It’s Auckland Council’s fault that people in Auckland live in cars and garages.

People living in cars is a grossly over exaggerated story.

And how do we know how many were in cars 10 years ago? No statistics to back the claims.

However people to do live in garages. South Auckland is rife with converted garages.

So who is to blame?

I can’t see how the  blame can be directed at the Government. The reality is that Auckland Council is to blame – and here is how:  

– setting urban limits that restrict growth;
– that has directly caused house prices to escalate into the stratosphere;
– which has caused landlords to increase rents;
– and people on low incomes get forced to group together in larger family groups in properties with converted garages.

But it’s also made worse by Council meddling with  transformation projects.

The best way to resolve housing issues is for more houses to be built. More houses reduces the cost to rent (supply and demand) which makes it easier for people to get out of over crowded housing into something better.

The problem is that Auckland is in crisis because Auckland Council is making it impossible for housing to be built.

Labour and the media party are unwilling to bash Council. Yet bashing Council is a vote winner. Because everyone knows they are to blame and more importantly – everyone hates them.


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  • Isherman

    Funny how Twyford is now pushing for the scrapping of Urban Limits. He’s right in that IMO, but it seems all very sudden from him, almost like he’s had a spontaneous lucid moment where his own future has flashed before his eyes.

    • Not Clinically Insane

      Its almost like he’s hit his head and suddenly realised what the root problem is!

    • one for the road

      Yet Labour are supporting a candidate for Mayor who doesnt say this!!! Houdini Goff will be changing his tune no doubt very soon…

      • Isherman

        Who cares, as long as the government support it, which they will, and are genuinely prepared to step in and act, that’s really all that matters, but I suspect Goff will get the message and fall into line.

        • one for the road

          I am sure he will, but the Govt have only being saying this to the council since 2013,so what is new? Oh a new council from Nov!

    • contractor

      Twyford is playing catch up. I heard Nick Smith nearly 2 years ago on radio say that the urban limit was nuts, and that the result is that land prices inside it were 10 times that immediately outside the limit.

      So it is nice that Labour has finally taken the same stance, and I hope we can look forward to them supporting a replacement to the RMA.

      • Isherman

        Catch-up is being polite, but at least it’s one bit of common sense coming out of them, at least regards the urban limit specifically. I think he’s realised the govt are (finally) serious about forcing the councils hand if they don’t do whats needed, and Twyford at least wants to be on the right side of history.

  • rexabus

    More hysteria about entitlement from the media. In the absence of some real stories they’ve taken it upon themselves to lobby for everyone in this country to be living in a sunny, North facing 4 bedroom home with sea views, a heat pump, off street parking, a 5 minute commute to work, a tennis or basketball court and swimming pool, games and cinema room perhaps – anything less would be inhumane!! I can’t see any reason except by the most tragic misfortune or by personal choice that someone would be living in a car. I’ve met one or 2 and they didn’t seem too put out by it. They were averse to work so it was the best they could do on the limited income ,choosing not to work ,provides.

  • Seriously?

    When it come to the metropolitan urban limits around Auckland the blame sheds back to the old Auckland Regional Council – Mike Lee may have then been a Regional Councillor (he was prior to amalgamation but not sure it he was at the time).

    Most of the then District Councils (North Shore City Council, the Waitakere City Council, the Papakura District Council, and the Rodney District Council) in Auckland strongly opposed the limits, and the argument when all the way to the Court of Appeal in 1995.


    I have come accross a number of people over the last few months who ‘happily’ live in a garage at a friend’s or family member. A bit of old carpet on the floor, low rent, who’s complaining? I know, this doesn’t apply to all ‘garage-dwellers’ but as per usual the media and (hopeless) opposition would love us to believe all ‘garage-dwellers’ are in that situation against their will (eg John Key’s fault).

  • CheesyEarWax

    Modern garages is fully insulated, double glazed, carpeted or polished concrete floors, has power and running water. Even older garages with converted sleep-outs are good, I used to lived in one. This is better than the standard accommodation in some countries. Labour is pimping a non-story here.

  • SteveWrathall

    Live in cars-it’s the only way. Cue the inevitable

  • disqus_DU7T1pNtzv

    Garages generally wont meet the required standards under angry andy’s rental WOF bill. The people relying on this type accommodation will have to either move or the property owner/tenant will have to break the law and face the legal consequences. So, how does forcing poor people out of what little they can afford help them with their housing or is angry andys bill the homeless crisis he say’s is coming? And I’m still waiting for stoner twyford to explain how he can build those 100,000 affordable houses…

    • JustTinkering

      Just have a look at how many HNZ houses with carports or garages are converted to lounges or bedrooms. Talk to HNZ about this and they say they are not able to intervene. It is just encouraging more people per house. Let’s start getting payments per person and see how far that goes to reduce the overload.

    • Uncle Bully

      Stoner Twyford? Do tell…..

      • ex-JAFA

        ‘Stoner’ is Twyford’s middle name. No, really.

  • one for the road

    Most (if not many) of these garage conversions would be illegal as they will require a building consent. The reasons are clearly layed out in this Auckland Council (and no doubt other councils) document, as the code will want to ensure the convertd garage has:
    – means of escape from fire;
    – provision for access and facilities for people with disabilities; and
    – continue to comply with other provisions of the Code to at least the same extent as before (insulation, stormwater, etc)

  • Dave

    Its not as simple as converting garages, for starters, they would need to meet current standards, meaning insulation, double glazing, and probably need to be be raised up from current heights in most cases. You cannot have insualtion touching the exterior cladding, especially a metal cladding, as it wicks moisture away, and then becomes DAMP. Can anyone please explain this to Angry and Chinky names Phil? please……