Budget magic the Labour way

The problem with socialists is that they think that money is delivered by fairies by magic.

Kind of like the magic beer in Grant Robertson’s beer bottle.

It’s a Brilliant. Effing. Idea.  

Robbo’s beer bottle in this video is half drained at the half way stage and then magically refills itself by the end.

Here he is at 15 seconds:


Then at 29 seconds:


Then at 34 seconds:


If he can do that for my beer too, I’m definitely voting for that!!!

But seriously, if Labour thinks this was a good idea then they are drop kicks. A couple of dry as week old toast sitting around pretending to drink beer and jaw over the budget is just pathetic.

Then they make it worse by failing on continuity.

And who the hell did their scripting? This is amateur hour stuff.

I hope they didn’t pay for that disaster.


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  • jcpry

    They don’t really like each that much do they.If this was the best bits of an informative chat between colleagues I would hate to see the stuff that didn’t make the finished release. BTW changing the hand with which you drink the beer is an instant skol.

    • metalnwood

      It looked like an awkward sip of beer, was better left out to not look stupid.

    • niggly

      What, was there a message? Were they talking about something important?

      Heh I think the message (whatever it was) got diluted by viewers being distracted by them “sipping” on beer! Oops another fail!

  • Quinton Hogg

    The other thing is that after a hard day heckling in parliament your would think that the ties would be loosened or gone completely and the top buttons undone.
    The scene is staged and amateurish.
    Which sums up labour really

  • Sailor Sam

    And having the beer is obviously a staged act, as AA does not have a little drink at all.
    And working man, middle NZ drinks Speights, not some poofy craft beer.

  • yoyoyo

    why is Robbo facing camera and Angry facing away…. subtle stitch up?

    who drinks on the job. in my industry you get fired for that…. very amateurish

    • STAG

      I have to have a blood alcohol of <100mrgrs at all times while on the clock, a single bottle (as if I would at work!!!) puts me in line for a very short notice period and a new career. Why does Angry think it's OK to drink at work? He's clearly at work after all.

      I hope I didn't buy that beer!

      Good middle NZ beer that too, no main stream DB Draught or Lion Red for the most equal animals.

      • yoyoyo

        at least it wasn’t Chardonnay

      • yoyoyo

        lets not even think of the new Health and Safety laws now in effect.. I am sure this is a blatant breach in the workplace.

      • WBC

        Four legs good, two legs better.

    • metalnwood

      Andy gets 6 seconds looking at the camera, very strange to have him the ‘supporting actor’ in this.

      • niggly

        Ah that Robbo, he’s got one over Andy without Andy realising … again!

        • metalnwood

          Even with him in it, best supporting actor still goes to the beer.

          • niggly

            Talking about best supporting actors, if Labour roll Andy and replace him as leader with a bottle of beer …. their popularity will increase!

  • Boondecker

    I would suggest that the way these guys are talking they actually consider Robbo’s bottle more as ‘half empty’… (when it wasn’t refilled in between takes, of course).

  • Painful. Just painful. Another failed attempt to get to middle New Zealand and the missing million. “Magical” Craft Beer and stuffy suits isn’t what the people want or need at the moment lads.

    When is it appropriate to break out the slow clap as clearly these two couldn’t manage their way out of a wet paper bag let alone manage an economy.

  • niggly

    Labour should do more of these videos, preferably after them downing a couple of bottles of beer so the “real” Andy and Grant come out, which should be more informative (and entertaining) than this staged side show!

    • Boondecker

      Actually, I was thinking of submitting the above video to the Bad Lip Reading guys on YouTube. Some of their stuff is hilarious. This is absolutely ripe for the picking apart.


  • Wayne Hodge

    Excuse me whilst I go and vomit. This is cringe making stuff. Who the hell advises these people. Was this really product placement for the brewery?

    • OneTrack

      Maybe it was fund raising by the party and the brewery paid for it?

  • Keeping Stock

    All that was needed was for Grant’s partner Alf to appear in the background as he did at that infamous pub scene a few years ago when Robertson told the reporter Alf was at home.

