Ben Rachinger and the dirty Mediaworks tag team


As news is generated about Ben Rachinger, media cover it.  In fact, last court appearance, there were camera crews from TVNZ, Sky News (I believe) and TV3.

That’s all normal and fine.

But what happens when a news organisation starts to champion one specific individual’s case against another?  What if they are actively interfering in the court case?   What if they fund a media lawyer when their protagonist is self represented?

Ben Rachinger and Mediaworks go back quite some time.  When ‘the journalist’ was still a journo for Radiolive (She’s now a PR flunky for a union), she had Ben Rachinger as a source.  It seems that at the same time as Ben was working with me, and informing on Rangi Kemara, Ira Bailey and me to the police, he was picking up operational details from the police handlers.

Ben didn’t just inject some of that information back to me, but he also was her “inside source” on information about the Hager raids.  Not that he had a lot.

Their relationship went beyond journalist/source, with ‘the journalist’ giving Ben the expectation that he could get a job at Mediaworks to improve their computer security, especially in the area of emails, and Ben has claimed their relationship was cordial and extended beyond work. Remember too that Rachinger also stated that he could feed mis-information to ‘the journalist’


Before I even appeared in court Lisa Owen and her crew were waiting outside of the Manukau Police station. They showed that in their footage the other night with me walking up for a 0900 meeting with Police. The case wasn’t on the court docket, and Police told me after the Mediaworks crew besieged the station that the only people who knew Rachinger and I were attending the Police station at that time was him and me. And somehow, magically Owen turned up. Bear in mind that when The Nation programme first aired they had already recorded Rachinger’s story and gotten comment from Lynn Prentice at The Standard before ringing me at 2pm on a Friday to see if I would appear the next morning on the show. It was a classic hit job and doorstepping and I wasn’t having a bar of it.

They were clearly there to get me on the evening news.  Police didn’t like that at all.  They could see that Ben had turned up with his media posse in tow ready to turn it into a circus.  A private circus just for TV3.

I can assure you there were a lot of upset people when police requested suppression while the case was in front of the court due to the media being there.  I hadn’t expected suppression because I didn’t ask for it, and I am clearly a newsworthy individual. But the Police prosecutor asked and it was granted.


The next day, veiled references started to appear on the Internet about how I was a hypocrite for requesting name suppression, given that I have been a vocal supporter of it being applied too easily and too often.   It doesn’t help that nobody actually told the truth:  I hadn’t requested it.

Screen Shot 2016-02-28 at 6.22.29 PM

Some people were upset enough to break court suppression to “out” me.  I noticed this, and kept a careful record.  Subsequently I decided to really push all name suppression stories in the media and claim energetically how wrong that was!  The result was that the same people were outraged and broke suppression again.  And again.  And again.  They just couldn’t respect the police and the court.   All of those instances are with the police, and I understand they are being progressed like any other name suppression offence. Martyn Bradbury, some of his commenters, Lynn Prentice, Peter George and his commenters and many others broke suppression orders. All screenshots were grabbed and a police complaint laid.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.47.17 PM

But back to Mediaworks.  The Nation Producer Tim Watkin also joined the crowd of people breaking suppression on this case.  Whatever it takes to put pressure on the court. Worse still Professor Andrew Geddis, a law professor at Otago University and a champion on the Bill of Rights jumped right in and breached suppression orders too. It will be somewhat hard for Andrew Geddis to claim he didn’t breach suppression orders when he breached them on a post of the producer of The Nation’s website and he is a professor of law. Not only that, someone guessed the breach in the comments, which was then edited. This evidence was presented in court to the judge and also added to my Police complaint.

Pundit breach

Commenter at The Pundit guesses after comments by Prof. Andrew Geddis of Otago university

The next court appearance was to discuss if I should keep name suppression.  I had decided that since The Nation were so keen on breaking the law, helping Ben, and generally not acting like impartial media, I would make them work for it.  Not only would this cost them money, but it wasted their time.  I really never expected to succeed, and set about planning a set of articles once suppression came off.  You’ve seen them this week.

So we’re in court, the media are there, including Lisa Owen, and I bring up the topic of producer Tim Watkins breaching suppression as part of my submission that I’ve been hounded by law-breaking media.  The judge was not pleased when he saw the evidence.  He stated that he thought it was a clear breach of suppression orders. Evidence which was still on the Internet at the time.

Not long after that, the judge was informed that the web site had been changed while the court session was in progress.  Now keeping in mind that there was nearly blanket suppression on the case, and that journalists and observers are not allowed to transmit from the court room, someone had done so anyway.

The judge was even less pleased and gave the media a bollocking.

At this stage, I thought “oh no, please no, they’re stuffing this up – I might keep suppression now, and I won’t be able to publish my side of the story”.


