Aren’t the Media party so proud of themselves today

TVNZ have put out a media release this morning boasting of their awesomeness over the so-called Panama Papers.

Let’s dissect this, shall we?

This morning, a major investigative collaboration between ONE News, RNZ News and journalist and author Nicky Hager exposes more New Zealand links to secret offshore trusts that are operating in this country to avoid paying tax.

Major investigative collaboration? Oh come on, there was no investigation on the part of the journalists nor from political activist Nicky Hager. Once again, just like Dirty Politics they are laundering the criminal efforts of an anonymous (to some) data thief.

It’s the biggest new development in the Panama Papers scandal since the tax haven records of Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca were first leaked in April.

The big new development appears to reveal that lawyers and accountants set up trusts.  

RNZ News, ONE News and Nicky Hager were brought together by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists as part of a global network of media partners. For the past week and a half, journalists have been trawling through the local aspects of the data cache, that includes information about companies, trusts, foundations and funds incorporated in 21 tax havens.

Complicit media working with criminals, aided and abetted by a left-wing shill paid to do the the same. Ratbags working with ratbags. Journalists trawling through documents…panty-sniffing more like.

Today’s news first broke at 6am and coverage will continue to roll out throughout the day on air and online via ONE News and RNZ News.

And the news? Someone once worked for IRD 30 years ago…and runs a firm specialising in trusts…which are all legal…but we want to apply the morals of Nicky Hager and smear them and name them just like in Dirty Politics.

Says Nicky Hager: “The thing that has been special and powerful about the Panama Papers around the world has been the scale of journalistic cooperation. It’s very pleasing to see that happen in New Zealand as well.”

Yeah just like Dirty Politics…where Hager basically blackmailed journalists into following his line of attack or he would publish their communications with me. With the exception of Andrea Vance it appears he has shunned those journalists this time.

There’s significant public interest in the information, says Phil O’Sullivan, TVNZ’s Editor of Newsgathering. “Our joint investigation raises serious questions about New Zealand’s trust laws, and the ease with which they are manipulated. It’s vitally important the public gets access to leaks like the Panama Papers so we’re very gratified the ICIJ has selected ONE News, RNZ News and Nicky Hager to be their New Zealand partners for this story and likely many more to come.”

Translation….”Woohoo, we’ve got lots of stolen documents, and we plan on breaching people’s privacy just like we did in Dirty Politics because…public interest”.

Alex van Wel, RNZ’s Digital News Editor, says “Collaboration is a great word, sometimes easier to say than to do, but this process has been extraordinary. Seven of New Zealand’s top journalists, day by day, in the same room, sharing ideas, brainstorming, and digging deeper as names and leads emerged. It’s the way of the future, to tackle big data you need lots of minds working together. It’s also a story about power, and money of course – the utterly bewildering mass of trusts and companies in which it flows.

Collaboration is a great word, it was used in France to describe people who worked with the Nazi regime. Back then collaborators were shot. I think these fools are going to find out that when you attack and smear wealthy people who have broken no laws that they tend to have wealthy and powerful lawyers all ready to cut loose.

“Exposing this story has only been possible because of the new digital world in which we live. First the leak from Mossack Fonseca itself, and then the collaboration and coordination by reporters across the world – all in relative secrecy. Great that we’ve been able to uncover New Zealand’s part in it all.”

Translation: “We are laundering the proceeds of a criminal activity, and aren’t we cool about it too…and so cool we get to smear innocent people all under the guise of public interest”.

These media people are deceitful bastards, working with criminals to breach people’s privacy. When it was me no one cared…perhaps they might start caring now that it is apparent that the Media party thinks nothing of destroying lives using criminals to do it.




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  • Aucky

    So I guess today was all about firing up the masses into incandescent rage with Andrew Little delivering the coup de grace to JK around 2.10pm tomorrow at Question Time. I’m thinking there’s a bit of a damp squib here Andy. What say you?

  • HunuaRanger

    “…journalists, day by day, in the same room, sharing ideas, brainstorming, and digging deeper…”
    Why do I get the feeling this is going to be one of those “No matter what we say, no matter what we do” moments?
    Don’t they understand that foreign trusts are NOT illegal?

    • niggly

      Seeing this is all not illegal, I wonder if the 7 journos who named themselves and Hager, will be sued for defamation?

      In essence Hager is doing it again – creating a narrative that NZers are involved with illegal tax evasion schemes (involving it seems Mexicans and Columbians etc).

  • Crowgirl

    Wow 7 people who can use ctrl+f and then ctrl+c and ctrl+v. What’s amazing is it took 7 of them to do that.

    • Isherman

      I’d like to know how many lawyers they have taken on for each ….cough…journalist working on it. I hope they got good ones.