    • niggly

      Agreed, a cameo appearance by the effervescent and pleasant smiling Alf would just be the bees-knees to lighten up the mood of the video as portrayed by these two unhappy chappies!

  • Genevieve

    A coversation more suited to a tepid cup of tea.

    • Sailor Sam

      Just like this then?

  • Tony Norriss

    No matter how much the budget had given to heatlh, education etc, the opposition would still be whining that it wasn’t enough.

  • SAM51

    Perhaps Robbo is really a bird and regurgitated his beer back into the bottle?

  • rexabus

    But thank goodness we’ll soon have the opportunity to vote for an ex Union rep and a career political trougher to manage our countries finances

  • Eiselmann

    Two unionist pretending to be relatable to the Middle New Zealand , by sitting in an office wearing shirt and tie , pretending to drink craft beer while talking about the budget as if they were talking about sport.

    All this shows is that these two forgot (if they ever knew) what Middle New Zealand is.

    Do us all a favour guys leave Parliament, don’t drop back into your Union job for life, instead go into the real world get some actual life experience , get a 9 to 5 job on medium wage, do that for say ten years. And then try again you’ll find the video you do after that will likely be a lot more middle New Zealand and less forced and phoney

    • R&BAvenger

      Dude, they wouldn’t survive in the real world.

    • Indeed. I count myself as part of middle New Zealand.
      I co-own our small business with my brother. I live and work outside of Auckland. I don’t earn a huge salary, I have 4 kids.
      I’m sitting in my office, on my third day in a row of working from 8am to after 1am rushing to get a new product to market so our small business can keep going. I’m drinking V and coffee (not craft beer).
      Robbo and Little are like alien entities in my world

  • Disinfectant

    How to clear out the pub.

    All the truckies, shearers and roadworkers have fled.

    Lools like the teachers, civil servants and media have fled the pub as well.

    • edenman

      I wonder if Alf the bus driver managed to stay.

  • rexabus

    Yes, great disappointment though that Bill didn’t issue every citizen in this country with a cheap house. I guess he didn’t have his magic wand with him when he was crunching the numbers

    • Catriona

      Or plant a money tree at the bottom of the garden! Then all their problems would disappear overnight!!!????

      • Dave

        Alas, a Money tree wont work in these times, we don’t have any workers left to harvest the money, and would need to import workers from overseas, as far too many kiwis can hold their hand out for welfare, this has taught them the funds from the money tree magically appear in their bank once a fortnight.

  • Rightsideofthebed

    Angry does get one thing right – right at the end where he says “nothing really changes”

    And it certainly won’t at the next election with this bunch of wannabees at the helm of the opposition.

    Ps. Andy – if you’re going to have a beer as a prop at least have a drink of it. Outmanned by Grant Robertson – you should apologise for that.

  • shykiwibloke

    I thought it was a screen test for a new series of ‘The Office’

  • R&BAvenger

    McCarten was probably behind the camera and wrote the script.

    Compare and contrast with the PM’s brief pre-budget video.


    Amateur hour by Labour doesn’t cut it, neither does pretending you are one of the ‘guys’ by drinking beer during your paltry little effort.

    • Usaywot

      That’s class. Those other two are absolute try hards. Funnily enough I had a meeting at a factory yesterday morning, prior to the budget. I had a cuppa in the staff room and conversation got around to the homeless. There was next to no support for them. The way these blue collar workers saw it was that they themselves had worked darn hard to accommodate their families so why shouldn’t everyone.

  • Isherman

    Magic beer, very good Robbo, now, have you let your coalition partner Metiria in on this trick?, she’s going to want in too…as long as it works with low alcahol cider….cause, you know, selfies.

    • Mick Ie

      Now that explains how they can promise spend so much money if they become the next government! They have a magic money tree planted somewhere…

  • LesleyNZ

    Are they trying to be real Kiwi blokes by drinking beer? They should have been having a cup of tea not promoting alcohol. They could be drunk. Not a good look for the Labour Party. Irresponsible – especially when it was a discussion all about the budget and the spending of our money.

