Arthur Taylor wasting more time, energy and money


Vexatious litigant and convicted violent offender Arthur Taylor is making a pest of himself in the courts yet again.

He’s spent 38 years behind bars and his convictions include a variety of crimes, including conspiring to deal in methamphetamine from prison, possession of morphine for supply, receiving, kidnapping, escaping from custody, possession for supply of cannabis and cannabis oil, and six firearms offences.

He has cost the taxpayer literally millions of dollars for his incarceration and also for his ongoing vexatious claims.

The Department of Corrections has been called out for breaking protocol by jailhouse lawyer Arthur Taylor. But it says it has since made changes to ensure prisoners receive their minimum entitlements.

Taylor filed multiple complaints to the Ombudsman, Professor Ron Paterson, claiming the prisoners in Auckland Prison’s East Division were not given the opportunity to spend one hour exercising in the open air, weather permitting, which they are entitled to under law.

Citing previous incidents and Supreme Court rulings, Taylor claimed it hadn’t deterred the prison from “continuing to deny prisoners from their one hour minimum entitlement”, and that “there needs to be accountability” for the practice continued for “such a long period” of time.  

Taylor claims there was no “emergency or acceptable reason” for the extended amount of time the prisoners were being kept under lock.

Auckland prison director Tom Sherlock says Corrections acknowledges the Ombudsman’s findings regarding the complaint.

“We have since put a system in place to ensure prisoners receive their minimum entitlements,” he says. “The complaint made by Mr Taylor affected a small number of prisoners for a short period of time.”

In one specific incident the prisoners were kept in their cells while guards underwent training. Taylor said regardless: “Prisoners cannot lawfully be deprived of their statutory minimum of one hour’s exercise and in the open air if weather permits.”

Corrections hit back, saying most prisoners have unlock time well in excess of their minimum entitlements.

“Our staff put a great deal of effort into ensuring that all prisoners receive their minimum entitlements,” says Mr Sherlock.

As is usual it is Newshub pimping his story, they seem to have a real love affair with criminals.

The problem with this story is Taylor’s claim of having an entitlement…he does not. He’s a guest of Her Majesty.

If he has concerns about his weight then I have two solutions for him, thin gruel and hard labour.

He’s probably never done an hours exercise in his life…in total. He’s a waste of space.


– Newshub


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  • Pluto

    Memo to all inmates.
    Due to legal complaints from Mr Arthur Taylor from this time forward there will no longer be extended prisoner breaks beyond the one hour entitlement.
    This is to ensure all prisoners receive their entitlement when there is a shortage of guards due to training etc.
    Any complaints please see Mr A Taylor.

    • Sailor Sam

      But Kelvin Davis wil be visting said inmates and raise questions in parliament no doubt.

  • Nechtan

    Surely prison’s go into “lockdown” because of the inmate’s behaviour.
    I can’t imagine the guards and the prison administration do it just for fun.
    Any disruption to normal routine has to be on the inmates.
    As for taking the word of a career criminal who has sentenced to approx 64% of his life behind bars ………….well I guess we can read all about it on “two votes” blog (if we can be bothered)

  • rexabus

    Oh man Id like to see bad eggs like this having to do some sort of compulsory hard labor. I don’t mean planting trees in reserves or knocking together a track railing for a doc walk or any of that sort of cushy work but digging drains, digging and shovelling ,digging out tree stumps, more digging, BREAKING UP ROCKS etc etc. Dreams are free – I can’t see positive prison reform happening in my lifetime

    • kereru

      A childhood memory is that of passing a chain-gang of inmates from Dartmoor Prison with picks and shovels over their shoulders on their way to do some seriously hard work on the moors. I also remember the sense of dread I felt at the motto over ithe prison’s stone archway, ‘Abandon hope all ye who enter here’, and my father telling me that the moorland bogs and fogs would ‘get’ any would-be escapees.

      Now the place is a tourist attraction with a museum.

      • rexabus

        A great setting for a prison… and a Sherlock Holmes mystery. I drove past the old prison or borstal or whatever it was down by National Park last winter and remember thinking what a grand bleak spot it would have been as a backdrop while enduring a period of incarceration

        • kereru

          I should have said that Dartmoor itself was the setting of ‘The Hound of the Baskervilles’, not the prison. It can be very unnerving in the gathering gloom with it’s rugged tors suddenly appearing out of the mist and its general atmosphere of menace. The bogs are treacherous and there are all kinds of myths and legends associated with this desolate place. Even the hound of the title is said to be supernatural. Enough to raise the hairs on the back of your neck and no place for an escaped prisoner to seek refuge – hence the building of the prison on its fringes.
          Quite different in the daytime, with wide skies and vistas, and granite tors to climb.

        • kereru

          Love the Central Plateau, and central Otago.

  • Genevieve

    Arthur has a point. Yes, give them all a compulsory hour outside each day, in rain, hail or snow.

    • Rick H

      Give him a cell with no roof. that’s shut him up.

  • raumatirover

    This guy has ruined countless lives and MartynMartin Bradbury has him as a guest on his blog. Seems appropriate: socialism has destroyed countless lives too.

  • WBC

    Actually he has a point. Staff training shouldn’t happen on prisoners exercise time and clearly this occurred because prisoners in general were being given too much other time outside thereby depriving staff of available time to do training in safety knowing that the scum were safely in their kennels.

    The logical step, which Arthur has so kindly made possible, is to ensure that all prisoners recieve one hour and only one hour, no ifs no buts. As he said, we cannot deprive them of their minimum requirements, let’s ensure it is the minimum, they might learn a thing or to about consequence of actions. Wasting our money to argue against being locked in their cages doesn’t necessarily result in gains…

    If they want to be treated more humanely they just need to act like humans, that way they won’t need to be sent to the kennels.

  • Garry Graham

    This fellow is highly intelligent. He’s doing a great job bringing the faults of the corrections department to everyone’s notice. Stop slagging him off.

    • Gaynor

      Yep, he is so intelligent that he has spent most of his adult life locked up.
      Reminds me of Wayne Berri who was much the same but wrote a biography about how much he loved women. Idiots!

  • D.Dave

    Under the proposed TPPA, can’t we outsource our inmates to some where more tropical, like China or Brazil. Then Arthur can be outside 24/7, if he so desires.

    • Anthony

      I had that thought some years ago – I’m sure a South East Asian country could house our inmates far more cheaply than we can.