Al-Qaeda terrorist compensated £80,000 for hurty feelings


Alleged Al-Qaeda militant, former Tunisian football player Nizar Trabelsi. © Michel Krakowski / AFP

Apparently sending someone to America is a punishment and one that is a human rights violation worth almost £80,000 in damages. Terrorist Nizar Trabelsi is convicted of terrible crimes and is in jail for them, yet the system is so messed up that he is being paid out for his hurty feelings. Someone please stop the world because I want to get off.

An Al-Qaeda terrorist convicted of plotting attacks against US targets in Europe received about €78,000 in compensation, as he claimed his human rights were violated by his extradition to the US, it has emerged.

The information was revealed in Belgian media on Thursday. The compensation to the extremist – who was convicted of planning an attack on troops at a Belgian airbase and was suspected of planning an assault on the US embassy in Paris – was approved by the European Court of Human Rights back in 2014.

Nizar Trabelsi, a Tunisian professional football player turned jihadist, was convicted on charges of association with Al-Qaeda militant group and plotting attacks on US targets, including Kleine Brogel Air Base in Belgium. The base is home to the US Air Force’s 7361 Munitions Support Squadron.

The jihadist reportedly met Al-Qaeda founder Osama bin Laden on several occasions back in 2001.

He was also accused of plotting an attack on the US embassy in Paris in 2001. According to reports, Trabelsi planned to become a suicide bomber. Those charges, however, were soon dropped.

In 2003 Trabelsi was sentenced by a Belgian court to 10 years in jail. He was officially accused of acts of criminal conspiracy, destruction by explosion, possession of combat weapons and belonging to a private militia.

In 2013 he was extradited to the US and has been in jail since.
According to the European Court of Human Rights, which received the claim, Trabelsi’s extradition to the US “exposed him to a risk of treatment contrary to Article 3 of the Convention.”

“He also contended that the enforcement of the decision to extradite him had infringed his right of individual petition,” a 2014 ECHR statement read.

The ECHR ordered to pay the jihadist no less than €90,000 (about US$100,000). His family, which lives in Belgium, had already received €11,000.



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  • Davey

    Hurry up with Brexit. The EU is a complete cot case.

  • Rebecca

    shoot me in the head – this is nuts

  • Brian Smaller

    The ECHR has become a farce.

  • Beria

    It’s a pragmatic way to do things. The guy is in America on a long term residency scheme, and his family’s welfare needs have been reduced. Extradition is a messy, expensive business even here in NZ and it would have been a lot cheaper to wire $100K to dotcom in Leavenworth than the endless appeals we allow.

  • Gazza

    Is it not great that even when waging jihad against the west for the will of allah and it goes wrong you can avail yourself of the very system you declare as evil……basically a buck each way……ooops gambling is bad, oh well, when it suits I guess.

  • cows4me

    This human rights lark is giving the climate change con a run for it’s money.

  • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

    Why don’t they invoice these criminals for the costs incurred to bring them to justice and jailing. Then load up an account for the said criminal and every time then sue for this kind of crap we just deduct it from their account. I.E. give with one hand and take with the other.

  • shykiwibloke

    A timely reminder that while these guys do not play by the rules, they know our rules inside out, and are backed by well financed legal council.

    • OneTrack

      A timely reminder that commonsense is not that common any more.

  • johnandali

    I hope that the country that has been told to pay him, tells the court to get knotted.

  • OneTrack

    How many AK47s or IEDs will that buy? High five.

  • Sponsz

    Is it any wonder that the jihadis have total contempt for western societies?

  • Andinz

    They need to read their own Bill of Rights. Extradition to the US is going to subject this guy to inhuman or degrading treatment, torture or death? Surely the Belgians weighed this up before it was a done thing. How could movement from a Belgian prison to a US one change his treatment for the worse?
    In doing this the ECHR is behaving in similar way to terrorist groups (such as Hamas) rewarding families of dead or imprisoned terrorists for the heinous deeds they have done.

  • waldopepper

    lol. europe. with decisions like this from within who needs external enemies. no doubt the cash will be delivered by lefties along with fruit baskets and lollipops, hugs and kisses. what a cot case.

  • Just me

    So he ignores the law, ignores basic morality… all in the name of Allah. Prefers to hurt innocent people, plans attacks that are essentially murder and then pleads that his human rights have ben violated?!?!

    Stick him in the general population, or better yet, bunk him up with a few white supremacists. The mind boggles.

  • Chris Bell

    Always said – the left will destroy the world; not islamists, terrorists and the like. The left serve the world to them on a plate – don’t blame the terrorists and islamists, they are just doing what they have always done, only this time they don’t have to invade schools, buildings and even countries – the left is holding the door open for them – just read the response from the gay community to the beating of one of their own by a muslim in the UK:

  • rexabus

    Perfect example of why islam thinks it’s got a fair crack at taking the west. Roll over and supplicate to your enemies