You can see why Labour continues to be hopeful about the Panama Papers


Spain’s acting Industry Minister Jose Manuel Soria says he’s resigning with immediate effect after alleged links to offshore dealings that emerged after he was named in the Panama Papers.

Soria has denied all wrongdoing, but said on Friday he was stepping down to limit any damage to the caretaker government, the People’s Party, following revelations of alleged links to an offshore company in the British island of Jersey.

The resignation comes at a time when Spain is facing the likelihood of a second general election in June after an inconclusive December vote.

The latest polls have shown the PP gaining ground, despite a string of corruption scandals involving regional politicians this year, as voters tire of left-wing parties’ failure to put aside differences to form a coalition government.

Leaks from the Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca have embarrassed several world leaders and shone a spotlight on the shadowy world of offshore companies by revealing the financial arrangements of prominent figures.

The desperation of the Labour Party is such that they have nothing left to lose.  They might as well pin all their hopes to something, anything at all, that will implicate a National MP – or better yet – Key himself.

The thing is, I almost hope they find something for no other reasons than to see the Media Party and Labour during the aftermath when the polls still put National at 47-50%.

National’s support is only partially due to Key and National, but the big difference is the aversion the voters have of Labour and its likely partners.  And no amount of gotcha politics will turn those numbers around.


– Reuters, via Newshub


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  • Barnacles2

    They are an embarrassment and show no capability or capacity to lead this country. I’ll say it again, can you imagine Andy or Grant or Jacinda with Obama or Camern or any of the world leaders? They can’t hold a candle to John Key and they know it.

  • cows4me

    I think if the left found anything on JK the excitement would do them in. The country really doesn’t need a couple of thousand frothing spastic wonders filling up the wards.

    • Crowgirl

      You just know they would fumble the ball in their excitement to get it over the goal line.

  • Edward M Blake

    This has to be one of the longest tantrums ever witnessed. After eight years I am getting kind of sick of watching labor scream and rage. Surely they realize that the wold is sick of social justice indignation and that tiwiter is not the real world.

  • Aucky

    Just how confident is Andy that there are absolutely no Labour MPs or senior party officials with dodgy offshore trusts or financial skeletons in the cupboard?

    If Labour and the Media Party run true to form there will be an attempted ambush on JK this week while he is offshore. That he will be forced to at least partially take his eye off the ball regarding increasing trade with China is irrelevant to them – taking down the PM is far more important. Wouldn’t it be great to see JK pull off a major trade coup while he is in China?

    • Curly1952

      The law of averages would suggest that at the very least, one Labour MP or party member will have a trust that is being used to avoid tax.
      Peters will have one too.
      How sanctimonious they are, and they call John Key slippery, and in my opinion, a despicable word to use for a Prime Minister.
      May I suggest that Labours and NZ First continuous slagging off of JK about the Panama Papers is doing more harm to NZ’s reputation than the unlikely possibility of NZ being used for nefarious means.

      • Miss Phit

        I wonder how many lefty politicians mad calls to their trust lawyers last week, to check on things and how many are hidden trusts…?

        Some of these people have been earning very good money for a long time and must have acrued quite a wealthy investment portfolio by now and I can only assume their accountants are doing their best to keep as much money in the trust as possible by exploiting every tax loophole they can find. And all of it will be legal, (maybe not morally correct, but legal) and if they get called on it they will be screaming from the rooftops about their “legal” trusts.

        Funny how a party that was set up to administer to the needs of the lower/middle class workers is full of very well off “not in the slightest bit lower or middle class” people. MAybe that is why they have a disconnect with “tgheir people”.

  • Mick Ie

    If National was to continue to ride high in the polls and gain enough seats to govern without support from the very minor parties, would it be strategic to call a snap election? This would get rid of the manipulation of United Future and the Maori party, put NZF on the back foot and leave Greens and Labour further behind.

  • Grizz30

    You got to actually have something rather than hope you actually have something. When you come in front of the media and want to play pin the tail on the donkey it is important that you have made sure that you are not the donkey.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    It is apparent the Mud mob are so screwed up tight about the continued success of John Key and the National Party that they have completely sacrificed national pride. Simply because they see it as National pride.
    Having gone full retard over the Panama Papers issue they give a tacit illustration that like policy intentions their is no consideration of the costs. In the absence of any real mention or involvement by NZ in this activity they are content to trash the countries reputation as well as a attacking respected individuals outside Parliament. Nobody seems safe as they slash around like a blind swordsman.
    Never has a political party stooped so low to descend beyond a point of being unelectable. We know Captain YFront is certainly a multi winless contender and now in an outstanding of ineptitude, incompetence and old cloth cap mentality has dragged the party down to his level.
    The truly frightening thing is in their quest for distinction many individual members are actually trying to trump Captain YFront dumb antics. Lol

  • Kevin

    It amazes me how the Left thinks that dissing one of the most popular prime ministers in history is somehow going to score them voters.