You can’t form a government when your party has a negative net favourability rating

Subscribers to INCITE: Politics (next edition due out shortly, subscribe now) will know that Andrew Little’s net favourables are negative, while John Key’s are positive.

David Farrar has been commenting on the academic research involved in the NZ Election Study.

Now we look at the net favourability – those who like, less (minus) those who dislike.


Only one party has positive net favourability – National at +30%.

Labour and Greens are both slightly negative net favourability at -5% and -7%.  Following them is NZ First on -17%, and Maori Party -22%.

The next five are Conservatives on -35%, United -38%, ACT -37%, Mana -57% and Internet Party -72%.  The Internet Party may be the most unpopular party in the history of NZ politics.

Overall the data shows the huge gulf between National and other parties when it comes to both favourability and unfavourability.

And you can’t win elections when every single potential coalition partner and your own party have net favourability rankings that are negative.

Labour MPs won’t read Farrar’s post…actually they will…but because Farrar wrote about it they will shoot the messenger instead of looking at the core data. If they look at that core data they will realise that their leader is a dopey and unelectable tool, that their party is perceived negatively in almost every respect and, worst of all, perceived as far-left with only the crazy Greens and the idiots of Mana further left than them.


– Kiwiblog


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  • Doesn’t really help a lot when Nationals only genuine coalition partner ACT is further down the chart than my surf caster can get!

    Not gonna hook a decent fish around there.

    The skipper needs to get his ACT (sorry…couldn’t help it) together!

    • sandalwood789

      I am mystified as to why ACT persist with their **stupid, vote-losing** policy of increasing the number of refugees coming here.

      They seem to delude themselves into thinking that the policy will make them more “palatable” to voters. It doesn’t. The people it is aimed at would never vote ACT anyway and those who *would* (like me) are turned off by this policy.
      What has ACT got to lose by dropping this one stupid policy? They have nothing to lose and *everything* to gain!
      Come on, Seymour – get it together and *drop* that policy.