Andrew Little offers me an advance copy of his speech but there is a catch


Imagine my excitement yesterday when I received another e-mail from my good mate Andrew Little. For just a second I thought he said he was delivering his speech at Mac Donalds but closer inspection revealed that it was in fact Mac’s Conference Centre.

As Andrew told me that he wanted me, YES ME, to be one of the first to read his speech I eagerly clicked on the link thinking, great that’s another easy blog post sorted. But alas, my excitement was premature as this popped up…

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 5.40.18 PM


Dear Juana,

This coming Sunday, I’ll be delivering my pre-Budget speech at Mac’s Conference Centre on Wellington’s waterfront.

In my speech I will be calling on the Government to back the aspirations of middle New Zealand in the core areas of health, education, housing and jobs.

Juana, as a committed Labour supporter, I’d like you to be one of the first to read Sunday’s speech.

If you’d like to receive an advance copy of my speech, please click the button below to sign up:


My team will be live tweeting from the event so follow us on Twitter (here and here) to get the latest.

Or, if you’re in Wellington and you’d like to come along to the speech, click here to RSVP.

Andrew Little
Labour Leader


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  • Phenandra

    What I find really creepy is the cheap salesman’s habit of using your first name in the body of the text – as it has in all of Andy’s emails to you. I shudder thinking of the dim and cynical courses the person writing that has clearly been on and taken seriously.

    I wonder how many potential donors run screaming from a letter like that?

    • Dan

      Indeed. It is a bit “Silence of the Lambs”esque.

      “Well Clarise, have the lambs stopped screaming?”

  • Jonathon Stone

    Might be worth investing in. At least then you’ll get the content without having to suffer the aural discomfort

  • geoff2112

    Who in their right mind would pay anything and I mean anything….to listen to Angry?

    • island time

      you pay the $10 to get the speech…then you do not have to look at him – there’s a positive

    • Seriously?

      He’s like a bad busker, we may well chip in if he promises to go away.

  • Bombastic

    “Juana, as a committed Labour supporter … ”

    I can’t decide whether that’s just being overly presumptive or plain defamatory. That aside, the joke is that Labour values Little’s speech at $25 minimum. A Sorbent 6 pack comes in at a quarter of that.

    • 10cents

      Labour supporters should be committed.

    • Big_Al

      Quote ” A Sorbent 4 pack comes in at a quarter of that ” and they both end up with the same content in them.

  • Pluto

    Angry Andy’s pre-budget speech.
    “We’re going to give you free healthcare, housing, education, and a pay rise. And boy those nasty rich pricks are going to pay for it”.
    There you go, no need to pay for it now.

    • McGrath

      You forgot to add in that it’s all Key’s fault.

    • Zanyzane

      I wish he would have that in his speech but all we get is maybe, could be, possibly and then he runs after a car barking away.

    • Seriously?

      I’d get the Mexicans to pay for it.

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    He’s a lot cheaper than Hillary….lol.

  • Toby

    If just 10 people donate $10. We will be able to afford to buy sausages for the sausage sizzle fundraiser on the day and potentially make even more money.

  • Isherman

    Email him back and advise him that while $10 for a copy of his pre budget speech doesn’t really represent good value, if he were to supply an advance copy of his press statement regarding his decision on the impending Hagaman defamation action in lieu, then he has a deal. I’m sure the ground crew would happily crowd fund $10 for that.

  • Karma

    That’s a bit cheeky of him isn’t it? That nice Colin Craig chap managed to produce a whole ‘book’ and deliver it to every NZ household for free.

  • jcpry

    Buy it and place it on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Bebo, and any other social site you can think of. It will drop the market price to $0 in about five seconds flat.

  • kayaker

    I signed up for the emails recently (just for fun, as I’m between jobs). I got this email too and went through the same process, but abandoned it at the chip in stage. He wants $10+ so you can get a copy of his speech “just before he delivers it”. I’d rather spend $10 buying pins to poke in my eyes.

    • Isherman

      Zactly, how “just before” are we talking? Its about as meaningful as ‘how long’s a piece of string?’

      • kayaker

        As we know with Andy “just before” today means “maybe just before” tomorrow to “we’re looking into the ‘just before’ statement” on Saturday to “I never said ‘just before'” on Sunday.

    • JustTinkering

      Will MSM call him out on this? I bet they don’t have to pay for their pre-release copy.

    • WO will need another source once andy finally figures out he has a spy on his list.

  • Intrigued

    It’s probably someone in Little’s office’s idea for a way to cover their printing costs for the ‘hard’ copies they want to print. [Cos they’re so broke] Not that any of the words likely to be in it are worth the paper they’ll be printed on!

  • shykiwibloke

    If this was written in work time, it belongs to the commonwealth (us) and is public property. Why would we donate to see something we already own?

  • XCIA

    Whats the bet the only donation the numpty received was from a National Party staffer.

