Yesterday, the Labour Party declared some of us live in slums


Before I even address the issue of slums, why is it that the Labour Party strategy is to go for excessive hyperbole? It just polarises people straight away. How many years before they understand that more new votes lie in the middle, not on the far left?

That aside, slums.

India has over 40,000 slums housing about 10 million people.  With few exceptions, these slum homes feature:

  • NO electricity
  • NO in-home toilet
  • NO in-home shower
  • NO gas to cook on
  • NO potable water from a tap
  • NO facility to do laundry

and its inhabitants receive:

  • NO government provided welfare.

Let’s compare that New Zealand slum homes, that feature: 

  • electricity
  • a toilet, frequently more than one
  • a bathroom with shower
  • clean healthy drinking water
  • in-home laundry facility

and its inhabitants receive in one week what their Indian slum dwellers don’t even earn in a whole year.

An top of that, most New Zealand slum dwellers also have:

  • two cars on the lawn
  • internet access
  • Sky or Freeview with a large screen TV
  • mobile phone
  • free health care for kids under 13
  • subsidised health care for adults and subsidised medicine

So what exactly do these “slum” homes feature that makes them so slummy? Apparently they are older, colder, draftier and mouldier.

There can be an argument made that homes need better insulation and more studious airing and cleaning, but that doesn’t reduce New Zealand to a country where we have slum dwellers.

These slum people are the same people who lived in the same homes when Labour did absolutely nothing.  Whereas the National-led government is on a steady programme of improving the social housing stock.




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  • Joe Banana

    Well said. It’s about time people woke up to the B/S that twerp Twyford spins.
    He is an absolute disgrace and nothing but a tax payer paid LIAR

  • oldmanNZ

    when I grew up, we lived in a home built in the late 1960.
    it has no insulation. My parents are still living in the same home. Still with no insulation..
    but we never had a mould problem.
    This site has banged on many times why mould exist, Because the left made it mouldy with their compulsion for insulation and airtighness.

    keeping warm was not a problem. put on a jumper, like what the eskimo do in a igloo.

    • richard.b

      I have lived in my current house for more then 10 years. I have insulation in the ceiling but none in the walls or underfloor.
      At no point have I had a mould issue.
      Under the new tenancy laws coming in next year, I would not be able to rent my house out as it would not comply. I can, however, continue to live there.
      Based on what the left tell us, I will get sick and probably die the day after the law changes.

      • Cracker1963

        My parents house was built in 1962 for 2000 pounds- no insulation, damp & cold in winter- south facing. Now worth about $1.2 million- still no insulation, still damp & cold, still south facing with mould growing on the ceilings which dad cleans off every spring- my parents don’t notice the damp & have a fire going all winter. Is this a slum according to the Labour Party? Old, cold, draftee and mouldy- yep its a million dollar slum. What a joke, typical from the Left- no idea.

        • oldmanNZ

          do you have trees nearby? ceating a shade, it is obvious the house will always be dark damp, as it south facing. if it gets no sun, there is no fun.

          • Cracker1963

            Massive tress which my Mother refused to have cut-down. My parents are old & stuck in 1962- in their minds the world stopped when they got married- they hold onto the past for their dear lives. They vote Labour still thinking that they are voting for Norman Kirk- sigh- I’ve given up arguing with them.

    • Peter

      Want to stop mould – open a window.

  • Keeping Stock

    Labour likes to toss around labels like “slum landlords” as they wage war on those who dare to own a home and rent it out.

    Given that Chris Trotter’s mythical Waitakere Man, lost to Labour since 2008, quite likely owns an investment property to set up his retirement and pay for the kids to go to university, such class warfare really is an own goal from Twyford and his mates.

  • R&BAvenger

    How do these people manage to walk when they keep shooting themselves in the feet. On Breakfast this morning they had someone from the CAB to advise tenants on their ‘rights’ if they live in a damp, cold home.
    If it’s damp, make sure you air the place properly every day and especially during cooking and after showers/baths. If you see mould, deal with it straight away with some bleach and a bit of elbow grease.
    Yes, tenants have rights, but they have responsibilities too.

