Is Trump the Racist the left make him out to be?

I have a close friend who really dislikes Trump and likes Hillary Clinton. She thinks Trump is terrible and compares aspects of his campaign to Hitler’s methods. Even my parents who usually agree with me politically, dislike Trump. Have they all been influenced by a slick smear campaign by the Media and the left or is he really anti women, anti Mexicans and the racist white supremacist that they say he is?

Is it possible that he is actually anti crime and anti illegal immigration and that has been framed as racism? Does a desire to stop Islamic immigration temporarily while the world is currently at war with Islamic extremism mean that he is anti-Islam or does it mean that he wants to protect America from a very clear and present danger?


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  • LovetoTeach

    For me, it’s more about “how” he communicates…although I’m not a fan of what he’s communicating either. The way he talks to and about people is vile- if you’re any good, you shouldn’t need to talk trash the way he does.

    It’s the same behaviour I detest from the Labour party.

    • Usaywot

      I agree with your remarks. I worded my comment badly a few days ago and got jumped on by WO Trump supporters. You are exactly right…the way he communicates is bullying and vile. Whatever a person’s persuasion, I would not vote for anyone who used his style of communication. Let me make it clear, I am no fan of Clinton.

      • Uncle Bully

        Are you saying that if you had the opportunity, you would vote for Clinton over Trump as the least unpalatable option?

    • phronesis

      So he’s loud and crass, or in other words, an American.

  • waldopepper

    he is promoting a common sense approach, but the left is the sworn enemy of common sense. i have several friends who have made the typical anti trump jibes. when i have called them on it, and said what has he said or done that is actually so bad, they cant name a single thing, and in the end concede that they are simply regurgitation the msm mantra that they hear on radio and tv. i do not understand why people will not think for themselves.

  • symgardiner

    Really what people think about Trump is irrelevant. There will always be negatives for him. The issue is really how negative do people feel about Hilliary. The FBI investigations and the stories about Bill’s activities (and Hilliary’s attacks on those women) could drive her negatives to below Trumps.

  • JEL51

    People are easily fooled by the camouflage that comes with good manners, political correctness and those who have manipulative thought-processes. They fail to see the substance of the personality beneath the facade. The MSM don’t have any idea how to cope with straight-to-the-point thinkers, so have painted him as vile, vague with answers, lacking empathy etc.,.
    I too was unsure as to how best to read Trump so went searching other angles. Firstly, no better way of judging than watching the interaction of family members. We of that blood-line don’t waste life hanging around family if there is no warmth there. His kids, although somewhat gorky at first, are right behind him.
    Secondly, having heard Leighton’s interview some time ago, then read his biography, l listened to Ben Carson. Much to be gained listening from one self-made individual who has nothing to be gained from his relationship with Trump .
    The MSM will continue to rubbish Trump as he is has more on his mind than to be out to make friends. He has to stand-up to the Left ideology which has permeated every crevice of our societies. I hope he will take-down the UN while he is on the job.

  • RightofSingapore

    Trump has employed many Female executives and wants to stop ILLEGAL immigrants from coming in and bringing drugs and crime, He is not against LEGAL immigration. Saying “thats racist” is not an argument, “thats sexist” is not an argument, “thats offensive” is not an argument. The Left can’t come up with anything intelligent to stop Trump so its all fear and abuse.

  • one for the road

    I think he a very street wise savy individual who has used his style to drive a knife though the heart of the republicans, to finally show them up for what the politcial system has become in US, as a result he has come out on top of that race… Sure he has said some things to turn certain groups off, but all politicians / contesters do that. The million $ question is whether he can/is able to reinvent himself and move closer to the centre, continuing with the same mandate and beliefs albeit more waterd down to win back some of the centre right voters….. Athe end of it all he wants to put Americafirst… Including protecting it.
    Even Hillary has marginalised herself with a number of voters, it could be a very close and exciting Presidential election.. 50/50..Cannt wait for the fun to begin!!

  • Ravan

    Isn’t the ‘Trump card’ the last ‘Players’ put up when you want to win the game—for once and for all–leaving the losers reeling?

    • Uncle Bully

      or it’s the one you lead with to flush out all the lesser pretenders….

  • cows4me

    Much of the criticism of Trump is nothing more than unbridled fear, the left are filling their pants because many are coming to the realization their politically correct nonsense and freeloading is in serious danger of getting the chop. Trump isn’t perfect but he will be many times better than the diseased administration that has governed the US for the last eight years. As for old cankles she belongs in the big house not the white house, there is some serious delusion out there if people believe she is fit to run a country, she’s as bent as a post staple.

  • JLS

    Check out his National Campaign Spokesperson Katrina Pierson- young, female, half black, … and the most impressive spokesperson I’ve ever seen- sharp as a razor and unflappable. I don’t think it was her sex or race which got her the job- merit would have won it and extremely well deserved. Now tell me Trump hates women or non whites.

  • MoggieManiac

    I came across this video yesterday. I found it very interesting to hear what Trump had to say loooong before he became a presidential contender.

    • Builder

      He looks a lot more presidential when he was younger.

  • Builder

    I bet Obama is livid at the thought of Trump coming in and undoing all his work, pulling apart Obama’s legacy.

    If Trump does become POTUS, I believe he will act fast to bring in the best people to advise him and get things done. Building the wall and other promised infrastructure projects, plus having a balanced trade policy could create a lot of employment for Americans. It could be the start of a very prosperous time in American history.