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  • Nige.

    It is accepted that Jesus spend most of his life with the less desirable people if society and hardly any at all with the noblemen.

  • Mac50

    Well that would be refreshing. Spent my first 30 years deeply immersed in Christianity. When at 32 I ‘came out’ as a non-believer most of people I thought of as close friends couldn’t run away fast enough – no sign of the love that’s for sure.
    Have stayed away ever since, and have been a lot better off for it.

  • Abdullah

    This is an old video. iEmanuella encourages “Loves the sinner” concept. She posted a video about homosexuality – which forced her to delete everything about her online life (twitter, YouTube channel etc) after it was taken out of context.

    Some of the atheist/agnostic youtuber made videos to vilify her despite her message of universal love to everyone. The very people who she cares about rejected and abused her online. Isn’t that interesting?

    • Duchess of Pork

      Yes it’s interesting Abdullah and of course nobody should be villifying iEmanuella for expressing a point of view. I wonder though: has she had to change her identity like Molly Nellis the US journalist who has now vanished on advice of the FBI after threats from Islamic militants? Is there a fatwa on her head as there has been on Salmon Rushdie’s for the last 30+ years? Does she have to live under 24/7 security protection as does Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, the former Swedish Minister of Integration and Gender Equality Nyamko Sauni or any of the other numerous people who have exercised similar freedom of speech? And why do you consider her to be caring? There is nothing in this video that leads me to think she is. I find it just a petulant display of hurty feelings.