Another Labour hit job on housing, undisclosed by Media party

As predicted the Panama Papers turned out to be a fizzer so Labour has pulled out their housing hit jobs and started feeding them to the Media party.

The latest hit hob is against National MP Stuart Smith in Kaikoura and is being run by  a failed Labour candidate but the Media party haven’t disclosed her links to Labour.

Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith has been labelled “out of touch” by a Blenheim advocate for the homeless.

John’s Kitchen co-ordinator Janette Walker criticised the politician after Smith downplayed the need for emergency housing in Marlborough following a government funding announcement.

“Stuart Smith doesn’t think there is a problem in Marlborough,” Walker said.

“Completely out of touch and ignorant of the real issue of homelessness in Blenheim.”

Janette Walker was of course the Labour candidate at the last election, and is still promoting her Labour links on Facebook, including this hit job.

Screen Shot 2016-05-16 at 6.07.16 PM

It is pretty shabby of the Media party to not disclose the Labour party links, considering Labour have been seeking stories like this to feed to the media via their social media and email campaigns.

Fairfax and the NZME. are going to merge and implement a paywall, that will be good then Labour hit jobs will be largely hidden from view.

The Marlborough Express should have been more forthcoming with Janette Walker’s party affiliations. Instead of calling her an advocate she should have been called a Labour party candidate.

How many more MPs’ will be the target of housing stories this week?


– Fairfax


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  • MaryLou

    What gets me is that the wording doesn’t even change. “Completely out of touch”. Has to be deliberate by the media, because they couldn’t possibly miss that every quote they print is exactly the same.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    It’s obvious the message has gone out to all Labour people to use the phrase “out of touch” as often as possible, regardless of its relevance, when speaking about National.
    I mean it really is pathetic, do they honestly think it’s going to resonate just because they say it constantly.

    • Isherman

      It’s an own goal. When I think of “out of touch”, I think of a party at 26-27%, with a leader at 7%, so if they insist on reminding everyone exactly who the numbers say is out of touch…go right ahead I say.

  • Nige.

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if this woman was the beneficiary of some sort of trust.

  • George

    There is only one source to go to when you require the comment your looking for. The MSM knew that. Again, an example of social engineering by misrepresentation. It appears all the MSM do now is quote selective others, saves having to do some research. They are bone lazy.

  • Kiwiracer

    Driving home last night listening to Larry Williams, the now very infamous Deborah Russell getting more airtime. . . . . . .she really has become the “go to expert”

  • kayaker

    Labour’s program of hit jobs on JK and National is insidiously systematic. One fails, then they move onto the next one. At least they’re consistent – each hit job systematically fails. What the boofheads fail to see is that’s with every hit job the voting public turns off even more. Own goal, Labour, MSM et al.

    • Boondecker

      The finger prints of certain people are all over each failed hit job attempt. Again and again. It’s quite obviously somebody’s strategy, but you’d think they’d have learnt by now. They’re either also really slow learners or believers in wars of attrition (but that’s far too complimentary, of course).

      The problem for them is an ever-building history of being the boys that cried wolf. No one believes them any more.

  • shykiwibloke

    I love the irony. Who is it again that is out of touch with the voters? Who is it that is nowhere near catching JK in the polls? and therefore out of touch in the leadership stakes. Who is it that is out of touch with news media consumers?

    • sheppy

      But but but Mr 7% isn’t out of touch, twitter says so….

  • Tom

    Labour are trying to implement the “death by 1000 cuts ” plan, the trouble is if your opponent is strong, by about cut 5 your enemy gets andgry and get your head handed to you. I think National is strong!

  • cows4me

    I remember the vote positive slogan and they have the cheek to talk of being out of touch.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Labour have no workable policy ideas, they just pander to the naive and gullible.

  • Boondecker

    The only problem I see with the paywall situation is that this media party outlet will no doubt still post their slanted rubbish on social media to attract hits and thus customers. The end result will be endless thread discussion relating to the headlines only of the posts (hardly a soul will bother to pay to read the articles from the likes of Facebook).

  • Keeping Stock

    It’s no different to the TV channels last week who sought out “tax expert” Deborah Russell’s views on the Panama Papers, without mentioning the slightly important fact that she was the Labour candidate for Rangitikei in the last election.

    But as last week showed, the media is consumed with launching the “gotcha” on John Key and National, and trivial things like transparency and integrity go out the window when it’s “for the cause”.

  • Gazza

    Interesting the hashtag ‘gimmeshelter’ which just screams of entitlement

  • Bombastic

    Two things give this story away. The accusation that everyone except Labour is “out of touch and arrogant” because that’s on Labour’s current song-sheet and using Blenheim for homelessness. They may as well have picked Pauanui or Wanaka.

  • axeman

    The Labour Party the Party that just keeps on giving. To be fair National have hardly retaliated at all on the hit jobs but one get the feeling they are just keeping their powder dry.

    • OneTrack

      We are pretty much at the point National don’t even need to retaliate. If it is Labour saying something, you can pretty much ignore whatever it is because they got it completely wrong, or start laughing because whatever it is will be completely stupid. And out of touch.

  • YankeeManu

    I guess Labours email looking for people to pimp to the media missed its mark. They’ve had to settle for Labour Party insiders instead.

  • rantykiwi

    “The Marlborough Express should have been more forthcoming with Janette
    Walker’s party affiliations. Instead of calling her an advocate she
    should have been called a FAILED Labour party candidate.”

  • biscuit barrel

    The link at the top of the story comes to this


    Which is the format for something sent to Mps and to be customized for their particular electorate.
    One pre formatted release begats another preformatted release? Interesting

  • Genevieve

    Well, if John Key is out of touch, the same would have to be said for Helen Clark in 2006 when census night figures showed that 33,946 people experienced severe housing deprivation and those without any accommodation whatsoever numbered 5,031.
    Key was correct in stating yesterday that homelessness is not a new problem and it has certainly not evolved from a Labour utopia of everyone being homed to what we have today.
    Labour are the ones out of touch as they constantly try to spin new lines that actually portray political laziness masked as untruths.

  • Trucks R Us

    There’s a simple way to solve the homeless problem. Move them all to Southland, they will work out very quickly how to get a roof over their heads ! Normally I wouldn’t dare make such a suggestion but I know that no self respecting homeless person would actually move here, it would ruin their way of life.

  • elton_fred

    In a rugby playing nation “out of touch” means in the field of play – if you’re “in touch” you’re out of the game!!

  • Zanyzane

    Simple solution. Increase the Accomodation supplement to landlords.