Auckland Council goes to war against critics

The desperados at Auckland Council can’t help but act belligerently. They’re also becoming a bunch of angry wasps.

So last week Labour and the Greens ganged up with National and Act to clearly state that Auckland’s city limits have to be abolished. It’s clear Auckland Council needs to dispense with it and do as it’s told. Everyone is against them.

But they can’t. Because they think they are right and they think everyone else is wrong. And you can all stuff off because they spent loads of time dreaming about their compact city and they bloody well should get it.

As always the filthy PR machine swings into action and waddayaknow they are trying tell us all that they do know best and the RUB is ok.

And here is what they say…

“Auckland Council is busting the myth that there is a constraint on building beyond Auckland’s current Metropolitan Urban Limit (MUL).”

“23,000 homes already planned outside the MUL

Over the past three years Auckland Council has approved developments outside of the MUL that could provide up to 23,000 new homes. This is possible through Special Housing Areas legislation, but it is also part of council’s strategy for the forward supply of urban land.

The Unitary Plan could open up 11,000 hectares outside the MUL.  

The Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan, which is currently before the Independent Hearings Panel, includes proposals to open up 11,000 hectares of land (that’s about one and a half times the size of Hamilton) outside the MUL to cater for growth over the next 30 years, with the potential to build 110,000 new homes.

The new Rural Urban Boundary would not be a ‘hard line’

While the proposed plan talks about a Rural Urban Boundary, this is not a hard line, unlike the existing MUL that has been in place since the 1990s and was located hard up against the urban development.

In fact, the idea of a hard ‘urban limit’ would be scrapped in favour of a commitment that there is always a boundary that ensures 30 years of land available to expand into. This will ensure there is always a seven year supply of ‘ready-to-go’ land.

Servicing land outside the MUL would cost $17bn over 30 years”

Total bollocks. Most of that number is inflated rudimentary nonsense made up with gold plated public transport projects. Council won’t release the detail of this total number because even they know that it is off the planet. But those who have analysed the costs say that around $2b is costs for pipes and roads.

“Additionally, expanding into the RUB can’t happen overnight. The land is currently not serviced and it will take time and in excess of $17 billion to put the right bulk infrastructure in place. No-one wants to see development in areas which aren’t properly serviced – it needs to be properly sequenced and thought out.”

Sure will take time. Because Council will sit on its hands and refuse to supply the infrastructure.

The problem is – the rhetoric is still the same. More repugnant and belligerent bullshit from a Council filled with failed city planners.

Let’s not forget that the same people – when employed in the former seven Councils – have been planning this compact city and implementing planning tools to stop it expanding since the beginning of last decade.

And it’s a total failure.

Time for some heads to roll. Like most of them.


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  • Ross15

    Heard a lady from the ACC on radio earlier saying this had been in the plan for 6 years. If Twyford and co had not said anything it probably would have still been in the plan in 6+years time.

    • Missy_Mink

      It was Penny Pirrit talking to Andrew Dickens, she’s the Director of Regulatory Services which includes Planning at Auckland City and said they were making changes in the Plan and after 5-6 years it was nearly ready for release. But of course it was all the Government’s fault it took so long…

      • Metricman

        Regulatory services do not do city planning, they execute policy not set policy.

        • Missy_Mink

          Happy to stand corrected but she was definitely the spokesperson

  • rexabus

    They wouldn’t want to go too far out with the developments – it’ll soon be spoiling views and the countryside idyll I’m sure a lot of the upper echelon of Auckland council enjoy on their little lifestyle farmlets, lifestyle blocks, weekend boltholes etc

  • rua kenana

    It should be Aucklanders who decide what happens to Auckland and not a bunch of central govt politicians, who are anyway the least trusted group in society apart from maybe journalists.
    There’s a council election later this year, so let’s wait to see how Aucklanders’ then reveal their preferences.
    Overriding locally elected councils on the grounds that big government allegedly knows better is not democratic. If local democracy is ever taken away it may be very very hard to get it back.
    Best to just wait a few months to see what the Aucklanders decide.

    • Blokeinauckland

      We are past waiting for the Council to do its bit on land use. The underlying problem which has gone past urgent is Auckland has been needing 13.000 new homes per annum for that past decade. i.e. there is a deficit of 130.000 before addressing the new arrivals….That is why house prices are escalating at an enormous rate and why it needs fixing in a hurry.

      The infrastructure build is just another ruse to avoid doing something while the grand plan is hatched as well as force new connections to be connected to Mangere where the facility was over built and now needs every litre it can get its hands on. Hence to massive pipework being installed across Auckland. Local solutions won’t need the huge interceptors and mains.

      Is a new homeowner in Kumeu desperate to have their sewerage dealt with at Mangere or North Shore? Given a new, cheaper and local choice may be people would opt for that – with all we hear about water scarcity it’s a scandal the city’s treated water is discharged to the sea. A local solution would find local uses for reclaimed water.

    • JC

      I wouldn’t be surprised if a majority of *voting* Aucklanders want to keep playing the same music that is making them richer by the minute.


    • MrHippo

      The problem is that Aucklanders currently have no say. The council is full of agenda laden numpties all pushing their own hobby or those of their lobby group pals, these are in-turn supported by those unelected embedded bureaucrats – you know the sort – they often refer to themselves as ‘champions’ of some project or the other. Now the thing is, as an Aucklander, especially one from Aucklands cheque book – the North Shore – I have better access to my local MP than I do any of the faceless bureaucrats… So yes they are welcome and in my view long overdue to to look to assert themselves.

  • localnews

    “Labour and the greens ganged up with national and act”. Don’t forget phil goff excluded himself and he is the only one the council care about. They know he won’t pressure them to change anything

  • johnandali

    Now that Phil Goff is a self-styled “Independent” I wonder whether he will continue to oppose the extension of the Northern Motorway. “The Holiday Highway” as he calls it. And I would expect he has never even travelled north of the Harbour Bridge, as there isn’t a Labour seat north of Auckland. So why would he bother? His mantra will be to give the enemy nothing.

    • SaggyNaggy

      You forgot Te Tai Tokerau – it’s held by Kelvin Davis.