Andrew Little e-mails the wife of a man he called a Sociopath on One News

Andrew Little called my husband a sociopath on One News in 2014 but continues to send me chatty e-mails. If he and his Labour volunteers are too incompetent to notice that I use them for Blog posts, then I guess I will have to keep on using them. Unfortunately they are so yawn inducing that I am struggling to make fun of them.

Take this latest one for example. Andrew is trying to take credit for a National Party announcement. To make it even worse he is using a blatantly transparent method of manipulation. In speeches a common way of trying to get an audience on side is to use inclusive language such as ‘us,’ ‘our‘ and ‘we.‘ According to Andrew Little, Labour and I pressured National into giving Pharmac extra funding.


We won, Juana!

What a great day for our movement. I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to achieve together.

Late last night, the Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill passed its first stage in Parliament. If it passes all stages, no child in New Zealand will have to grow up in a rental home that makes them sick.

And earlier yesterday, the government announced that Pharmac would receive extra funding to pay for an advanced melanoma treatment.

These two things only happened after over 70,000 of us took action online and on the ground – by signing petitions, writing letters, sharing your stories, and coming to rallies – we did it!

And it’s all down to people like you. By pressuring National and its support parties, we helped move closer to every child in New Zealand living in a warm, dry home. And by working together with cancer survivors, we’ve been able to put enough pressure on National to increase Pharmac’s funding to pay for life-saving medicines.

It’s amazing what we can do when we work together. We can drive real change and I’m so proud of that.

But, Juana, these two wins are only the start.

We’re making progress on fixing unhealthy rental homes, but there are still other huge issues in housing. Home ownership is now the lowest it has been in 64 years, but instead of backing first home buyers, National is on the side of property speculators and land bankers.

And the reality is that Pharmac’s funding boost is less than half of what they need. Our whole health system is underfunded by $1.7 billion and thousands of patients are missing out on treatment they need.

We can fix these things – and we’ll keep making progress and campaigning on these issues – but if we want to fix them for good then we have to change the government. National is increasingly arrogant and out of touch. It’s becoming clearer they are too often focused on those at the top — and not on middle New Zealand.

If we keep up the momentum that you’re helping create, Juana, I know we can win next year’s election.

So, Juana, thanks. Thanks for everything you’ve contributed to our campaigns. It’s wins like this that make clear why we do this.


Andrew Little
Labour Leader

At least there was one interesting part of the e-mail. I mistakenly thought that Labour represented the criminal class, those on benefits and sometimes the working class but I was wrong. They now want to represent middle New Zealand whatever that is. Clearly National have captured ‘ middle New Zealand ‘ so now Andrew Little is working to get them on side. Somehow I don’t think talking about kicking John Key out will do it.

A short note on donations, Juana:

The election is just next year and we’re relying on your support to get John Key and National out. Every year, National has large donations pouring in from a small group of very wealthy individuals. Labour is proud to be the party of the people and we’re funded by small donations from thousands and thousands of passionate supporters like you.

Will you be one of our generous donors, Juana? Whatever you can afford — even if it’s only $5 — will make a difference to the outcome of the election next year. We have to kick John Key out and we can’t do it without you. Please donate today. Thank you.



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  • “We have to kick John Key out” And there is their disconnect in seven words.

    While the phrasing may appeal to those with KDS, the majority are turned off by the rhetoric.

    • Sailor Sam

      Soon he will be using the same language that KDC used before the 2014 election.

      • Rick H

        My partner is an “aged Care Worker”, supporting people in their own homes.
        She was “forced” to join the “Union” or they say she would earn less.
        That has worked out badly for her.
        Firstly, she gets paid less than those not in the Union.
        Secondly, she gets sent by “Dinasaur-mail” a very glossy multipage Leaflet” on an annual basis.
        This brochure must cost the unions millions to print and send out.

