American Cartoons blamed for conflict in the Middle East

 Egypt's SIS head Salah Abdel Sadek has blamed the Tom and Jerry cartoon, video games and violent movies for violence in ...

An Egypt official has blamed ‘Tom and Jerry’ cartoons for violence in the Middle East. Yes seriously.

Add this to the list of reasons for violence and extremism in the middle east.

Tom and Jerry cartoons.

That’s what the head of Egypt’s State Information Service declared in a speech this week at Cairo University. And, oh yes, in case the audience didn’t take him seriously about his theories on the dim-witted cat and the pesky mouse, he offered two more reasons: video games and violent movies.

Tom and Jerry portrays “the violence in a funny manner and sends the message that, yes, I can hit him … and I can blow him up with explosives. It becomes set in (the viewer’s) mind that this is natural,” SIS head Salah Abdel Sadek told the audience…


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  • Crowgirl

    If that were true then everyone raised on those cartoons ie most of the West would be trying to blow each other up with impunity, or thinking we could hit each other over the head with comically oversized hammers. I don’t recall ever thinking this and I loved Disney and WB cartoons – especially Roadrunner.

    • KatB

      Seriously though, you can’t honestly tell me that you’ve never ended up on the tip of a cliff that’s broken off and you’ve plummeted downwards, to be saved by a twig like tree, only to be crushed by a falling boulder?? It’s all to be taken very seriously.

      • Crowgirl

        No and I never had a van with ‘ACME’ on the side either :/

  • Dave

    True, but I have it on good authority, the first fourteen possible side effects are only applicable to our friends from the center left, to the extreme left, and the commies amongst us will more commonly suffer all of the first fourteen at once after visiting for a few minutes. :)

  • waldopepper

    its always someone elses fault lol. maybe if they stopped hacking off heads, and let some past grievances go in order to progress forward, things might change. if they could all just get together along with women and booze in the same room, things might go a bit better. a good single malt and a smouldering femme fatale always make my evenings better i can assure you.

    • helicapt

      If they could all sit around a barbecue with a couple of beers, cook a bit of pork, venison, women don’t have to dress like beekeepers, a little music, just enjoy being alive, well that would go a long way towards peace everywhere.

  • J Ryan

    I’m lost for words. Seriously, I mean I was exposed in my young years to that violent duck, Donald. Also Wile e Coyote and other nasty little creatures. Amazing, even at that young age I knew it was not serious, it was fantasy fun or whatever one wants to call it. And a adult lecturer lecturers to his students how these this harmless fun is part of the problem the Middle East has today. Sorry, your culture and religion buster. You believe your culture of indoctrination of the Koran from childhood has nothing to do with your problems? Look in the mirror Mr Salah Abdel Sadek and there lies the problem.

  • Gazza

    I feel triggered and I am now searching for my safe place… back soon

  • Just me

    So the Palestinians who promote “stab a jew” in schools doesn’t result in violence?

  • rexabus

    That’s one of the most striking things about muslims from what I’ve seen – their general lack of a sense of humor. To be fair, the Daeshbag crowd seem to like a bit of slapstick – hacking people’s heads off, throwing homos off buildings, burning people alive sort of stuff etc but other than that I don’t think they’ll be giving the Monty Python or The Simpsons a run for their money. Maybe there’s a whole sophisticated universe of muslim humor out there but my sense is it’d be pretty dismal.

    • KatB

      I think they’re probably having a pretty good laugh at our expense with all the ridiculous stuff they ask for and get us to agree to. And somebody with a sense of humour must have designed some of their women’s getups.

  • Isherman

    That’s OK, in 2014 an Egyptian TV station claimed a 2001 episode of The Simpsons, proved that the US had conspired to cause the so called Arab Spring revolutions. But then, another TV article in Egypt maintained that the Israeli’s were making jeans, that were then sold in Egypt and contained hidden magnets that were supposed to cause infertility in Arab women….not kidding, couldn’t make it up.

  • XCIA

    I recall the so called intellectual Muppet’s claiming that reading Noddy and Bigears increased your chances of becoming a homosexual, then there was a ban on the famous Robertson’s Golliwogs, which motivated me to collect the Robertson’s Golliwog badges. Stuff them, I say.

  • BR

    Benghazi was inspired by a cheesy amateur movie posted on You tube. That’s what Hilary Clinton says.


  • Miss McGerkinshaw


  • Paul Marsden

    I think Susan Devoy has enough on her plate without having to draw her attention to dealing with this outrage.

  • Uncle Bully

    I think you might have overlooked urinary incontinence as a possible side effect. I’m surprised I don’t wet myself laughing sometimes…..