A woman’s viewpoint

Frances Denz emails in response to Spanish Bride’s post this morning.

Why do I post on your site?  Because I am a woman, and have a women’s view on the world which sometimes gets ignored.  I don’t like to be ignored, and I don’t like wasting my time and effort in writing blogs and articles where they won’t be read with interest, and hopefully adding  to the  debate.  I like the size of your readership.  There is no way I can reach that sized audience any other way.

In the beginning I did feel nervous, and I know that after I published my first article under my own name I had my website trashed.  This was in the middle of the Dotcom nonsense.  It was a pain, but did not stop my desire to be heard.  Safety is helpful, so thanks to the moderators.  

But having a strong opinion often creates debate and strong feelings, and this can feel and be, unsafe.  It goes with the territory.  If you want to make change it is much easier to be taken seriously if you are heard!.

It also helps that you do not put my name on when I ask you not too.  But equally you don’t get good discussion if others are too intimidated to respond.  Discussion is important if you want change.  There may be better ways of achieving change than yours, and without other people’s contribution the best solution may not be found.

Frances has contributed many posts under her name. They are always thoughtful and provoking.

Her contributions are welcome and I am sure my audience appreciates it.

What is amazing is that there are people out there who will use criminal means to silence outspoken voices.


– tipline


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  • Cadwallader

    I was driving around this afternoon and for some reason my radio was on Live. Willie Jackson was speaking to Chris Trotter and Rodney Hyde. Mr Trotter made the point that the parties of the Left have traditionally been the ones to most loudly champion freedom of expression but sadly the current Labour Party is prone to closing it down. Mr Hyde added to this that the present trend in the universities is against freedom of expression and that this is the result of a rigid code of “Political Correctness.” It is pleasing to hear Trotter speak so sanely and in a balanced and measured manner. It is sad that there are rabid left blogs which do anything but conduct themselves decently. Trotter is one left commentator who would do well here given his approach to things. I know he heads off to other parts of the universe occasionally but generally his blog is worthy of a visit.

    • Quinton Hogg

      Mr Trotter make a very good point, but few on the left will listen.
      The PC disease is of concern. It is almost as if we have returned to the ark ages where any attempt to depart from dogma was met with a swift burning at the stake.

      • Old Dig

        The left have basically become the new Puritans.

    • andrewo

      I agree: He gets my respect too.

      It’s odd the way he can deliver a really sensible critique of the Left and then, in the very next paragraph he’s raving off into flights of fancy over Ban the Bomb marches, burning barricades, red flags, hammers and sickles.

      There are two options here: Either he has schizophrenia (unlikely) or he’s deliberately playing a game to stay onside with the Hard Left – he ticks enough boxes in each article so as not to get ostracized like Josie Pagani and others.

  • Ross

    Good on you for contributing, and I am sure I speak for many WO’s, your opinion is always valued and digested regardless of your gender.

  • oldmanNZ

    I like to post comments on this site too. Because, i am a chinese kiwi man, with a chinese kiwi point of view, sometime i get called sexist, or foreigner even tho i was born here.

    This one site we can have a balance debate. I used to comment in the nzherald… But thats was all lopsided.

    I used to post a lot of rubbish too, but now i am more selective, and careful.

  • Ravan

    I am reminded of the James Watson novel: ‘Talking In Whispers’ (about the military Junta Chile in the1970s) when I detect the fear many commentators here in New Zealand feel about expressing their concerns in 2016. A huge, big Thank You–from another woman –given a voice by Cam Slater, Spanish Bride and all the Whaleoil crew.