That day, I watched Ben Rachinger arrive at court no less than five times.   You might wonder how that is possible.  Well, the first time, he turned up like anyone else would.  The next four times he walked up for the benefit of the Mediaworks camera.  Different angles.  Different kinds of walks.  Different facial expressions. All stage managed, all orchestrated by Lisa Owen. Same with Lynn Prentice. He shambled up looking like a Wreck of the Hesperus and engaged in animated discussion prior to court with Lisa Owen. They were all very cosy, including Greg Presland and Keith Ng.

What we were witnessing was happy collusion with political opponents against me. With no pretence of any objectivity from TV3 staff and The Nation. At this point I should state that the Fairfax journalist was the only journalist to engage in conversation. It was no surprise that her article was perhaps one of the most balanced.


Strangely there hasn’t been a peep out of the media since my revelations started appearing. They have studiously and steadfastly ignored them. The problem they have is that they all invested themselves in the stories of Ben Rachinger and treated them as gospel without actually knowing all of the details. They believed him and they went to air and to print with his allegations as though they were fact.

If Rachinger’s stories about me are correct then his others stories also have to be correct. Or it could all be a great big scam designed and perpetrated, mostly by Mediaworks staff, to entrap and obtain a conviction of me using Ben Rachinger.

This has been and remains a set up of disgusting proportions. The evidence is there for everyone to see. But the media have ignored it, because it doesn’t suit their narrative.

Then again I shouldn’t be surprised as most of the players in this sick game were also involved in laundering of my stolen information.

As long as I live I will never give an interview, ever to anyone who works for Mediaworks. My rule only used to apply to John Campbell, but now after I have discovered all of these actions and unethical behaviour from their staff it applies to everyone at Mediaworks…even those who were withheld from Nicky Hager’s Dirty Politics book.

The fact that all of these media and political luminaries played fast and loose with the law because they saw it as another “Get Slater” hit job shows just how sanctimonious they all are.

I trust and hope the Police treat Martyn Bradbury, Lynn Prentice, Andrew Geddis, Tim Watkin, Peter George and others named with evidence in my Police complaint the same way they treated me….with charges and court appearances.

There is plenty more to come in all of this, and many in the media will be now wondering if it was wise to become complicit playthings with Nicky Hager and a criminal hacker whomever that person is.

But remember, if what Ben Rachinger said is true about me, then there is a good chance that what he has said about others is true too. You can’t have it both ways, it’s either true or a big scam, of which I am but its first victim.

I wonder if there are any honest media players out there. I seriously doubt it.






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  • Mrs_R

    Where there is proof that media have ‘knowingly’ reported false information, or have deliberately reported biased, or incomplete information, with the purpose of deceiving the reader, then surely this would be grounds for a complaint to their ruling body. If nothing else the reputations of all those involved will be tarnished from both a public perspective, as well as within their industry.

  • Boondecker

    “Subsequently I decided to really push all name suppression stories in the media and claim energetically how wrong that was!”

    Very clever. Seen it being crowed about loudly around by the usual suspects and by others in expected traps. Even on Facebook. The plot thickens. The media appear to have a lot to answer for. I wonder what if any the ramifications will be here. No doubt they are reading these WO articles with avid interest. Can’t wait for the knives to come out because the subject of ethical professional NZ journalism or lack thereof will be a whole story in itself.

    By the by, but none the less Interesting, the Yanks (CIA) utilised a similar deliberate subterfuge (a real “false flag” story) regards the hunt for Osama Bin Laden by disseminating through media outlets he had a terminal lung illness in order to out lying informers. Worked an absolute treat apparently, to the point some people still believe it true today.

  • Dave

    I suspect MediaWorks journalists, Owen, Watkins etc are in a heap of trouble, having breached court protocol and had someone transmitting info direct from the court. It’s beyond suppression, it’s a total disrespect of the court. I hope they get done like a dogs dinner. Perhaps the judg could ban TV3 / MediaWorks from covering court sessions.

    • With all the stories about Mediaworks of late, don’t you get the feeling the inmates are running the asylum?

      • Dave

        absolutely, I have ZERO repect for MediaWonks. One has to question their motivation to “get Cam”. I always look to follow the money and misery trail they have laid out, who, what, where and when. I understand they might be waging a war, but why, does this mean there is some more info on them, so they are trying to silence WO?

  • Jerseyman

    Can’t wait for the procession of journos through the court as the supression cases are heard. I wonder how the court reporters will handle those cases?

    • Aucky

      I guess Mediaworks won’t want to report them and it will be interesting to see if NZME and TV One can get over their anathema of Whaleoil in order to dance on Mediawork’s grave.

