Are Auckland Future handing a North Shore Seat to Grant Gillon?

New Zealand’s favourite grandmother, Maggie Barry, has had a go at long standing right wing council stalwart George Wood, who the halfwitted Auckland Future have decided to run two candidates against.

You may fault George for being a bit boring, but he votes the right way and is a sure vote for the right, so why is Auckland Future and Maggie Barry trying to shaft him?

“I don’t want to be restricted from giving citizens of North Shore the focused attention they deserve and need. Also, I am concerned that we must first review the range and standards of service council is providing for our citizens,” Mr Wood said.

On Monday, Auckland Future announced it had selected former Takapuna community board member Fay Freeman and Kaipatiki Local Board member Danielle Grant to contest the two North Shore ward seats.

The problem for Maggie and National is that Grant Gillon, the former Alliance MP and member of the Devonport-Takapuna & Kaipatiki Local Boards is said to be considering a run for the council seat to take advantage of the vote split on the right.

People on the left have a huge amount of respect of the low rat cunning of Gillon, and are saying that he will be very formidable if the halftwits from Auckland Future don’t withdraw one of their candidates. Gillon is a formidable campaigner who understands what is required to win elections, and apparently has a large team to support him.

Someone in National needs to take Maggie Barry aside with a nice cup of tea and a fresh scone and tell her that she needs think through endorsing George Wood’s opponent because it will mean letting Grant Gillon through the middle.

At least some National MPs have enough brains to realise you don’t set up a new organisation then dictate what long serving and competent councillors are allowed to do. I bet this MP would be saying don’t let Grant Gillon win.

Not all National MPs support Auckland Future, running a separate campaign to the other centre-right ticket, Communities and Residents, which ruled the former Auckland City Council for decades.

Auckland Future, said one National MP, was “burning more bridges than they are building”.

That said Phil Goff will tell anyone who cares to listen that some cabinet ministers are quietly backing him for Mayor. A smart gallery journalist would go put them on the spot and test Goff’s claims.


-NZ Herald


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  • LesleyNZ

    Maggie Barry is so dumb backing Auckland Future like this. The National Party need to sort themselves out. The two AF candidates need to step down. As a North Shore voter I will NOT be voting for them. I will be voting for George Wood who is independent and knows the history of the North Shore. Can’t believe how the National Party have got themselves into this position. They should be endorsing George Wood not working against him. Also -is Auckland Future run by women only? Haven’t seen many men around.

    • Aucky

      Not only run by women but by women who don’t seem to bi in need of a real job.

  • rantykiwi

    Isn’t Gillon a union lackey from way back?

    • Win

      He is a really hardworking board member, and although his political affiliations may be at the other end of the spectrum to mine, he properly represents ratepayers on the local boards where he serves, and thoroughly understands issues presented. In comparison, many local board members are embarrassingly out of their depth.

  • one for the road

    a smart gallery journalist! cant think of one that fits the criteria…