting that.