Australia are free of any climate change


A case of: if you don’t like the data, then we’ll just delete it.

Any mention of Australia in a recent UNESCO climate change report was taken out on request by the Australian government, according to The Guardian.

The major UN report, World Heritage and Tourism in a Changing Climate published on Thursday, initially had a chapter on the Great Barrier Reef as well as smaller sections on Kakadu and the Tasmanian forests.

It said climate change combined with weather conditions meant the Reef is in the worst crisis in recorded history, and 93 percent of the reefs along the 2300km site have experienced bleaching due to warm water.

The Australian Department of Environment saw a draft of the report and objected, believing it would hurt tourism in the country. Every mention of Australia was then removed by UNESCO, The Guardian reports.

This meant Australia was the only inhabited continent to not be mentioned.

“Recent experience in Australia had shown that negative commentary about the status of world heritage properties impacted on tourism,” a spokesperson for the environment department said.

Perhaps we should also remove all reporting about Australian crime, Australian terrorism and Australian politics.  I mean, why not?

Professor at the Australian National University and head of Australia’s Climate Council Will Steffen told The Guardian he compares the Australian government’s actions to the old Soviet Union.

“Perhaps in the old Soviet Union you would see this sort of thing happening, where governments would quash information because they didn’t like it. But not in western democracies. I haven’t seen it happen before.”

It’s ham fisted.  In the western world, we don’t actually have people delete the data, we just get them to change it and then come up with convoluted explanations about heat islands, and faulty equipment and other rubbish.

You can always get the result you want.   And in Australia’s case, they have no climate change whatsoever.


– Newshub


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  • JEL51

    ….or…….maybe the data was just manufactured.

    • Fuglybud

      yes you’re right… the 2016 YE numbers are out already ….and as predicted 2016 is the hottest year since records have been adjusted.

      • JEL51

        Watched clip of Milo Y in yesterdays ‘Black lives Matter…’ post. He had lots to say about how Climate Scientist’s work was being changed to meet the agenda.

  • Joe Banana

    Australia is not a continent, it is an island

    • Uncle Bully

      I think it is both, like Antarctica. Islands the size of continents. Tectonic independence from other continents, unique flora and fauna, cultural uniqueness, and local belief in continental status are factors that some consider to be defining.

  • Gazza

    …….yes it is, one of seven

  • XCIA

    Since the Aussies own most of our MSM it gives them great scope and opportunity to lie over here too, especially to destabilize our political landscape.

  • JohnO

    The conclusion that climate change is the cause of the decline of the great barrier reef is the falsified propaganda most similar to that of the Soviet Union and is being pushed by Professor Will Steffan and the Australia Climate Change Council. The earth has warmed 0.4 of a degree celcius since 1979 when satellite records began. That may or may not be a factor in the decline of the great barrier reef corals. A recent study has found that the sunscreen lotion used copiously by hundreds of thousands to swim near the reefs and see them contains a chemical incredibly toxic to coral and this has the potential to be the major cause of decline of the great barrier reef corals. The professor and the ACCC know this but continue their deception and propaganda to obtain a wealth of funding for their “research” into how to live a luxurious lifestyle on the back of the taxpayer without ever producing anything of value to the community.

  • rua kenana

    mmm …
    No climate change.
    Eventually no Great Barrier Reef.
    Tough bikkies!

  • Mick Ie

    We visited Narracorte Caves (an hours drive Inland from the ocean), and the tour guide told us they have discovered that the sea has been in and out of this region at least twice over the last (approx) million years and due for a return.
    Hereby proving climate change has always existed and it has nothing to do with being man made, but my goodness me, someone somewhere must be drinking copious amounts of Bollinger Champagne and scoffing huge amounts of Beluga Caviar, simply as a result of various governments stupidity and their decision to spend billions on carbon credits.

  • Metricman

    Very interesting who you listen to, as I heard an Aussie marine biologist on TV some month or two back saying the Reefs are fine, and if any of the climate change experts want to actually come down and look, he can show them exactly how fine they are. They don’t of course, its much safer to write up your evidence from 2000 miles away from a copy of someone else’s opinion. The main gist of his story was that coral actually thrives in the warmer water, so bring it on.

  • andrewo

    Here’s an odd thing: When I’ve dived on the Barrier Reef I’ve noticed how chilly it was. Much colder than the reef dives I’ve done in SE Asia…where the coral is much better and more diverse.
    I was told by a well informed Queenslander that the real reason for corals dying on the Barrier Reef was a combination of excessive tourism and herbicides & fungicides washing off the extensive banana and sugar crops along the coast.

  • WBC

    One of the biggest problems with the whole climate change thing (be it man made or not) is it allows people to put their actions into a box where it is too big to fix personally so they can get away with doing nothing about it. It’s so much easier to break into a ship and disrupt good peoples lives, or to destroy ancient artworks with selfish righteous ignorance then it is to actually do something positive.

    In the mean time, many (okay nearly all) of the so called effects we are seeing are caused by far more local issues like pollution or removing sand dunes to build castles on the beach. Cyclones hurt more people because there are MORE PEOPLE, and a higher percentage then every live on the coast, it’s not rocket science. Disasters are causing record costs for exactly the same reason that milk costs more, it’s basic economics people.

    Much like attributing unknowns to God, blaming everything on climate change is a cop out it is what lazy people do.