A woman’s viewpoint

Frances Denz emails in response to Spanish Bride’s post this morning.

Why do I post on your site?? Because I am a woman, and have a women?s view on the world which sometimes gets ignored.? I don?t like to be ignored, and I don?t like wasting my time and effort in writing blogs and articles where they won?t be read with interest, and hopefully adding ?to the? debate.? I like the size of your readership.? There is no way I can reach that sized audience any other way.

In the beginning I did feel nervous, and I know that after I published my first article under my own name I had my website trashed.? This was in the middle of the Dotcom nonsense.? It was a pain, but did not stop my desire to be heard.? Safety is helpful, so thanks to the moderators. ?

But having a strong opinion often creates debate and strong feelings, and this can feel and be, unsafe.? It goes with the territory. ?If you want to make change it is much easier to be taken seriously if you are heard!.

It also helps that you do not put my name on when I ask you not too.? But equally you don?t get good discussion if others are too intimidated to respond.? Discussion is important if you want change.? There may be better ways of achieving change than yours, and without other people?s contribution the best solution may not be found.

Frances has contributed many posts under her name. They are always thoughtful and provoking.

Her contributions are welcome and I am sure my audience appreciates it.

What is amazing is that there are people out there who will use criminal means to silence outspoken voices.


– tipline