It appears that hacking as part of elections is here to stay

I would say I am proud to have been the first in New Zealand, but that would ignore the Hollow Men hack, and perhaps others that have been just as effective and less public.

US presidential campaigns and related organisations have been targeted by hackers, the office of the US National Intelligence Director James Clapper says.

“We’re aware that campaigns and related organisations and individuals are targeted by actors with a variety of motivations, from philosophical differences to espionage, and capabilities, from defacements to intrusions,” Mr Clapper’s spokesman Brian Hale said in a statement on Wednesday, deferring to the FBI for details on specific incidents.

Earlier, Mr Clapper said the US intelligence community had “already had some indications” of hacking attempts against presidential campaigns.

“As the campaign intensifies we’ll probably have more” attacks, Mr Clapper said at a morning event at the Bipartisan Policy Center in Washington.

The last two US presidential cycles in 2008 and 2012 witnessed a barrage of cyber attacks from a range of adversaries targeting President Barack Obama’s campaign and the campaigns of his Republican foes.

US intelligence officials have said many of the previous assaults were linked to Chinese hackers.

Politically motivated hacking seems to be alive and well in New Zealand.? And judging by the news story, it’s here to stay.? Would it be unfair to say it’s most, if not all, done by or for the left??

I’m starting to figure out why the left want to kneecap the SIS and GCSB so badly.?? These organisations are the only ones standing in their way.? They don’t actually care about privacy, they care about being able to use hacking in private.

Let’s face it, hacking is a great leveling tool.? It can bring National’s millions to its knees by just a few people with a computer and the Internet.

It used to be that their only way to get the information out was to have Hager make a book.? But now, Hager’s even managed to get the media to work with him.? Some, because they are idiots, and others I suspect due to the fact he’s got information on them.? All the media have done is cut off their links to right wing sources and are all-in on the left wing ones.? Kind of awesome, if it wasn’t for their incompetence.

The good thing is that once they had all my emails, they bungled it.?? The electorate may not have liked Dirty Politics, but they liked the way the left had packaged it and were trying to make a molehill into a mountain even less.? Bless the voters and bless the left for thinking they would care about a beltway issue such as a blogger writing stories or handing leads to media.? It is the same reason I can’t get any traction on getting justice for the hack – people don’t care.

There have always been the infiltration of campaigns, spying and going through rubbish bins after political meetings.? But it is time to both realise and accept that hacking is now a standard part of campaigning.

On the timeline for 2017, the damage may already be done.? But even so, everyone in politics better have a long hard look and consider what they can do not to join Don Brash and yours truly on the list of political hacking targets.

The only thing that tickles me pink about this is that the Media Party will inevitably end up being hacked as well.?? If they haven’t already.


– Reuters