Best evidence yet that Palino is doing something right

He’s managed to piss of the PSA.

The Public Service Association is urging Aucklanders not to let their mayoralty election become a race to the bottom – as another candidate pledges to cut costs and jobs.

John Palino’s election manifesto promises to cut rates by 10 per cent – and a “sinking lid” on staff numbers at the council.

Mr Palino claims these savings will amount to around $150 million a year, and will be paid for through “efficiencies” without cuts to services.

The PSA’s National Secretary Glenn Barclay says Mr Palino’s promises don’t add up.

“Auckland is our biggest city and it’s growing all the time.

“We cannot see how Mr Palino can deliver these so-called efficiencies without the quality of services deteriorating substantially.

Perhaps they should read his book and open their blinkered self-serving eyes.

“He’s the second mayoral candidate to promise cuts, and the PSA’s concerned this election will leave Aucklanders with a poorer quality of life.”

Mr Palino’s “sinking lid” policy on staffing would see departing staff not being replaced, and Mr Barclay warns this policy will take a toll.

“In his manifesto, Mr Palino says Auckland is a fantastic place to live, and he wants the council to provide superb services.

“This simply can’t be done without excellent staff both delivering at the front line and offering support in the back office.

“Our members are always looking for efficiencies in their work.

“Headline-grabbing promises of cuts and savings are not what Auckland needs – and we look forward to hearing from candidates who will support the work our members do.”

If you needed a reason to support John Palino the fact that he has pissed off the public service union is an added bonus.




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  • Tiger

    Excuse me Mr Barclay, my life is poorer thanks to the 9.9% rates increase shoved on top of previous above inflation increases. I am yet to see any benefit from this increase in any form whatsoever.

    • BR

      A 9.9% rates increase to pay for a decrease in service.


  • JustanObserver

    If it is a “race to the bottom” he is concerned about, he needn’t worry …
    Little Angry, NZ Horrid, and Hagar the Horrible have the trifecta there.

  • Crowgirl

    A “poorer quality of life” – life would be better without excessive rates gouging and I’d say that will go for the majority of Aucklanders who don’t work at AC. He’s just worried it will hit the union tithes.

    • andrewo

      Many of the services we receive that maintain our quality of life are efficiently delivered because they’re contracted out to private operators. PSA members aren’t collecting your rubbish, fixing your sewer pipes or cutting the grass in the park.
      The whole place needs an operation review to remove the duplications, overbearing regulation and unnecessary complexity of council operations, then trim the head count to suit. When Hyde delivered the amalgamated council he cut 35% off the head count, only to have Len Brown hire them all back as consultants…

  • Anthony

    We had an 18% rise last year, with 10% rises every year for the several years previous. I haven’t worked out this years but don’t expect any relief.
    I haven’t worked out who I will vote for yet, but cutting OTT council numbers as per Palinos book sounds achievable and a much better offering than other candidates.
    However I’m not convinced that a CBD can be split around the city without making traffic worse and intercompany business more difficult.

  • Oletinner

    One weekend recently I counted seven (yes 7) animal control vehicles parked in the Auckland council Orewa service centre car park. It was a Sunday so none of those people were working, so their vehicles were parked up. Surely the whole of Auckland animal control does not operate from Orewa so I can only assume that these vehicles service the Rodney area only. In which case it shows one aspect of the gross over spending of the current council. (It also begs the question of how come animals don’t wander on Sundays). It is about time some-one took an interest in the blatant money wasting of Auckland council.

  • one for the road

    All businesses have to recut their cloth to fit when the going gets tough, that includes reducing costs and esp. The fixed costs like salaries, rent, etc – it is called rationalisation. But not the monoploy council, they just put rates up as cost increase…..
    Any Mayor who has the ability to make significant changes (and that will require the voting power of the elected councillors!) by reducing costs like Palino is offering, plus clean up the bureacracy and leftie approaches is all good in my book… If he can get support for such a mandate, he has my vote.

  • oldmanNZ

    i voted for him last time, and will vote for him again, given the other canidates cannot cook.

  • Keyser Soze

    The fact he’s annoyed the PSA is the only reason I need to vote Palino. That his manifesto is a tome of music to the ears embattled rate payers is the added bonus!

  • Stephen Berry

    The PSA seems to consider employment by the Council as a welfare scheme for their own members.

    The fact that Palino is getting offside with the public sector unions tells me he’s the right man for the job.