Wrong again

Martyn Bradbury is the most wrong person in New Zealand politics.

He’s been so wrong so many times I suggested he change his name to Wrongly Wrongson.

On Friday he wrote:

I don’t think this latest evidence of abuse of political power by Key will be so easily shrugged off.

It’s not because it’s the most compelling evidence of his abuses of power. The mass surveillance lies, the Dirty Politics scandal, the ramming through of Parliament laws he wants all of these and so many more are stronger evidence, but this people can grasp.

People loved their flag, and knowing Key met to secretly fund a campaign to get rid of it even in the last dying moments of the campaign will insult many and nothing moves polls like a voter scorned.

And then last night the Colmar Brunton poll on One News delivered this result:

National 50% (up from 47 in February)

Labour 28% (down from 32)

Greens 10% (up from 8)

NZ First 9% (down from 10)

Maori Party 1.1% (no change)

ACT Party 0.7% (up from 0.3)

Conservative Party 0.3% (down from 0.6)

Mana Party 0% (down from 0.3)

And the Preferred PM stakes:

John Key 39% (down from 40)

Winston Peters 10% (up from 9)

Andrew Little 7% (down from 9)

Jacinda Ardern 2% (no change)

Martyn Bradbury was wrong yet again. He’s right though: nothing moves polls like a voter scorned and Labour and Andrew Little keep on treating voters like morons and wonder why they can’t get anywhere in the polls.

The voters are waaaaay smarter than Martyn Bradbury who hasn’t yet realised that Marxism, socialism, Maoism and whatever else lunatic left-wing dogma he subscribes to turn off voters.

I really hope that Andrew Little is paying Bradbury for advice.


– The Daily Blog


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  • Woody

    I did see that comment of Bradbury’s and wondered what he was on as it didn’t seem like the thoughts of a rational mind – oh right………

  • R&BAvenger

    Even when you look at the home page of Martin/Martyn Wrongly Wrongson’s blog you get a sense of the total disconnect/alternative reality in which the left live. The title of the articles are enough to make one not want to both delving any further.

  • axeman

    perhaps Angry Andy should start texting you?

  • dumbshit

    campaign will insult many and nothing moves polls like a voter scorned.
    Wow, he pens that, and can’t see the hippocracy!

    • Uncle Bully

      That’s because he’s blinded by his own magnificence and infallibility.

  • I am not understanding the outrage from the left that John Key attended a fundraiser that was raising funds for supporting the “Change the Flag” campaign. Key was clearly in favour of a change, he open spoke of wanting a change, he wore a lapel pin with the Lockwood design on it, why is it suddenly terrible that he attended a fundraiser for it?

    If you didn’t support the campaign, this fine and dandy, but there is nothing wrong with those who did support it doing fundraising events and that includes the Prime Minister. It’s hardly an abuse of political power (especially as we lost)

    • Dog Breath

      There were probably fundraisers to keep the current flag and no one invited any of the opposition to the party, why because they are not fund raisers or people of note whose name can help raise funds.

  • jedmo

    I know I’m talking to myself as far as he is concerned but I don’t understand how he thinks it works, for him to call those he’s claiming to be working on behalf of, “the sheeple”, “middle nu zild”, etc.

    • axeman

      That is just his role as as a far left wing Useful Idiot. Now expect Citizen Bumber to give his Sleepy Hobbits rant

    • Woody

      He probably thinks that because Aunty Hulun got away with insulting the NZ public, he can too. Sorry Andy, bad news, we are over being insulted by strong arm bully boys (and I include Hulun in that description).

    • Uncle Bully

      It really does demonstrate his arrogance, does it not? Trying to convince us that he knows better, and that we should be accepting his word as gospel.
      Well, his condescending and patronising attitude towards the “sleepy hobbits of muddle nu zilnd” is not the way to win friends and positively influence people. All it does is reinforce the perception that the lefties think know they what’s good for us, so don’t argue.

  • Second time around

    Even today Andy wants a full public enquiry into the Panama Papers as they affect NZ, not just an independent audit that Key suggested, but something like a Royal Commission. I fail to see how that issue is going to reverse the slide in Little’s popularity, so marked that even Bryce Edwards thinks he could have only another 6 months to go.

  • Mine it,Drill it,Sell it.

    Key met to secretly fund a campaign,yesterday it was secret meeting with donors.

    What ever it was it was not secret as the Media Party are now using their knowledge of the meeting to deflect attention away from the poles and a Deranged Panama Andy.

    • jaundiced

      ‘Secret’ just means they didn’t know about it

      • Brian Dingwall

        “Secret” is a lefty code-word for anything anti-Key you can find on the front page of “a newsaper”

    • Crowgirl

      He didn’t attend to “secretly fund” it either. He attended to help them with their fundraising – bit of a difference between the two.
      Martyn Martin is so used to being wrong he doesn’t actually know how (or care) about getting it right anymore.

    • Woody

      If I was going to have a secret meeting, it wouldn’t be in a public restaurant, I would probably aim for a private room buried somewhere in a government building – oh right………

  • cows4me

    Martin Marty’s fixation with Jk has blinded him to the real problem facing the left, themselves. Even if JK was to quit tomorrow the noddys offer nothing new and their two main policies, tax and spend, are seen with great disdain amongst the vast proportion of the population that tiers of been bled dry by bludging scum.

  • Usaywot

    When we talk about the complicit media as regards Labour I still can’t shake that posed image of Little with the brick halo. Unbiased? Yeah, right.

  • Jman

    Speaking of the flag, how much wailing and gnashing of teeth have we read over the past year about it’s cost of $27 million dollars and how this money could have been better spent in so many other ways.

    Now we have the story of Auckland Councils building upgrade budget blowout going from $4 million dollars to $31 million dollars. A difference of….$27 million dollars. What’s the bet this story gets buried by the media. Nothing to see here. It’s only a left-wing politician at fault so not really a story at all.

  • Wheninrome

    The Flag debate was never about the government, it was a referendum for people to express their own opinion. It was never going to be a decider as to which party was going to sit on the power benches and govern, or indeed be something to bring a government down. They were dreaming as we all do, however I keep my dreams alive, theirs are fading fast.

  • stephen2d

    If Bradbury was paid only for advice and prediction that turns correct, he would be leading a life of crime.

  • MrsAverage

    I would think many of “The Voters” are actually too busy going about their daily lives, working, raising a family, putting the winter veges in the garden… To be sitting there thinking about how scorned they are about stuff that has no effect on said daily life.

  • BR

    If the flag change referendum were initiated by Labour or the Greens, Bradbury and his pals would not be able to tick the change box quick enough.


  • Tiger

    So Mr Wrongly Wrongson is a fiction writer, no?

    • WBC

      Yep, part of the local amateur creative writing community program along with Hager, Fisher and Stephenson. They aren’t getting any better, and will never be actual authors.
      Hager has collated other peoples stories a few times and believes he’s the author (poor wee thing) and Stephenson published the thoughts of some Taliban media reps who he trusted while trying to make good New Zealand servicemen look bad (so gullible, you’d feel sorry for him if he wasn’t such a vile creature).

  • Abjv

    Shock, horror, Labour had a fundraising party shortly before the last election. How dare they secretly try to raise money so close to an election they believe they are about to lose?