  • jcpry

    It looks as though the print media is in for a major shake up.
    This will leave a lot of journalists and other support staff looking down the long barrel of redundancy. I’m so glad my daughter got out of the industry.

    • Aucky

      So how do we all feel about our entire print media being under the control of a single foreign owner?

      • Tom

        No sensible Kiwi would touch such a bad investment. Yesterdays media the future isnt print.

    • Cadwallader

      Well if these twits who frequently only interview their keyboards had conducted themselves more assiduously in the past their imminent demise may have been avoided.( Your daughter made a wise decision.) The only concern I have with the collapse of the print media industry is the impact it may have on fish ‘n’ chip outlets.

    • OneTrack

      No worries, they will all be able to get jobs in the Green and Labour parties’ media relations departments. They already know the people and the job.

  • Nebman

    Just a coterie of hacks, has-beens and wannabe’s all trying the darnedest (still) to prove that the Emperor is wearing no clothes.

    Sorry but as usual with anything to do with Hager, lots of smoke but where’s the fire Sparky?

  • Brian Dingwall

    A journeyman reporter might possibly think to ask “So exactly what, or which, taxes are being legally avoided”. Absent a specific answer, it’s all just guesswork.

    My own guess is that if any avoidance is happening its mostly the legal avoidance of inheritance taxes that break up families, heirloom properties and businesses.

    People who can do so presumably protect themselves and their families from the rapaciously unpredictable tax collections of the states they live in.

    • Annoyed

      Yeah, unfortunately our country is quite stable. Who would have thought?
      The bit that gets me is the “not taxed in NZ” bit. These people truly don’t seem to comprehend that this is simply pointing out that the Trusts aren’t getting taxed for no reason in NZ. The income still gets taxed in the country of origin, and should be taxed in the hands of beneficiaries (if the tax laws aren’t made to prevent this). Still not our fault.

      • Brian Dingwall

        Just drove to the shops, turned on ZB expecting Larry’s take on all this, still the unfortunate Smalley on air…not disclosing Russell’s Labour affiliations, and not challenging or asking for the evidence of avoidance. And airily waving away the fact that trusts (and indeed all our financial institutions) have to comply with comprehensive money laundering laws (as Rebecca correctly pointed out yesterday).

        Two issues, one is the ugly and untruthful insinuation that structuring affairs within the law to minimise tax liability (avoidance) even in another jurisdiction is reprehensible in some way, creating a moral and reputational hazard for NZ (I call bs on this, no-one elswhere could care less); and second is Labour and its spokes-people not taking ownership of the laws they introduced.

        • PhantomsDoc

          Just made a decision not to listen to ZB ever again. I’ve had enough of them. E-mailed Larry to let him know he and ZB have lost a long time listener.

          Enough is enough.

  • earthyundertones

    My favourite line is “An admin fee of almost $3000 a year will see Bentleys send a one-page form to Inland Revenue. It confirms foreign trust clients don’t need to pay any tax under New Zealand law”. Yep, and my accountant and trustee charges $1500 but tells them that I do need to pay. So, are they suggesting that I can pay an extra $1500 and get them to lie… or that they are actually just doing a job which is reporting the actual tax liability as required.

  • Bombastic

    This really does have a “Moment of Truth” feel to it. But I’m curious, seeing as nothing illegal has been revealed, would the media rush to publish the personal details of hospital patients were they were leaked? I can’t see a difference here, and the analogy lays bare the ethics of those involved.

  • localnews

    There is evidently more to come. I presume Phil Twyford is working on a list of people with Mexican sounding names who can be blamed for the Auckland house prices.

  • iant

    So just watched the Paul Henry interview with Chris Trotter this morning about the foreign trusts and how reasoned and non-bombastic it was – basically nothing revealed of note

  • Quinton Hogg

    I hope these people realise that despite all the hard work, sharing an office with Mr Hagar for a week or so (and putting up with him) they have done nothing except waste time and effort that they are regarded with derision.
    People made the comment last week about the mediaworks luvvies living in a little media bubble well the same applies to these journalists. They are telling each other how wonderful they are and that what they are doing is important but not realising that the rest of us wouldn’t notice if they disappeared in a puff of smoke.

  • lyall

    So according to the opposition, privacy is important, an essential human right that cannot be ignored even when the GCSB are searching for potential terror threats, but when Nicky’s working on his next book, peoples right to privacy suddenly takes a backseat! Why do they complain about the government spying but find it acceptable for Hackers to do it?

  • Embeeare

    Just one mistake in that post; don’t forget Cameron that the ‘family’ here did and still do care that it happened to you, did understand the implications and still have your back – even if we can’t literally stand behind you with shields to deflect the knives …
    Personally I hope they name lots of people who are legally going about their lawful business by protecting their assets. Then I hope they sue, that the lawyers deal to those so called ‘journalists’ and that those ‘journalists’ are made personally liable for their work, because the final straw would be to have my tax money, via the state broadcaster, being diverted to back any of their legal costs in this latest attempt at discrediting JK.
    Then, just maybe, things might change …

  • Sticktotheknitting

    The turncoat Dun E Brush is attempting to smear the IRD. Overheard on the Radio this p.m.

