Brace yourself Angry Andy, Winston is coming for your Missing Million

Voters that is, not dollars.


Photo: Ross Giblin via Fairfax NZ

The “alarming” non-voting levels among young Kiwis must change, Winston Peters says.

The NZ First leader gave a guest lecture to students at Victoria University on Wednesday morning, speaking about the need for youth engagement in politics.

Peters said the “free-market ideology” of recent governments had failed young people, creating “artificial competition” for housing, jobs and places at universities.

“You were born well after the experiment, and it doesn’t look too glorious to me … in fact, I see your generation far worse off than when we went to university, and that’s a fact.

“We could get a job, work hard over the holidays and have enough saved to get all we needed for university for the next year if we worked the May and August holidays.

“Try that now and you know what you’ll run into? A quarter of a million people from offshore with work visas in your country.”

Peters said the number of young people who did not vote was “alarming”, and he encouraged the students to turn out at the next election.

For decades, the percentage of the youth vote, or the non-vote amongst young people, has been concerning.

“There are many young people who say ‘why bother voting, it doesn’t matter’.

“Really? Well, I disagree. Each moment of your life, waking or sleeping, the policies of governments are affecting you, and often adversely so.

“Politics does matter and; if that’s the case, would you not be smart to have your say in what those policies are and the political environment to improve them?”

Thanked by one student for “putting on a show” with Speaker David Carter at Question Time – Peters has been ejected several times in recent months, including on Tuesday – the NZ First leader described Carter’s interactions with him as “an outrage”.

“Unfortunately for him, I wasn’t taking any crap either.”

I can’t wait for the 2017 elections.  The mood Winston is in, it’s going to be better than that abortion of an election hijacked by Kim Dotcom, the Media and Hager.


– Sam Sachdeva, Stuff


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  • Not Clinically Insane

    Funny how Winston omits that back in his day only a select few were even able to attend university.

    • Usaywot

      you’ve hit the nail on the head. Far too many are now going to university when many of them should be going into trades. They’d end up far better off.

      • Woody

        And what’s more, the country would also be better off having productive people rather than qualified experts on nothing.

  • RightofSingapore

    Perhaps Veteran narcissistic rabble rousing xenophobe Winston Peters can address the missing 158000 before he goes after the missing million?

  • Dog Breath

    I would not write off Nicky Hagar to have another go at influencing the election outcome and make money in the process.

  • Toby

    I wouldn’t mind betting that before the next election, Winston is crowned the leader of the opposition.