The Auckland Future clusterf*ck continues

If you were running a centre right campaign would you:

a. Bully incumbent councillors to try to get them to run.

b. When they tell you to get stuffed because they think you are a pack of bullies decide to stand candidates against them so you split the vote and ensure looney lefties like Cathy Casey and Chris Darby get reelected.

c. Piss off the centre right incumbents like George Wood and Christine Fletcher who may be a bit pedestrian and long in the tooth but are worthy souls who have contributed a great deal to NZ through their public service.

If you have answered yes to these three questions please contact Auckland Future as they need people like you.  

Auckland’s political right faces more problems with three candidates contesting two council seats on the North Shore at October’s local body elections.

New political ticket Auckland Future today announced it had selected former Takapuna community board member Fay Freeman and Kaipatiki Local Board member Danielle Grant to contest the North Shore ward.

A short time later sitting North Shore councillor and former North Shore City mayor George Wood said he was seeking re-election.

Mr Wood said he supported the intent of a fiscal policy and pledge being urged on centre-right candidates by Auckland Future, but had decided to stand as an independent.

“I don’t want to be restricted from giving citizens of North Shore the focused attention they deserve and need,” he said.

The fiscal responsibility pledge that includes holding household rates to 2 per cent over the next three years has been rebuffed by another centre-right councillor, Dick Quax.

Auckland Future chairman Peter Tong said the board was in talks with some sitting councillors regarding the pledge and confident of securing a centre-right majority of councillors at the October elections.

A National MP today said Auckland Future does not have universal support in the party.

“They are burning more bridges than they are building,” said the MP, who did not want to be named.

Word I’m hearing is Sue Wood’s crowd have developed a doctrinaire approach to existing councillors at the same time having a less than democratic selection process.

No one they are selecting is going to set the city on fire with their capabilities.

Right now all this bunch of muppets seem capable of doing is torching any chance of a centre-right majority on council.

Watch the fur start flying though when they stand a candidate against Desley Simpson. One thing for sure is footballers wives know how to scratch and slap.

These guys couldn’t run a bath much less a city.


– NZ Herald


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  • It’s like herding cats!

  • The idea that George Wood and Christine Fletcher are “worthy souls who have contributed a great deal to NZ through their public service” is laughable.

    Christine Fletcher solehandedly was the catalyst and instigator of why spa pools needed fencing and George Woods claim to fame is he lost us the V8 racing to Hamilton AND that was one of the leading drivers behind why we supposedly needed a “SuperTrough”…Errr….city!

    They both need shown the back door along with the sniveling lefty Chris Darby.