  • Crowgirl

    Maybe Grant needed more than one beer to maintain his figure and get through this policy meeting with Andy L.

    It’s not a magic, refillable beer you’re seeing, it’s self-preservation.

  • Grantavius

    “I hope they didn’t pay for that disaster”.

    I hope that they did, because it would mean that some taxpayer got some money back.

    Pity if it were Matthew “tax-free” McCarten, but still it would mean a bit less money for them to use causing trouble elsewhere.

  • Bob Dazzler

    Yep they wouldn’t have a clue about risk, worry and sweat of actually earning a living.

  • Geordie

    just checked Little’s fb page and the comments following the clip are not that complementary. Not sure his supporters liked the beer drinking either. There is one very weird post about the banking sector, with friends like him giving advice Little won’t need Grant.

  • Warren

    Nice to be able to drink during work time, or is it smoko. Clad they are not driving cranes or using chain saws. They are missing a couple of joints smoldering away in ash trays as well as a bubbling meth lab in the back ground, as that is the type of person this is aimed it.

  • kayaker

    Very downright sad. And very wrong. Drinking alcohol? What were they thinking? Oh wait, they don’t think. Perhaps they’re just trying to get down with their constituents (who probably can’t afford to drink craft ale anyway, just as much as they can’t afford to buy three dozen Bluff oysters and leave them in their 5-star hotel fridge).

    So much wrong here. Alcohol product placement for a start. There’s no connection (with apologies to The Bachelor) between these two. They should just accept they will not get a rose and take the time to say their goodbyes.

    What would those two august Labour leaders, Michael Savage and Norman Kirk, looking down on them think?

    • Jude

      Are they trying to steal the image of John Key having a beer ,with Prince William ?. I think they are so desperately trying to appear to be “likeable”, it is sad!

      • Brian Smaller

        Perhaps this is as close Little will get to a beer with the queen.

        • luke

          If I had been drinking beer, your comment would have had me spluttering it over my keyboard! Well done.

        • Kath Rutherford

          Are you sure about that Brian ? :)

  • KGB

    Thank goodness is was an office time alcochat. After hours would have delivered Robo in cardy, socks and sandals, and Little in a safari suit.

    • niggly

      There’s been many, but that has to be the sledge of the thread so far!

  • Huia

    Very contrived and another silly bit of rhetoric from the Labour party.
    What the heck is going on with them?
    They seem to be getting worse and more unrealistic every day.
    I don’t care if they have a drink after work or not, but for heavens sake stop trying to act like working men by drinking a beer.
    When was the last time either of these bludger’s did a hard days graft (if ever). They syphon it off the taxpayer and are as negative and damaging as they can be. They are the most depressing bunch we have ever had in the Round house.
    They constantly show they do care not one smidgen about NZ, its economy or its people, all they want is the power for themselves and that is it.
    What a couple of losers and so are those people on Little Facebook page who are critical of Labour but will still vote for them because they always have.
    That mentality will be the death of us.

    • STAG

      Un Robbos case, Never.

  • arnietm

    They not even looking at the budget figure, the books are closed.

  • Quinton Hogg

    Having thought about it this video could be a take off of a play named “Waiting for Godot”.
    In case anyone isn’t familiar with the play it is two fellows standing around talking about nothing.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    A rather pathetic, awkward, forced and tedious video from dumb and dumber. Anyone who thinks these two clowns have the answer, well you’d have to be as mad as a mongoose.

    • Gazza

      I note that Peters the real leader of the opposition was not there looking spurious , mind you he would have been at a whisky club

  • Skydog

    Those beers look like the Tuatara brand. Countdown has the 330mls bottles at $20 per six pack. No poverty in the Labour leadership then. Oops, that’s right, someone else will be picking up the tab.

    • Gazza

      Could be monteiths larger

  • DavidW

    The only thing missing is the disclaimer – “No real beer was consumed during the making of this advertisement”

    • OneTrack

      What about Chardonnay, which was probably what was actually in the bottles?

  • Nige.

    So Andrew (the guy with the knife in his back) and grant (the guy holding the knife. Don’t tell me I’m the only one who can see it) are now not only failed politicians but are also self appointed political commentators.

