Back in 2014 Cadbury made its Halal bed. Now it must lie in it.



I no longer buy Cadbury products because of their Halal certification which I believe is a financial rort. I used to enjoy their chocolate before they went Halal. Recently I found out that back in 2014 not only were they Halal but they actually changed a recipe in order to gain Halal certification. As a result they were boycotted by furious customers who said that they had ruined the taste of a popular brand. They also complained that Cadbury had removed certification symbols from product packaging to hide the Halal symbol from their customers.

After all that fuss and bother you would think that Cadbury back in 2014 would have had an appreciative and loyal Muslim customer base both overseas and at home, but you would be wrong. Cadbury paid lots of the money to become Halal certified and for ongoing certification; there is no doubt about that. The certifiers made lots of money from it but there was one little problem with the chocolate…

From 2014:

It was first reported in the US this week that Cadbury is in real trouble with its export market. After having paid the Indonesian Halal Certification mob the correct protection money, the Malaysian Health Ministry has found traces of pork DNA in its products. All hell has broken loose.

Now I understand that porcine fat is used in many foods, including chocolate and ice cream, where a smooth “texture” is needed but poor Cadbury (which is very quiet about its certification) is copping it from all Islamic quarters.
Cadbury has agreed to recall all pork “tainted” items from stores overseas, a massive undertaking amid cries of foul play. More than 20 Muslim groups have called for a boycott on all Cadbury’s products, saying that a holy war needs to be waged against the confectionary giant for attempting to “weaken” Muslims.

At a news conference called to announce the boycotts an hysterical Malay woman yelled, “Will Cadbury wash away the tainted blood in our veins? I want to wash away the tainted blood of my children who have consumed the chocolates… how will money even compensate for that?”
Perkasa Selangor chief, Abu Bakar Yahya told reporters:
“They (Cadbury) have betrayed us Muslims by putting ‘haram’ elements through the foods we consume in our body, to weaken us Muslims.
“That is why Muslims are weak, divided… because the person eats pork it is difficult to guide him to the right path.
“When the day of judgment comes, that person will be wearing a pig-face because of what he has eaten. We need to unite, we must declare jihad!”

We could be in for some fun and games here because all Australian halal certified food manufacturers use pig fat in at least some items.
Certifiers here and in Indonesia couldn’t give a damn about compliance, they are too busy warring over the lucrative halal scam estimated to be worth almost $1 trillion world-wide.
But Islamic consumers are now likely to turn on the certifiers who say they conduct a vigorous compliance regime on all food chains… they don’t, they never have. They just collect the money.

The Indonesian Council of Ulama, MUI, (which also orders Fatwa rulings) is a Mafia style body that runs the certifying protection racket throughout much of Asia, forcing Australian companies to pay outrageous amounts (up to $30,000) to have their food certified as halal.
But MUI has opposition, “Australian Halal Food Services” (AHFS) and this mob has been undercutting MUI. Now MUI is banning Australian export of all foods, including meat, from Australian companies found dealing with AHFS.

As a result many Aussie companies have removed the halal logo from their products but still pay the protection money.
It’s almost impossible to get any company to discuss what’s going on, and for good reason.
When asked to comment, the Dept of Trade said, “The Australian Government values our close relationship with MUI and will continue to work together with them to overcome issues that affect mutually beneficial trade….”.




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  • Oh Please

    Cadbury should be fined for financing terrorism. Glad to see the Muslims hating them too – Cadbury might revert back to their previous market.

    • Charley jones

      I deliberately avoid halal certified food. I agree with your sentiments.

  • sheppy

    So that’s why Cadbury’s chocolate doesn’t taste that good. Thanks for exposing why, I assumed it was because they were using Palm Oil or something similar, not that they’d been forced to change their recipe.

    • KatB

      I stopped buying Cadbury when they did have the palm oil debacle. About that same time they changed the size of the block to a smaller one and charged the same and tried to say it done was for the consumer’s health. And don’t get me started about what they’ve done to the creme eggs lol. It’s definitely not pleasant tasting chocolate now.

      • johcar

        Lindt or Whitakers all the way for me….

  • duve

    I have no sympathy for Cadbury. They kowtow to Muslims and that is what they can expect. Whitakers is the same, so I guess chocolate is now off the menu.

  • Gazza

    Am I right that Whittakers chocolate is also Halal certified? I was told that they remove the Halal logos in the NZ market and it only appears on the export wrappers.

    • Oh Please

      Halal since 2011.

