“A big fat flop” – Duncan Garner on the Panama Papers

Duncan Garner explains why the Panama Papers were “a big fat flop”.

Are we a tax haven for foreigners? Probably.

If we are allowing some people in other countries to avoid paying tax in their country then that’s a tax haven, isn’t it?

But has the sky fallen in here? Nope.

Even the Government’s arch-enemy, Greens co-leader, James Shaw, says he’s seen nothing illegal. He doesn’t even think we need to scrap foreign trusts.

The Panama Papers have highlighted the scale of the issue but they’ve told us nothing new, yet.

It’s actually been a big, fat flop.

Yes it has been. The biggest name is a dead ponzi scheme operator.

The Government knows exactly what to do as it ignored advice from the IRD two years ago to tighten things up. That was wrong. They are now playing catch-up.

It’s true we are a shelter, a safe haven for some to bury their assets and income in New Zealand away from their home countries. Many of these countries are corrupt and dodgy.

Will some be abusing it? Yes, according to former IRD big-wig, Robin Oliver. Is that illegal? No. Morally wrong? It feels like it, doesn’t it? A rule for the rich while we pay every last cent to the IRD.

But all this was highlighted in 2012 in a good investigative story by 60 Minutes. The Government looked the other way then. It can’t now. Peter Dunne knew the issue then — it’s disingenuous for him to suggest he wasn’t aware of the issue.

Peter Dunne is a dead set useless, grandstanding cockerel. Time a decent candidate challenged him.

I don’t think our reputation suffers greatly. Our tax system is actually bloody good and genuinely robust, and I doubt we’ll lose a single tourist or any foreign investment as a result.

Labour set this regime up and National has allowed it to blossom, without a decent review and a few changes. That will now change.

In that sense the Panama Papers have been successful. But where’s the smoking gun? Is this it?

It’s not keeping me awake at night. I worry more about how many kids we kill in New Zealand due to our dire record on child violence and domestic abuse.

Thirteen children were killed last year. I wish our politicians would show as much interest in that — but the solution is so much harder than a changing a bit of tax law for the rich and famous.

The Panama Papers are a typical lefty/Nicky Hager bullshit exercise. The Media party have disgraced themselves.


– Newshub

Read more: http://www.newshub.co.nz/opinion/opinion-panama-papers-a-flop-2016051008#ixzz48DYRAuE6


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  • oldmanNZ

    this was was the first flop by the group.
    Can we assume or at least the media understand, that we no longer take these people who use stolen property and attemp to make some sort of beat up stories about John Key, as serious people.
    Can the media understand we don’t care or even want to know what Hager has to say.
    Its like listening to a serial burglar excuse for being in your house.
    Its like listening to kDC why he was the victim.
    its like listening to a greenie that we should take public transport, while the only public transport they use is the airplane.

  • Tony Norriss

    The media don’t seem to understand that the moment they link themselves to that left-wing, conspiracy fantasist, Hagar, their credibility drops to zero.

  • R&BAvenger

    A big fat flop – Garner could be describing himself. His is obviously in the lefty camp. There may be some tightening of rules required, we comply with OECD requirements, as per the last audit by them here. The government is investigating and will atke action if required.
    Perhaps Garner should read more widely to get to know about the whole issue instead of going down the ‘there has been nothing illegal found but it’s morally wrong, route.

  • Cadwallader

    The truth is; Garner is a reed in the wind and flip flops between the hard left wing and the more centrist position of being a sufferer of KDS. If the winds change direction he’ll be describing the vile Hager as a social warrior within moments. Garner irritates the hell out of me and always did when he used to report from the House with his red tie flashing.

  • Wheninrome

    He is absolutely right on one thing, the violence toward some of the children in NZ. Now if Nicky Hager wanted to do some real investigative journalism he would start with that, an EXPOSE the truth behind the violence to children, who, what, where and why would be good starting questions.

    • niggly

      Good idea but I can see the outcome if Hager was involved – he will blame poverty on both colonisation and “neo-liberal economic policies” and link it all back to National, John Key, bloggers/journos that don’t automatically subscribe to victim mentality etc!

      • Wheninrome

        Yes, he probably couldn’t help himself, would try and rely on some sort of a conspiracy theory.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Dare I say a half arsed attempt from Garner to garner some credibility beyond the Red horizon. Sorry kid your creds are too entrenched to swing after swaying with the Mud Mob for too long.