        Every one of them, are “Telling the members” – who are automatically (even though they have never joined) they are now members of the Labour Party- WE NEED TO CHANGE THE GOVERNMENT”

        Is any of this expense taken as “Labour Party Advertising?”
        If it isn’t, it damned-well should be.

        I believe that almost every “aged-care-worker” in NZ is forced to be a “non-willing” and “don’t-even-realise” Labour Party Member – and if they actually realised what they were un-knowingly supporting; they would all be shocked.

        • Steve kay

          If these”automatic” members are taken into account, how low is their true membership? Would love to see a $5 text-in membership drive at the next inevitable leadership challenge. Minto would be my pick. Anyone else in?

  • KGB

    I cannot believe they keep feeding you these emails! Why don’t they remove SB from their mailing list?

    • Seriously?

      If I were them I’d take SB off the mailing list, but I can see why they might not be so bothered.

      By publishing them on here the emails get much wider reach. While we may make fun of them, plenty of neutrals and lefties read this site as well (even if they won’t admit it). Those of us that enjoy mocking them are not potential Labour voters / donors anyway so I doubt they care what we think.

      • spanishbride

        I think you overestimate their intelligence and cunning.

        • Seriously?

          It never hurts to assume your “opposition” is clever and cunning, they might just stumble across a good idea by accident. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.

          But in Labour’s case I have to admit you’re probably right.

      • Left Right Out

        I should read down further before commenting lol…..

    • Left Right Out

      I reckon the reason they haven’t removed SB is they know she will quadruple the views of their fantasy writings.

  • taxpayer

    The man is delusional, “we this, we that, we we we all the way home”
    Having a wee when he gets up in the morning is about all Andrew has in common with most hardworking kiwis.

  • john Doe

    There is only one person getting kicked at the moment and that is you Andrew…at the polls.

  • andrewo

    Aside from his ineptitude, Little appears to be a distillation of pure nastiness.

  • Pluto

    “We have to kick John Key out”.
    Even he can’t bring himself to say “and replace him with me”, he realises how stupid that would sound.

    • BigDogTalking

      Presidential style politics writ large. It should at least be a call to replace The National Government of John Key. As you say phrased as it currently is it just sounds like the politics of envy again.

    • Boondecker

      The nature of language offers a suggestion as to the demographic and IQ level of their voting base support. You can’t write intelligently if your audience isn’t.

  • R&BAvenger

    I have news for Angry and Labour, I am not wealthy and I am not part of a small group of wealthy donors to National. I donated to their election campaign in election year, I am a middle aged, European male, non-union member working in a job that pays me at $26 an hour.
    I’ll weigh my options up in election year if I donate and who I vote for but you will not be seeing a cent or any votes.
    ‘Middle’ New Zealander.

  • Bombastic

    Claiming credit for the achievements of others, is a sad indictment on one’s own skill and ability. Doesn’t Little understand that?

    • Legallysane

      Yep, sounds like a hell of a lot more expenditure on those who choose not to contribute positively to our society. That’s hardly going to appeal to ‘middle NZ’.

  • Kiwiracer

    The only message I am getting from that email is an increase in taxes so they can pay for the implied promises. . . . . . . . . .and I am middle NZ.

    • Alfred12

      Yes KR, I remember the Labour years under H, makes me shudder even now. Top tax rate of .39c in the dollar kicked in at $60k taxable income and that my friends is how they ran a huge surplus. Essentially they had all of our cash & still managed to spend it all from 05 to 08. Michael Cullen loved talking about “rich pricks”. Socialists and other people’s money!

  • Annoyed

    The good news is that he says that they can only win if Spanish Bride donates. Considering the fact that she’s very unlikely to donate, they might as well give up now.

  • Left Right Out

    “We have to kick John Key out”

    That one line sums up all the problems with Labour…… they are so focused on JK instead of National as a whole…… I have no issues with them being slow learners…. I suppose we will hear little Mr Chippy complaining that it was all Nationals fault they are such slow learners

    • KatB

      I think that if they stopped focusing on John Key and National and just came up with some solid policies of their own they would see a vast improvement in the polls. People tend to be drawn to the innovators and game changers in life, not too many people strive to hang around with the negative people that are always worried about what everybody else is doing or thinking about them.