      • Gazza

        Well thats another bar of chocolate (and Lewis Road Chocolate Milk!) off the list then…

    • Left Right Out

      Lindt is NOT halal…. as much as I enjoy whittakers more than cadbury I try and eat Lindt over both of them

  • waldopepper

    i wont buy any food products labelled halal. when it comes to chocolate, and after the lindt cafe massacre, i have changed to the lindt brand as the ultimate middle finger to islam. lindt have steadfastly refused to be halal certified and i support them because of that.

    • tjb

      Lindt is the best tasting chocolate too – so, bonus.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    The original Cadbury family were Quakers and had very strong religious values about fairness to their staff and there customers. They were scrupulously honest about all the ingredients that went into their products, originally cocoa drinks, and later chocolate as well.
    George and Richard Cadbury will be turning in their graves at this foolishness.
    “Chocolate Wars” by Deborah Cadbury a very good read.

  • Kiwi_Dave

    Not to worry. For a suitable koha to the appropriate authorities the chocolate could be certified taniwha free, which will doubtless increase its sales in NZ.

  • Papillon

    The saying “Don’t bite the hand that feeds”, comes to mind. I hope many manufacturers now see along with the extortionate costs, just how dangerous it is to pander to this ideology, and drop their certification. Then the tide of money will cease to flow and fund this corrupt rort.

  • Don O’Brien

    Some forms of chocolate are also unacceptable under Jewish Kosher food rules in NZ. Freddo Milky White – Crunchie Treat Size – Mars Bars packed in Australia

  • Patricia
    • spanishbride

      Don’t forget the pork DNA ;)

    • kereru

      Sounds delicious! Do you use creamed or runny honey?

      • Patricia

        I used creamed – thought the runny honey might not set. It was easy to make and tastes yummy, but it’s more like fudge than chocolate. Bummer!

  • Left Right Out

    Halal certification is unregulated and nothing more than a rort….. I try where possible to avoid halal certified products but there is just so many of them

    On the cadbury front…. since they moved the chocolate bar making to australia even the taste has changed and I now just don’t like the taste as well as the fact I’m paying a r rort tax

  • XCIA

    I haven’t bought Cadbury or Whittaker since they started funding the Muslims. The thing is, where does all this money go and whom does it benefit. I have yet to see an audited set of accounts and I doubt if the fools from Cadbury or Whittaker have either.

    • Isherman

      Halal certification is done on a service for fee basis, meaning that those fees collected by the certifying organisation would have to be subject to Zakat…the percentage based Islamic tax, in order to be legitimate. The Zakat, is traditionally broken down into 8 categories of recipients: (simplified terms mine)
      1. The poor
      2.The Needy
      3. The tax collectors
      4.Potential converts
      5. The bonded
      6. The indebted
      7. The Mujahadeen
      8. The wayfares & the Stranded.

      It’s #7 that is the most potentially concerning category of recipient, though it can mean any who fight in the cause of Allah in any sense, ie, a writer or some such other activity, as well as a fighter in the traditional sense, but it is not strictly speaking to apply to salaried soldiers, so those who volunteer in the cause.

      • kereru

        I wouldn’t trust them to stick to that list, noble though most of it sounds. Would the manufacturers be able to see audited accounts to that effect? The Muslim Brotherhood seems to be No 1 as far as I can make out. Sounds good to the ‘kufr’. Rather vague categories – the bonded, wayfarers and stranded?? I’m afraid I smell several very large rats.

  • hookerphil

    Once upon a time I used to buy heaps of Cadbury chocolate and eat them up to a packet at a time. Do not buy it now and eat very little chocolate now. I guess that is indeed Praise Allah.

  • Tony Norriss

    I don’t buy Cadbury’s cause it tastes like crap. Whitakers is delicious!

    • Huia

      I buy Lindt, not halal so I will buy it.
      I examine every packet to see if the halal label in on anything because I don’t see why this is being forced on us by a minority and I will not knowingly support this halal garbage..

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        Even though I know Whittakers is halal for the life of me I can’t find the halal label so not sure how I am expected to find it on products I am trying to find out about? That said gave up as never could find the halal label and decided it was not worth the ulcer worrying about.

        • kereru

          Just put up a post about that. Whittakers don’t put the halal logo on wrappers for the NZ market. How’s that for deception? My favourite chocolate, and I can’t afford Lindt on a regular basis.

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            I’m the same re Lindt – would buy it but just over the top price wise. Yes I suppose I could eat less but …

        • Skydog

          Weetbix by Sanitarium (Seventh Day Adventist) is also Halal. I’m very confused as to why an organisation with strong Christian beliefs would sell Halal. Then again everyone has a price.

