Black Lives Matter activist calls Black woman a White supremacist

The world has gone mad. Labels are flying around like missiles. I have been called white trash on other blogs as well as Islamophobic and racist and my posts have been called hate speech. Now at a Milo Yiannopoulos presentation at DePaul University, a black woman has been called a White supremacist by a Black Lives Matter activist.

Do they even realise how stupid they sound? Surely you need to be white to be a white supremacist or is this the new way of calling a black person an Uncle Tom? How about addressing the issues instead of assaulting people with ridiculous labels? I have watched many of Milo’s presentations at different universities and the left’s inability to actually debate him on his ideas is glaringly obvious. The protesters and activists yell, scream and disrupt. They do all they can to prevent others from hearing Milo’s point of view. It is appalling. Universities used to be all about the exchange of ideas and debate. Milo’s tour has highlighted how resistant to free speech they actually are.

After Yiannopoulos invited the student on stage so that she could address the protesters directly, she identified herself as Kati Danforth, a math major at DePaul University, who also serves on the board of the DePaul College Republicans.

For contradicting the efforts of the Black Lives Matter protesters, one of the protesters called Danforth a white supremacist when she took the stage. “I am a white supremacist now because I believe in hard work and deciding that I need to make a life for myself – that makes me a racist, a bigot, and a white supremacist.”

She told the protesters that their actions were disrespectful. “You’re being lazy and disrespectful. I’m pretty sure your parents didn’t raise you to be disrespectful.”

“The College Republicans and a lot of conservative organizations paid for this event to happen. This event isn’t happening because you’ve chosen to be disrespectful.

“I know who I am, I am Kati Danforth, a math major and a junior at DePaul University and I am working my a** off to become somebody.”

After she left the stage, Yiannopoulos praised Danforth and condemned the protesters. “This lady turns up, she’s speaking on behalf of speaking and hard work, and (protesters) call her a white supremacist. If there is anyone perpetuating stereotypes about Blacks, it’s the (protesters).”

The video below is the worst response to one of Milo’s presentations at a University that I have seen so far. Most at least after a lot of disruption allow him to get through at least some of his talk but in this case he was totally shut down. What is most astounding is that the students who organised it, had the University management demand at least a thousand dollars for extra security at the last minute.

Milo’s organisation donated a thousand dollars towards security so that the talk could go ahead. However when activists prevented the talk from going ahead and one activist on stage threatened to hit Milo, the security refused to remove any of them. The students and Milo had paid for the security but it was obvious that the University security staff had been instructed by University management to do nothing to protect Milo or the students.The security just stood there watching as the activists closed the presentation down.

According to the article, Chicago police “wanted to do their job” but were instructed by campus administrators to “stand passively and watch.”

If you want to see an example of a Milo presentation where he was allowed to speak, this is a really good one. The presentation opens with his opinion of modern day feminism.


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  • Observer

    At least since the 60’s Leftists on campus have tried to shutdown people they disagree with. In ‘Hitch 22’ Christopher Hitchens recalls how he joined others at the Oxford Union shut down a member of parliament trying to speak about Vietnam with cries of ‘murderer’. Hitchens, to his credit, admitted it was a “pretty shabby thing to do”.

  • Misfit

    Milo is awesome, Ive spent the whole week listening to his debates and talks on campus, he is fast becoming a super hero for the right and the left just doesnt know what to do with him. Hes talking shortly at another campus and its already kicking off with feminazis protesting.

  • goodwitheu

    God help me if I ever come across a whistle blower in a setting like that.

  • SaggyNaggy

    Yannopoulis is a horrible, disgusting human being, and I don’t care what side he is on, it’s not mine.

    He is one of the reasons people like Trump get popular.

    His gay Republican schtick is lame, and basically a way he can make money. I don’t buy it. One day he will end up where Andrew Sullivan is now, and nobody will care.

    • John

      “Yannopoulis is a horrible, disgusting human being, and I don’t care what side he is on, it’s not mine.”

      Maybe. So why is it, then, that every time it comes down to discussing actual facts (and not his over the top mockery), he is usually the only person who gets the facts right?

      Milo is targeting an irrational cult so vile that even he can walk away looking clean.

    • spanishbride

      I think he is great. He is very clever and knows his stuff. He refuses to be put into a political box because of his sexuality. He is outrageous as a way to use humour to get his points across effectively.He has explained that he fights fire with fire. He says it is pointless using reason on people who attack his arguments with insults and labels so he insults them and labels them. They don’t like it when he treats them the way they treat him. You call him horrible and disgusting. He would say the same about you but in an amusing way.

  • John


    Whoever allies themselves with the truth has my support. Milo speaks the truth.