  • JEL51

    Oh these heroes & heroines, so brave in their stupidity. Not only are they destroying the privacy of people they have no idea who, but they could also be putting a target on their heads.
    Story time: My dear friends that came to stay last week had fled their country of origin in the middle of the night as a family group of six brother & sisters, sister in-law & and five children. They feared for their lives but worse they left their mother who demanded to be left behind, making an excuse that she had a jar of diamonds buried outside the village which she would not leave. That part of the story always stuck in my mind.
    They carried with them diamonds secreted away in the hems of garments, a tool box including a solid gold hammer, dirtied to appear no different from any other.
    Their mother remained alone for 15 yrs (? I think) until they were able to reunite her into their lives once again. Their homeland fell completely under the communist regime and is still to this day, even though outward appearances seem different.
    On eventually questioning their mother as to why she pulled out at the last minute she exclaimed, if anything had gone wrong with the plan, there would be no-one to buy-off the police to free them.
    That is the courage some have to have to survive.
    Had electronic transfers, trust accounts etc,etc etc were possible back then, life may have been very,very different for them.
    The Snowdons and co, the Hagers with their parasitic attachment to them, and the idiotic worshiping by the MSM are all unforgivable in my eyes.

    • sheppy

      I do wonder if those outside NZ that Hagar has exposed for doing nothing illegal, will think of doing more than simply calling talkback to let off steam. I suspect it’s one thing coordinating yet another anti JK media beatup in little ole New Zealand, and quite another annoying well connected, people offshore.

  • WBC

    Hagar “journalsim”

    Take one times illegal document.

    CTRL F – John Key – CTRL C
    CTRL F – National – CTRL C
    CTRL F – Kim – DELETE
    CTRL F – Hagar – DELETE
    CTRL F – Labour – DELETE
    CTRL F – sniveling hypocrite – DELETE


    He’s a genius, no doubt about it. He should teach this stuff at Uni. Oh wait… Oh dear.

  • Left Right Out

    “anonymous (to some) data thief.”…… I hope one day we will all know who the data thief is

    Ironically this is all coming out during privacy week May 9-14th … something the weasel doesn’t subscribe to

  • Karma

    The news media can pat themselves on the back all they like over the Panama papers, but I’m sure most people would prefer to see a thorough investigation into the death of the three year old beaten by his caregivers, and the appalling abuse statistics in this country. I hope these journalists look back on their careers and realise they didn’t do anything ground breaking, or created a legacy of great works – just catalogue of missed opportunities.

    (As an aside, when I think of investigative journalism, I think of Donal McIntrye or even Ross Kemp. When I think of Nicky Hagar I see of the embodiment of the central figure in Edvard Munch’s painting, The Scream.)

  • Aucky

    Not surprisingly Smalley has just joined the fray. Yes, we are doomed to another week with Smalley. The advertisers will be stoked.

    • Old Kiwi

      Yes – but I did enjoy all you Whale Oilers getting stuck into her via text messages – or was it just the general public. Hope she’s wearing her Keplar flak Jacket cause she’s getting plenty. Not one text supporting her view. Changing stations now.

      • Dave

        I doubt it was Whale oilers, she tends to annoy almost everyone in society, and, i have not texted or tweeted to her.

      • kayaker

        I wear the badge of honour as one of those texters.

    • Melissa

      I was looking forward to having Larry back, heard Rachel Smalley so switched off.

  • Murray Pratt

    I’m still trying to work out how hacked stolen personal information rules over legal activity when illegal activity was used to gain information that is legal in every sense of the word. And TVNZ calls it news and TVNZ was part of this illegally activity.

    Might there be another TV bosses head about to roll? Personally I think going into a partnership with a known political activist with very heavy left leanings could be a bad discussion for the a certain TVNZ boss, especially when it was a fizzier. Not a good look.

    TVNZ has the same classification as the Herald for me from now on & that would Irish for hooked.

  • contractor

    Let’s hope Hager and friends produce more of this nonsense right up to the next election by which time they will well and truly have discredited anything they say, although that point has probably been reached already. They and Mr Little are seriously deluded.

  • Curly1952

    “Seven of New Zealand’s top journalists”. If they are the top we have a huge, huge, ginormous bottom. Don’t forget where they rank in the most respected profession

    • contractor

      They’re looking at the pyramid whilst standing on their heads.

  • kayaker

    So they’re all locked up in a room collaborating, brainstorming… how sad. They are all attached to an outcome (tax haven) and will go to any lengths to find an outcome, any outcome even loosely tied to that outcome.