          • kereru

            A very good point – perhaps you should raise it with them.

          • Miss McGerkinshaw

            Didn’t know about Sanitarium.
            It’s all getting more confusing by the minute.
            But as you say – money talks but I can’t believe their Halal market is worth more than ‘ours’. Although I suppose non-halal people will continue to buy their products anyway – in ignorance for the most part (as in my case) as it isn’t easy to keep track.

          • Skydog

            If you want a list of Halal, have a look at this link. This link has been provided before on this site, and I found it to be of great interest.


        • Sunshine

          They don’t put it on their products, they have their certification statement on their website. I find the sneakiness of hiding it’s halal status deceitful and very, very disappointing that our NZ chocolate has capitulated to the muslims. Whittakers and cadburys are banned in our house along with any other company that is halal.

    • tjb

      Whittakers is halal so what u gonna do?

      • Tony Norriss

        My tongue doesn’t know its Halal. Thats the key for me.

    • kereru

      I totally agree, but the only Whittaker’s block that’s haram to Muslims is Rum & Raisin.

      I had a run-in with Whittakers about jeopardising the home market, but got nowhere – though they did admit that, while they don’t put the halal certification on the wrappers for the domestic market, all their chocolate is halal.

      I only wish NZ manufacturers could find lucrative non-Muslim markets to supply so that we wouldn’t have to submit to this deceptive rort. I can’t understand why a protection racket is seen as an acceptable practice in the business of gaining access to Islamic markets. Of course, in reality it is a tax on the ‘infidel’ for permission to have a presence there, otherwise known as the jizya. What it’s spent on is none of our business, but it’s widely believed to support the Muslim Brotherhood, at least in some measure. In other words, we stupid ‘kufr’ are funding our own demise. Great.

      • anniem

        Don’t really like raisins in chocolate but I will bloody well try and like it if that’s what it takes to not eat “halal” chocplate. Contrary? You betcha!

  • Andinz

    Perkasa Selangor chief, Abu Bakar is off his rocker, but don’t debate with him, you’ll get nowhere with a fanatical muslim who believes someone can become chimera by eating “wrong” food.
    Interesting reading is here for those interested in “food traces” –
    1. Did a “study” really find that hot dog brands regularly contain human DNA and unlabeled meat substitutions?
    2. Stop Freaking Out About Human DNA in Hot Dogs
    The DNA testing outfit here may, if they try hard enough, find pork DNA is just about everything. Devout muslims may starve ….
    (Snopes sheds light on rumours – great site to fossick about in).

  • Catriona

    Great work. I will no longer buy Cadbury product. We have a Turkish restaurant in our town and I refuse to support them because they advertise Halal product. Amen!

    • Isherman

      I think the difference with a (genuine) Turkish restaurant is that you might reasonably expect it to be Halal, whereas something like Cadbury’s you might reasonably expect that it’s not necessarily something they would need to be particularly worried about….other than market share in Muslim markets of course, which is what it’s really all about.

      • Catriona


  • JEL51

    If all that money raised/extorted was shown to go solely to the poor sods in tents outside the Syrian boundary, I wouldn’t have a problem. Somehow I doubt that even a cent of it would be reaching them.

  • tjb

    The Aussie economy is so munted that they will bend over to do any deal with The Devil.

  • Dog Breath

    Cadbury lost years ago when some board genius decided to start compromising quality by using such things as palm oil as an ingredient. End result Cadbury use to be one if the most trusted brands, today it does not feature on that list. It looks to me that the boardor CEO was taken over by University educated people who thought they could risk the brand to increase profits by going cheap with their product. It has been a total customer disaster. Yet they keep shooting themselves in the foot with other loser ideas . Mean while Whitaker keep churning out quality and have enhanced their quality brand. Ceasing on the opportunity gifted to them on a plate.

    • Totara

      This says it all.

    • kereru

      A great pity that Whittakers has fallen for the Halal rort as well. The only product that is not halal is their Rum & Raisin blocks. They don’t put the halal certification logo on wrappers for the domestic market. I find that deceitful.

      • anniem

        Me too, I don’t like any company that panders to minorities.

  • rexabus

    It surprises me really there haven’t been muslim terrorist attacks on pig farms and pork processing plants. Given that they hate them so much wouldn’t the destruction of all pigs be part of the jihad?

  • Disinfectant

    Stuff the Indonesians.

    They can make their own chocolate.

    They can call it “Indo-halal-chocky”.