Has anyone in media questioned Labour’s links with union interests?

The Media party is trying to create the impression of murk by linking the fishing industry with National. All based off of the back of the fact that Peter Goodfellow is a director of Sanfords.

National Party president Peter Goodfellow leaves the National caucus room during any discussion about the fishing industry to avoid any conflict of interest, Prime Minister John Key says.

Mr Goodfellow has significant interests in fishing company Sanfords, which holds about a quarter of the total fishing quota in New Zealand.

Mr Key was asked about National’s closeness to the commercial fishing industry today after a contract to monitor the commercial fleet was awarded to a business whose general partner was owned by fishing companies – one of which is Sanfords.

Speaking to reporters at his weekly press conference, the Prime Minister said Mr Goodfellow was “immensely careful about managing any conflict of interest”. ?

“I’ve never had a discussion about fisheries matters,” he said.

“If they are raised at the caucus, because he goes to caucus, he always leaves the room. He’s obviously not a member of Cabinet so he doesn’t get access to that information.

“So he treats that conflict of interest very seriously and very professionally.”

But the same Media party trying to join those tenuous dots never raises the real and apparent links to union muscle in the Labour party.

I’ll wager that when discussing labour laws and employment matters in caucus Andrew Little, Sue Moroney, Clare Curran, Iain Lees-Galloway, Chris Hipkins, Grant Robertson and Carmel Sepuloni never?leave the discussion for conflicts of interest considering their long association with or belonging to unions.

Nor would half of the Maori caucus of Labour leave when discussing Ratana, despite being members of Ratana.

No the Media party instead focusses on obscure dots and join them in a sneaky and surreptitious manner while ignoring the clear union control of?the Labour party.


– NZ Herald