      • Boondecker

        And that’s exactly where National rip the rug from under Labour’s feet again and again. Labour comes up with something that makes a modicum of sense, the Nats pick it up as their own.

        Labour are left coming up with further and further far left socialist policy stuff which only appeals to their ever dwindling converted and no one else. They tread water or slip under it in ever decreasing circles. It drives them mad. We enjoy our popcorn watching.

        It’s the old Tony Blair/New Labour trick from the 1990’s. The Conservatives never got anywhere because Tony moved his “left-wing” government to the centre-right every time he saw the opportunity. JK has been doing it since 2008 too. And it works a treat. Firm lefties like Little, McCarten and Co. cannot grasp it though as it’s an anthema to them to even try.

        • KatB

          That’s what bugs me about politics though, is the point scoring and one upmanship. It would be so nice to see a party purely focused on the good of the people and creating policies that they truly believe will do good and even working WITH other parties if there is common ground. Politics is all so petty and must attract a certain type of person, because most of the hardworking, talented and common sense people, (exactly the type that could run a country), that I know couldn’t be bothered with the political circus.

          • Boondecker

            Well, that is politics, as you say. Still, in the US right now a certain “hardworking, talented and common sense” business man has got off his butt and is put his money where his mouth is. So far, he’s not doing too badly going on results. And the establishment politicos absolutely hate him for it.

            You can’t please every one ever any more, no matter what.

  • kayaker

    What a sad delusional rant from Angry. And Labour needs to raise money to ‘kick John Key out’. Well, with Labour’s pathetic fund raising performance to date, welcome to a fourth term John Key.

  • Sally

    As I read this and before I got to the end, I thought this is sounding like a begging letter from a charity organisation. Build up the recipient and think they are achieving something for the greater good then at the end ask for a handout.

  • Graeme

    The media should get out and talk țo tradesmen who have to refurbish some of the hnz houses. Take Little with them and see the condition many of them are left in

  • Jtbnz

    “kick John Key out”, wow that sounds like cyberbullying to me.

    What is cyberbullying?
    Cyberbullying is bullying. It’s using the internet, a mobile phone or other technology like a digital camera to hurt somebody or embarrass them.

    (edit to add definition)

  • InnerCityDweller

    You cannot possibly be seen as a serious contender for government if you call yourself a movement.

  • cows4me

    Lucky bugger, wish he’d call me a sociopath, coming from Little that should be seen as a top honor.

  • Poppa

    No child in New Zealand will have to grow up in a rental home that makes them sick. What about the children in P labs, or in houses with broken windows, or state houses shared by 15 people and 3 dogs.

    • Muffin

      or abusive parents that beat them to death.

    • Tui

      Many parents and hangers on will be filling these homes (and their cars) with cigarette smoke as well.

  • Rightsideofthebed

    “funded by small donations from thousands and thousands of passionate supporters ”

    Would have said that was overegging the pudding. I would have thought a grand total of 269K would have at best come from a couple of thousand donations.

    NZ Labour Party – Never gets the facts get in the way of a good ‘rah rah’ statement.

  • 2rotorbro

    If you are the only alternative Andrew Little you chowder head then I am picking John Key and National are going to be calling the shots for a whole lot longer.

  • Wheninrome

    I suppose they could kick John Key out, but that would not mean a change of government.

  • Miss Phit

    Id be worried if I was the Nats.

    JK is their poster child and is seen as the face (if not all of) National. When he goes he will leave a hole that none of the current numpties could fill. Even if he isnt that great just the void he would create because the media wouldnt have a targeted person to hit, would mean all of them would be back under the spot light.

  • JLS

    He was so busy being inclusive he made a grammatical error- missed the comma in the end after his name, should read ‘Andrew, Little Labour Leader’