  • localnews

    I struggle to get my head around media works . They are clearly struggling for market share, I think the story last week was their news department lost $15m, they are revamping tv4 to make it more commercial but they won’t fix the news department. I can understand that the individual journalists could all be leftys, but where is the control from the top. Who is sitting on their board making the decisions? All you have to do is look at Mike Hosking. It is pretty simple to work out that the majority of the public are not rabid leftys, why not pitch some programmes at the biggest share of the market. Someone on their board is signing off on the strategy, they must be nuts.

    • Rex Widerstrom

      Scandal, conflict, gossip, a disregard for the truth, a complete lack of any morality and a whiff of sexual dalliance… it sounds like the ingredients for a Julie Christie production to me.

    • Dave

      “why not pitch some program’s at the biggest share of the market” Therein-lies the entire issue at TV3 / MediaWonks. Weldon was breaking the “Pimping the Poor / Socialist agendas and culture at Mediaworks, and the team from Socialist John down detested it, they all rallied against Weldon and the change agents. This meant Weldon HAD to make change by force, and closure alone. Campbell Live became Campbell Dead after the contract issue, and Campbell rejected the offer of a smaller salary, and editorial control of his stories and activities, meaning he couldn’t run the Labour / Green hit pieces, or the Get John Key agendas. I could go on, but you get the picture. Until someone takes to TV3 with a massive fire hose, and removes the “personalities”, the media luvvies and “STARS” there will be NO real news.

      • localnews

        they have shareholders, if they cant make a profit they shouldnt be doing it. There is no need for them to do news, TV1 do it. Split into two businesses, and close one. Dont they have an accountant?

        • Dave

          Agree, but its not an accountants role, that is a strategists and CEO’s role, and it would appear, their Strategist came from the Labour or Green party, hence Weldon having to sort it out. Only one man for the Job now, Rob Fyfe.

  • cows4me

    Just for the above mentioned.

  • kiwinev

    Be very friendly to the Media smile all the time at them. Record all conversations with them. Front the cameras outside the courthouse give them a friendly “No Comment” apologise and say you cant stop and walk away.
    Try this on motorists who abuse you and watch the fun as you laugh at them.

  • Kitschinsync

    Yesterdays posts on Ben offered some intriguing breadcrumbs that sent me down the rabbit hole, what I found online was staggering and has given me a whole new perspective on our media, politicians and police.

    This Ben Rach story is compelling. There is no doubt Cam has done things no one should be proud of but the evidence of orchestrated attacks on the truth and media manipulation is truly filthy politics.

    For those who are not paying attention to this story, you need to!!. But be warned, once down the rabbit hole its not so easy to get out.

    • Jdogg

      I wonder if we went down the same hole, I followed a few leads yesterday there is so much to find.
      I’m so shocked I can’t even eloquently express a comment on the whole thing. I do know that even though I was reaching the point anyway based on personal experience of media manipulation and observation – all credibility and respect for all media involved has been completely and utterly lost, I am so beyond disgusted, this is atrocious!!!!
      There better be one helluva shake up when the court cases are done.

      • Kitschinsync

        Yep, and I thought up until then I had a fair grasp on what goes on behind the scenes.

        Can’t see much of a shake up happening though, they are all fighting to retain a perception of being decent people and I cannot see joe public ever getting the truth.

        • Jdogg

          Sadly I think you’re right, only have to listen to people, or read comments elsewhere who get their opinions from certain narratives to know.
          Must be a powerful feeling to be able to manipulate people so thoroughly knowing most won’t look any further.

    • Woody

      I also ducked down that rabbit hole, not at all nice down there but a real eye opener as to the machinations behind some of what the general public are fed as fact.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Yes I always love the apology of “I regret any offence (or whatever) my statement caused” which is NOT an apology for making the statement in my view.
    But for me for an apology to mean anything it should come without being told you have to, it is something the person feels in their soul to be the right thing to do and gives without bidding.

  • spanishbride

    Given the current MSM wide blackout on all this since WO started the pushback I went over to the MediaWorks twitter page to see if they had tweeted anything. I was dumbfounded to discover that their last tweet was December 2015!

    • I’m sure Ben can fix that form them.

      • Dave

        Ben could fix it for them, or is more likely to fix it for him, something to use against others at some point in the future.

  • The point which may be lost is that you can’t tell what’s true and what isn’t, but that doesn’t stop people like Mediaworks picking the bits that suit them and then work their magic around it.

  • sheppy

    What an incredible story this is turning out to be. What’s the bet all those that broke or who are breaking name suppression given that they are lefties get away scott free?

  • OT Richter

    So why was Greg Presland there, and how did he know about the court appearance?

    • Seriously?

      I’m not sure if the judgment on the suppression issue is public, but I saw a copy last night when I got engrossed in the internet wormhole on this topic. There was nothing untoward in him being there or knowing it was on.