Ben Rachinger is the most honest person in New Zealand


Most truthful.  So not entirely truthful.


RS = Rawshark, WD = Whaledump

He must be referring to yet another document he sent me.

Here is the chat log section where he admits giving me an encryption key for a “dump file”.  One that Nicky Hager has a copy of.  On his computer no less.   And Rangi admits he’s Rawshark.


And here is the document (photograph of a screen) he sent


(RK = Rangi Kemara, IB = Ira Bailey, BR = Ben Rachinger)

As for lies.  All these articles so far have used Ben’s own words.  I’ve not lied.  I’ve consistently said that it may all be true, it may all be lies.  It may be some of each.

And that’s the whole point when you deal with Ben Rachinger.  You can’t tell from one moment to the next if he’s actually being truthful or even if he’s working to protect you or to damage you.

In my opinion, the “proof” above was doctored.  Have you ever seen an IRC log where people’s names were just initials, and there was no date/time on every line?  Add to that, the fact that I’ve read a lot of real logs of Rangi and Ben, and the above doesn’t look like Rangi at all.

Now, recall that this “[email protected]” thing is something to do with Kemara.  Ben’s been pushing that from the start.  Here’s a section of hand-written notes (again a photo of it) that Ben wrote


Also recall that in a previous conversation Ben’s screen name was r3v34l?  (Not Rev34L…. but, it’s hard to keep the minor details all in line)

The following was sent to me as evidence that Rangi was threatening Ben.


Do you really think Rangi, Ira and his mates would actually sign their name to an unambiguous threat?

It gets even more fantastic.  On Ben’s Twitter page, this image appeared a few days ago.


Is that supposed to be Rangi and/or Ira again?

I got severely scammed by Ben Rachinger.  And I’m not the only one.


So, as I like to repeat:  If you believe Ben Rachinger’s claims about Cameron Slater, then you must also believe his claims about everyone else.  At least some of them.  You can’t just cherry pick all the Ben statements about me and believe those are the only true ones, and Ben’s statements about others are the lies.


What I have set out to demonstrate this week, is that nothing that Ben Rachinger writes, produces or says should be considered true unless you can independently verify it from two or more quality sources.

And a “Ben Rachinger said” is simply as credible as everything he’s written on this page.   That is:  not. at. all.




This is somewhat amusing.  After I wrote this article and mere hours before it was published, Ben Rachinger took to Twitter and started contradicting himself.  About 5 days ago, he tweeted this to Rangi Kemara et al (implied, not direct)

He gave Police full and unredacted threema logs.   The Threema logs (chat logs) he had with me.

Now I’ve highlighted my doubts about that earlier, when the police prosecutor went into a mild panic when I submitted my full unredacted Threema logs.  They were surprised to see something in there that has now been suppressed.

Why didn’t that feature in Ben’s “full and unredacted” version?

That was just a suspicion mind you, I have no hard proof unless I get to see the logs Ben provided and put them side-by-side to see if they are the same.

So yesterday, Ben tweets this to Rangi Kemara


Since you read the story above, you can join me in the same reaction:  ‘Hang on a minute?  You clearly sent it to Cam Slater as part of the Threema conversation, and you claim to have given police full unredacted logs?”



Once again.  Mr Ben Rachinger can’t be trusted to say two things that stand up to daylight.

I hope the police hold his logs and my logs side by side and see where they have been changed.  (I still think the above is totally fabricated mind you.  More about that later).




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  • Cadwallader

    Does 1/23 mean January 23rd? If so what year was this?

    • 2015 I think.

  • rangitoto

    Seems odd that sometimes they refer to a pass phrase as an encryption key.

  • stephen2d

    My head hurts.

  • Teletubby

    The more I read this the more it comes across to me that Raschinger seems like a lonely little boy who made absolutely all of this up to get attention. None of the “evidence” looks or feels authentic and the current trend of communicating in public on Twitter has to be all about attention. It would seem however he is a clever little boy because there have been times when I have been reading these stories that a name of a person or group has looked out of place and it has felt like the name was put in there by him solely because he knew it would press Cameron’s buttons.

  • Graham Pilgrim

    Is this the same Rangi Kemara of Urewera infamy?