Baldy McBald (aka Phillip John Smith) claims his human rights are being violated

via Radiolive

via Radiolive

Convicted murderer and sex offender Phillip John Smith says having his prison jobs taken from him is a denial of his human rights.

Today Smith is appearing in the Auckland High Court by audio-visual link, where he is seeking an injunction against prison authorities who have stopped him from working.Smith said he had a 20-year working history in prison that included working in a public cemetery and on a marae, and there was no history of misconduct.

He said the authorities had stopped him having jobs even inside prison.

Smith said the authorities justified their decision because of what he called his “alleged escape”. He claimed he needed more time to concentrate on his legal proceedings.

But Crown lawyer Vicki McCall said an internal investigation found Smith had manipulated staff before he travelled to Brazil.

She said a senior prison staff member made the decision to stop Smith from working after discussing the matter with the regional prison commissioner.

Mr Smith said the decision has impinged on his human rights and he spends 19 hours a day locked in his cell, which was having an effect on his mental and physical condition.

Smith has an exemplary prison record.   Not a single sign of violence or misconduct.

There is just the pesky detail of murder, raping a toddler and escaping to South America, but that’s apparently irrelevant and he wants to be able to walk around like a free imprisoned man.

19 hours a day doesn’t sound that harsh.  That’s 5 hours a day out of his cell.  That seems more then generous to me.  Keeping in mind that he’ll be asleep for 8 to 10 of the others, and he needs to be locked up for the remainder as part of making sure his friends in the same accommodation don’t deal to him for being a entitled self serving child rapist.

I wonder why Kelvin Davis isn’t all over this case?   Apparently NZ Crims in Australia need Labour’s help, but not Philip John Smith.




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  • SFB

    Sorry Phillip but my human rights take precedent over yours. I’m safe and so are my kids 24/7 while you are locked up. Read a book.

  • cows4me

    They should put him in charge of the wig making department.

  • RightofSingapore

    “no history of misconduct” Why are the court even giving this cretin a hearing? It gives him undeserved legitimacy and attention. The case should have been dismissed before today on the grounds his complaints have no merit.

  • Woody

    I have been looking for my sympathy for him, sorry Mr Smith, I seem to be all out.

  • shykiwibloke

    Discounting the time I spend asleep, driving to and from work and working to pay for this fools incarceration, I get less than five hours a day ‘free’. So boohoo. No sympathy.

  • kereru

    Had he taken more notice of the human rights of his victims he wouldn’t be incarcerated in the first place. Tough – you surrender your ‘rights’ when you enter a prison for murder and the rape of a toddler, Mr Smith.

  • Hill16

    Surely that should give him all the time he claims he needs to concentrate on his legal proceedings for his ‘alleged ‘ escape. Give me a break……scum like this and breivik bleating about their human rights make me sick

  • rantykiwi

    This sort of sideshow is yet another good justification for capital punishment. If we’d swung him from the gallows when he was convicted he wouldn’t have escaped and this vexatious case wouldn’t be getting press time.

    • andrewo

      Capital punishment has the best record yet for reducing recidivism…100%

      • Spaceman Spiff

        medication delivered at 2950fps

  • Beria

    He’ll need all the time he can get to establish that his well planned trip to Latin America was something other than an escape. I would suggest a minimum of 15 years to think about it, with leftovers from the hospitals to focus his mind.

  • zotaccore

    Until the law starts to reflect the point that when crims like this turd carry out inhumane acts, they by virtue of those acts, give up any human rights that are usually accorded to law abiding people. I blame the politicians – all of them, for not getting off their backsides and changing firstly the Sentencing Act, and by also not standing on their two feet and being descriptive about what a human right entails. Until then, nothing will change. Politicians are way too cowardly to grow some. NZ is becoming so soft-cock that its becoming a depressing place to live.

  • Don O’Brien

    They should have let him spend a year in that brazilian jail before extraditing him back to NZ. Those brazilian jails make NZ prisons look like Donald Trump resorts.

  • taxpayer

    Sorry Mr Cue Ball.
    To have human rights first you need to be human.
    And seeing as your list of convictions run like this, fraud, possession of a firearm, assault with a blunt instrument, common assault, attempted arson, cultivating cannabis, making a false statement to police, theft and escaping custody as well as raping a child and murdering the child’s father.
    Then that’s you out I am afraid.
    I will send you some wax for you to polish your head with, that will help you pass some time.