  • Abjv

    Barrack Obama got there the first time by having people who raised a huge number of small donations. The differences between him and Angry are (i) he offered a positive view of the future, not an hate-filled view of the past, and (ii) people liked him.

  • BR

    Tacky. Very Tacky.


  • iant

    Maybe some of the money will get diverted to pay his court costs if he doesn’t apologise to the Hagamans soon – after all one and a half hours today and eight hours in a business day tomorrow to go……………

  • Bluemanning

    Little asking for money to read his speech, is as ludicrous as the horrid installing a pay wall! Leftist ego delusion.

    • James M

      How about the idea of paying for a print of yesterday’s news?

  • metalnwood

    If he was going to come to my place and bring coffee and muffins with a printed copy with him (I wouldnt want to listen to him read it) then I would consider paying. If he added a $2 option.

  • johnnyB

    He would have more luck if he mailed out all his speeches and then asked for $10 to stop sending them.

  • Huia

    Certainly wouldn’t pay to read Angry Little Andy’s speech, I’d rather wait and find out what new scandals he is going to uncover so when we hear the speech we can all have a good laugh.
    Is this going to be the apology speech to the Hagamans? or the one to those people with the “Chinky” sounding names who are apparently buying up NZ? maybe, just maybe it will be an apology to the poor in the crowded house, who actually aren’t poor or in a crowded house.
    He could apologize for lying about the Panama papers scandal which was a legitimate business and not a Law breaking scandal at all, then he could pull all the stops out and apologise for telling Porkies about NZ being the Tax Haven he swore it was when it isnt.
    But he could follow Labours trend and apologise for being a man.
    Either which way, I’m sure the speech will be electrifying. humph!

  • Left Right Out

    Come on Angry…. can’t we just sign a petition to stop you reading out rubbish?

  • taxpayer

    Amount options $10 to $250.
    Hmmm maybe a bit optimistic there Andy.
    Maybe you should change it, try 1cent to $2.50 and see how that goes first.
    Then you when you give us your two cents worth on everything, we can give you two cents back.

  • venator

    Haha. I bet you make the minimum donation in order to critique his ‘junk’.

  • Zanyzane

    I would support a Land Wars holiday and I would support kiwisaver employer contribution going up to 5%.And they need to ensure that the employer pays for the employer contribution. At the moment both the employer and employee contributions come from the employee. Clever lawyers have found a loophole in labelling a salary as total remuneration which caps the employer contribution to a employees total remuneration which means no employer contribution at all.

    • ex-JAFA

      Why should an employer pay for an employee’s retirement? Maybe the employer should also pay their mortgage, hire purchase, rates, power, water, groceries, etc. separately from their salary/wages too.

      • Zanyzane

        Sooner or later the government or taxpayers will have to pay. Otherwise you would have old folks out on the street. Universal super is not going to be able to cover it. We need to boost kiwisaver savings so that individuals retirement is covered. I am sure you would be the first one who would be kicking up a fuss if you see old folks homeless on the streets. So best to set some aside and know you have done your part.

        • ex-JAFA

          I agree that people will have to pay for their retirement because super won’t cover it, and they should save as much as they can while they’re earning. My point was that it shouldn’t be the employers who have to make a contribution over and above agreed remuneration. If the employer’s contribution is part of an overall package, give that all to the employee and make it their responsibility to squirrel a chunk away – don’t make it the employer’s responsibility to manage the employee’s savings scheme.

    • grannymorris

      Remind me again how much of the total remuneration is paid by the employer? 100% would be the norm, unless there’s a mystery benefactor in the wings. So whether you call it salary or total rem, the employer pays it all including the employer contribution.

      And I believe that if the employee is on minimum wage or salary, the employer can’t avoid paying the 3% gross, so the minimum total rem is 103% of minimum wage.

      • Zanyzane

        When times are booming as they are now, the government needs to take out some of the discetionary spending of employers and employees and set it aside for the eventual retirement of people. It is not much point for Wheeler RBNZ to try and hold interest rates higher to try and dampen spending or to dampen house prices. It is better to enforce savings rather that to pay it off to our overseas owned banks.

  • Peter

    Will his speech include an apologies to a certain hotel chain operator??

  • Rick H

    Any and every “Labour Supporter” – -should be “committed”.

    In the version of “committed” as it meant back a few decades ago.

  • 61dart

    Dam. I wish I had got this offer. My current sleeping pills aren’t working very well.

  • Effluent

    How much is a sure fire insomnia cure worth?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    This is surely what desperation looks like. Without even one “please”.

  • Simo

    What the crap is MaaMatt going to dream up next. Scratchy Cards for Labour, first prize is a trip to Andy’s home town?

  • benniedawg

    Pay to listen to your speech early? Tell you what Andy get people to pay for you not to deliver your speech and you will really be onto a winner.