    • rexabus

      Yes welcome to the modern world in which personal responsibility means being responsible for complaining and whining for a better deal for yourself rather than actually putting the thinking cap on and maybe getting off the couch to improve ones situation

    • rua kenana

      But they don’t always have good ordinary common sense, and the motivation (and knowledge?) to do something do for themselves instead of whingeing about somebody else not doing it.

  • cows4me

    The socialists are really to stupid to save themselves. As tens of thousands pour into New Zealand with the intention of calling it home and the socialists still pimping the poverty line this nonsense will be called out. All those coming from China, India must shake their heads in wonderment when Labour talks of slums. They reckon there are a million missing voters now they’ll be many thousands of new ones that will think they are nothing but a joke.

    • Maisie

      And what is even more shocking, cows4me, is that our taxpayers monies are fed to them to allow them to produce this manure!

    • Wheninrome

      Of course if they (labour) let enough “refugees” into the country it really will have true slum areas, they will have assisted to create them to give truth to their claims.

  • STAG

    Slum, Luanda, Angola, West Africa.

  • JustanObserver

    The only verified ‘Slum’ in New Zealand is Fraser House.
    Clearly all are bereft of Electrifying thought, Raw Sewerage flows from almost every comment made, not one resident Showers in reality, all Gas produced is methane and not ideal for cooking, the only drinkable liquid is toxic Kool-Aid and all dwellers fail to Launder any truth whenever prompted …
    Very Slummish.

    • richard.b

      Sounds like the Greens conference.

  • Eiselmann

    A few years ago , a lefty academic elite declared that New Zealands proverty was the same as India’s proverty, he was (correctly) widely mocked . The simple reality is that no Kiwi in their right mind would choose to live in a real slum , however if any are daft enough to think their living situation would be improved by moving into a real slum…go for it, I daresay you could easily find a slum dweller who would swap homes with you in a heartbeat.

    You do have to wonder where Labour get this from until you realise the previous Labour leader believed he lived a middle class lifestyle while owning a multi million dollar home in one of New Zealands most exclusive streets and Sue MORONey mocks the rich for having an opinion while being a privledged 1 percenter herself who seems to have an opinion about everything …they really do live in another world.

    • Whitey

      There’s potential for a TV show there – Slum Swap. Every week a family that complain about their damp, mouldy HNZ “slum” get to swap homes with a family from the slums of Delhi or Mumbai. Labour party viewers might even learn something.

  • Michael

    Wasn’t there an MP who was caught renting out a house without a working toilet and holes in the roof a decade or so ago? That’s right, it was a Labour MP (who has now left us.)

  • Keanne Lawrence

    The picture of the Otara houses is more than likely a “before” version if compared to so many other regions where the “after” version is really scary.
    As default landlords many taxpayers have been disgusted at what has been done to their “assets” if they venture into areas dominated by state houses. The old method of concentrating them in a cheaper location turned the rented version of the Kiwi dream into a nightmare.
    As a big fan of garage sales it offers a great way to see your region and while the better locations have the better quality some times the lesser areas have the better bargains. Simply because the seller usually has absolutely no sense of value so if these locations are last on the list their desperate need for cash can render up some serious bargains.
    The contrast is even more graphic as you move from the still rented version to the now sold old state house loving restored to it’s former glory with many innovative forms of landscaping to enhance them. Now there is a picture.

  • Dog Breath

    Lived in a defence house for over a year. We kept the place tidy as suggested. But by God we froze during winter. Wind would blow through the floor boards. Heating was a waste of time, we were all in bed by 8pm as the only way to keep warm.

    • WBC

      A very fair point. My apologies, I should have also noted that one of the two areas is severely deprived of funding for maintenance or insulation etc, in fact the one that gets the most money outstrips the less well funded many many times.

      As most readers will guess, the one that receives very little is the one that our men and women who serve the country rent i.e. the neighborly feeling one. The one that is full of people who are served by the country get lots and then ruin it anyway is the slummy one. there is no one to blame for their neighborhood except for themselves.

      But yes, the cool breeze blowing up through the floorboards on a winter night in the mighty Manawatu is bracing I’ll admit…

      Edit spelling.