    Then sad old Robbo weighs in on Twitter like so – “NZ ticks all the boxes for a tax haven according to OECD”. How does he come to this conclusion?

    His good friend Andrea Vance has this to say “From the outset, definitively
    answering the question: “Is New Zealand a tax haven?” became a crucial
    focus of our joint investigation. We pinned the OECD definition of a tax haven to the wall of our “bunker” in central Wellington”. Then they proceeded to go through the material to find what they could to go tick, tick, tick… So childish. More fool Robbo for buying into and effectively becoming a mouth for the MSM without doing his homework properly.

    • kayaker

      screenshot tied to my comment above.

      • niggly

        The only “tarnishing” to NZ’s reputation is being caused by these brain dead journalists and the Labour and Green Party Opposition barking about a falsehood.

    • Aucky

      For how long has this hit job been planned? I clearly recall Robbo heckling the PM three weeks ago at QT along the lines of “You won’t be laughing 10 May.” It was just a one liner and came out of nowhere. Meant nothing to me at the time.

  • Intrigued

    Just read Roger Thompson’s response to the questions submitted to him by the Hagerlot and I’m wondering how much of his responses about the legitimate reasons why these foreign trusts in NZ are used by people based in other countries will actually be quoted?'s-registered-office-responds
    It doesn’t seem to matter one jot to Hager that these foreign trusts are legal. It’s all about his dripping sanctimonious smears and innuendo all designed to attack a popular Government and PM that doesn’t share his warped ideology.

    • Intrigued

      Good to see you can rely on WO at least to quote Thompson’s responses to the questions!
      Just seen latest post “Sensible and rational answers…” at 4:30

  • rustyjohn58

    Would love to see a list of labour MP’s with trusts and of course does Hager have one?

    • Mr Hager is a trust fund baby.

  • Mav E Rick

    Surprise, surprise wealthy people have trusts to protect their assets. Guess what Hager – I’ve been doing it for years mate. So do most people in NZ. The thing is I’m not wealthy but still smart enough to protect the small amount I do have.

    Surprise, surprise, people engage accountants and lawyers to minimise tax liability. Guess what – I’ve been doing it for years. If someone can come up with a smart idea how I can reduce my tax liability (as long as its legal) why wouldn’t I do it. I’d be pretty thick if I paid more than I had to!!
    These Journos are thick if this has only just been revealed to them after scanning stolen foreign files. Shame on them for trying to make something out of nothing.

    Little of course now wants to ban Trusts. What an idiot.

    • one for the road

      He must be so gutted that he doesnt have one, he wants to get even with all those that do have Trusts by getting them banned – he will regret the day he gets sued. And his castle isnt in a family trust!!

    • Sailor Sam

      We did have a trust, when I was working overseas.
      After we retired back here, the government set Trust taxes at 33%.
      We have disbanded the Trust and now pay 10.5% tax each.
      So a little leader wants to disband Trusts?
      Good economic sense.

  • one for the road

    Hang on, if they are laundering the proceeds of a criminal activity, isnt that illegal? And why wouldnt there be an investigation by the Police?

    • WBC

      There would be, If that were what was happening. But given they have had so long to find anything and clearly haven’t, they’ll just run misleading headlines and bury the facts where people won’t generally get to.

  • Tom

    Wouldnt it be funny if trusts were opened up and the likes of Hagar, Harre, and maybe labour had money from hidden payments from KDC!

    • Lux

      It will never happen, those people who have hacked and are releasing the information, will only release the muck to the people they think have a bit of innuendo and it will stick to them.

      Hager is a Trust baby .. he is a total hypocrite.

    • Rob

      Their names wood be purged before publication

  • Lux

    Hang on .. Isn’t Hager a Trust fund baby himself?
    No wonder he knows all about trusts.

  • Miss Phit


    If I hacked a database and then added your name and released it, would that make the list a true representation? Who would be able to say it was wrong? You could but then if you were “guilty” then you would say that wouldnt you.

    The list was gathered illegally, the “chain of evidence” is broken in so many ways and so is its credibility.

  • WBC

    So sad that we already know and can probably write the article before they are even released.

    The bulk of the material in the stories will be “opinion” which is a
    nice way to tell a lie when you know the facts don’t back what you are
    saying, kind of like whenever Duncan Garner says “we need to know” or
    words to that effect and then purposely makes it almost impossible for
    anybody to provide the answer.

    The actual hard facts, devastating things like “normal business by and large occurred in a normal legal fashion” will be hidden well below where the average reader will already be either bored or suffering from inept storytelling brain rot syndrome so will not actually get to learn.

  • Red

    Listening to the various broadcast hounds beyying for blood yesterday, It seemed that details of how I am paid my salary each fortnight would have held about as much intrigue