The Petition Party wants my signature


The Labour Party should be renamed the Petition Party. Their modus operandi or underpants stealing strategy appears to be:

Phase 1. Collect signatures

Phase 2. ?

Phase 3. Take the credit


The release of the full Panama Papers this morning shows New Zealand has become a tax haven for the global mega-wealthy to avoid paying their fair share. That’s wrong and we need to change it.

When John Key was questioned about the news this morning, he said: “I don’t think New Zealanders would have concerns with that.”

But Juana, we can prove him wrong.

Already almost 20,000 Kiwis have signed a petition calling on National to hold a full public inquiry into tax dodging in New Zealand, including the New Zealand foreign trust industry that’s currently damaging our reputation.

We’ll present the petition to Parliament and if enough of us sign it John Key won’t be able to say that Kiwis don’t care about this issue – or he’ll look even more out of touch than he already does.

Juana, will you sign the petition?


New Zealanders know the difference between right and wrong. It’s time for John Key and National to stand with most New Zealanders and not with mega-wealthy tax-dodgers exploiting our tax system.

We must have a robust inquiry into tax dodging. Then we need to clean it up. If foreign trusts have no purpose in New Zealand, other than to hide money, let’s get rid of them for good.

Click here to sign the petition now.


Andrew Little
Leader of the Opposition

I don’t even know where to start with this latest e-mail. I will leave it to you all to dissect it with your usual thoroughness.


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  • CheesyEarWax

    “It’s time for John Key and National to stand with most New Zealanders and not with mega-wealthy tax-dodgers exploiting our tax system.”

    Err..they are not dodging our tax system Andy, they are dodging theirs. Even so, what proof do you have to say they are actually dodging their tax obligations?

    • BigDogTalking

      There is no need for me to prove anything, these people are “global mega-wealthy” and therefore evil. Yours A Little

      • Terry

        BigDog has it exactly right. He is a little. Yes a little angry, but little in all else as well.

    • hsvmaloo

      “stand with MOST New Zealanders”..just love the way they use this terminlology. We have a petition signed by 20,000, that equates to 0.4% of the population. What do we call the other 99.6% then? a Minority.

  • Stephen Fuller

    I object to the ‘MOST” New Zealander’s. How do they know, MOST New Zealanders are not with them on this issue and many others. Unbelievable!!

    • STAG

      It’s a bold faced lie, most NZers didn’t, don’t and won’t vote for Angry.

      Just as long as MOST NZers remember that cornered feral animals become even more desperate and dangerous towards the end, them we’ll all be alright.

  • wanarunna

    So exactly how is Andrew Little going to get rid of Foreign Trusts. It seems to me that the only way he can do this is to pass legislation making it illegal for any person on the planet to create a trust unless they create it in New Zealand.
    To describe the man as a moron is being very, very unkind to morons.

  • johcar

    …We’ll present the petition to Parliament and if enough of us sign it John Key won’t be able to say that Kiwis don’t care about this issue – or he’ll look even more out of touch than he already does. …

    The person who is out of touch with Kiwis is the one promulgating this petition…

    Random impertinent question: “Does the claimed 20,000 signatures allegedly already collected, purport to represent Kiwis from all walks of life and with an IQ above 90 ( )? Or just Kiwis who belong to the 7% of New Zealanders who still see Angry Andy as a viable Prime Minister? (see the scale description for IQ below 90)?”

    If the latter is the case, then this petition can be safely ignored….

  • Isherman

    Clean up tax dodging eh? In that case I’m not sure where to start either, but how about Unions and Media organisations…seems as good a place as any.

  • JEL51

    Andy should be proud of the fact that some people around the World consider us trustworthy enough to protect their assets in what are very uncertain times, financially. Damaging our reputation… only in the eyes of those who think in terms of “whats yours is mine ” global fantasists & UN sycophants.

  • Cracker1963

    Am I the only person yawning through this? I used to deal with mega wealthy people in England in the 1980’s. My English mega wealthy- mostly left wing liberal elites BTW, all had trusts off shore (usually Switzerland) to protect their money. The rich will always do this, always have done this, & will continue to do this.

  • Karma

    Let’s face it, if Labour were to get into Government, we’d all be putting our NZ assets in offshore trusts.

  • Poppa

    So far 0.5% of kiwis have either intentionally or accidentally clicked a response to angry’s email, and he thinks that’s middle NZ. Half of the 20,000 are probably auto-response emails.

    • PersonOfColor:WHITE

      You mean the ‘missing million’ aren’t on the internet?

    • Rick H

      They probably haven’t even done that.
      I would bet that Andy simply plucked that figure out of thin air.
      Nobody is going to be bothered enough to ask him to show the list of signatures.
      There probably is NO list.

  • cassandra

    on another tack, it’s a bit like global warming, if nz with its 0.3%, or whatever, of global carbon emissions completely decimates its industry enough the world will be saved from the cycles of global temperature fluctuations, if nz with its 2% participation in the global trust industry does “something” all the rich will instantly be impoverished and income distribution move to socialist nirvana .

  • Left Right Out

    These guys are just plain clueless. Angry wants to ban overseas trusts…. Angry wants wants an inquiry on top of the inquiry already underway…..

    Annette King was done over like a good dinner this morning on Hosking over trusts and Angrys talk before thinking outburst….. A quick look online and through the papers shows just how important the pan paps really are yet Labour are still chasing it.

    You wonder if they invested anything back to little Nicky and they are still trying to get a return as it turn out not as they wanted or were promised

    Bet, they are awesome at petitions, in fact they have probably surpassed the greens

    • WBC

      Or maybe they’re actually indebted to little Nicky and are compelled to be his puppet lest he reveal that they are deeper in underhand dealings then anything they tried to sling during the nasty abusive vote positive campaign.

  • JohnO

    Anyone earning NZ$51,000 dollars pa or more is in the top 1% of global income earners. Probably that makes them liable for the global mega-wealthy label.
    I wish I felt as mega-wealthy as I am reputed to be by earning over NZ$51,000 pa.

  • Kiwiracer

    An effective Opposition wouldn’t need to be going to petitions all the time, they should be able to lobby in parliament to be effective.

  • one for the road

    These online petitions are(nt) worth the paper they are written on! They cant be authenticated – no street address to cross reference and the last time I looked there was no address database for emails. This is completely the wrong way for a political party to conduct business… And the Govt hopefully will discount it regardless of the number of muppets that ‘sign’ it..
    P.s.s I just signed it as Mr Muppet


      The problem is that they are NOT written on paper….on-line ‘petitions’ are the pet-projects of social media warriors….good luck with that.

  • Nebman

    Looks like they were so focused on getting your signature, they forgot to rummage through your pockets for your spare change while they were at it SB!

    Seems unusual for them not to take an opportunity to plead for cash while they had your attention.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Of the 200 odd trusts mentioned in the hacked material as being held in NZ are known of by the IRD. Typically Captain YFront is more concerned with trying to add a dig to every question in the House but never hears the answer.
    Sure it is a challenge to hear much where he has the dominant heckler sitting on his right. Can’t wait for her to choose an outfit that replicates the colours of McCaw parrots feathers to consolidate the similarity.
    We can only speculate what percentage of the almost 20,000 they really do have since numbers are largely a puzzle for them.