    The negativity and nastiness will be here on the internet for years to come. They shoot themselves in one foot whist chewing on their other

  • CheesyEarWax

    They are in suit and ties discussing very important issues facing the country while drinking beer, like who does that? In the short 1.33 min clip, Robbo drank three times, its very distracting and he doesn’t come across as being serious. Very amateur stuff, not fit to run the country.

  • David

    Both bozos appear to be intoxicated. Not a good look.

    • Gazza

      Little opening his mouth is not a good look :)

  • Brad

    The beers are a desperate attempt to appear relatable to working/middle-class New Zealanders. Too bad we have nothing in common Grant and Andy…

    • Gazza

      They are so desperate to look normal they have a beer , they have commented before about Key having a beer at the barbi , and being jealous of his every day average person look , why do these stooges have to work so hard to look normal every day people , just sayin

    • Santa Fe fan

      Should be Lion Red then surely! Your ‘working man’ doesn’t indulge in Tuatara Pilsner.

    • Nige.

      It’s pretty see through isn’t it. I don’t think they should be promoting anger drinking for losers either.

      • KGB

        Reminds me of that ad “That’s enough beersies for you mate.”

  • RightyTighty LeftyLoosey

    Most companies have done away with end of week drinks because of all the OSH regulations. These two aren’t setting a very good example drinking in the office.

  • Isherman

    In Andrew Little’s diatribe after the budget yesterday, his closing line was “Labour is ready to serve”…now I know what he meant, he was talking about the craft beer in the office fridge, because that’s about the only ‘serving’ he and his dysfunctional little band of fairy spotters are likely to be involved in.

  • Gazza

    LOL I note that Robbo , has his hands clasped nearly the whole time , is that to show Angry he hasn’t got the knife in his hand , HAHA
    , Obviously Little and Robbo were not listening , the money put into these areas of health and education are targeted funding , its for results not just chucking money at a problem that does nothing , are they to stupid not to see improvements by targeting , the fools want money thrown at education so their union lackeys can trough off it , that’s why the money is targeted

  • kayaker

    Earlier today I received Labour’s post-budget email in which they’re banging on about “health cuts in your area”. In the body of the email there’s a snazzy tool you can use to find out what cuts there have been in your area…

    (to quote from the email)…
    “But through the government’s spin, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly how much your local services have been affected.
    That’s why we’ve created a tool to let you see how much National’s cuts have affected health services in your local area.
    (Name) click below to use our new tool:

    …I duly clicked, entered my Auckland address which automatically populated the address field, then got this… (pic) Another Giant Fail brought to you by Labour. So funny.

  • zotaccore

    So Cardigan Man and the Union Thug sit down to try and solve the problems in a casual manner sipping away on bevvies. I used up about 1 minute of my life I won’t get back again listening to it and I suspect the same would have happened to the missing million voters from the last election. I wonder who the architect was behind this galactically stupid idea – MccccCarten?

    • kayaker

      They also did an out takes video (that’s another minute of your life you won’t get back), but there seems to be a female voice in the room. Could be the departing press secretary presiding over another gaffe.

  • Vutekno

    I ignored this earlier today only deciding to watch it now. I sincerely wish i hadn’t, I felt truly embarrassed for both of them. Who ever thought this up either has absolutely no idea or was a mole for the NZF Party.

    The beer idea was shocking and the lack of care with beer levels was slovenly. The pink petal came across as a boozer and Angry boy a wowser who was not going to drink the filthy stuff.

    Don’t recall a word they said either. This weeks Fail!
    Edit :sp

  • Dumrse

    Where is the third person ? I heard they hang around in threes, one can read, one can write and the other one likes hanging around with intellectuals. Who should it be?

  • Curly1952

    Are they auditioning for Ringling Bros Circus?

  • WBC

    At least at the end Little actually agreed with the National Party about what sort of budget it is, and what they have been telling everybody it will be.

    I guess he’ll be voting for National then.

    • Gazza

      Look little is silly enough to tick the wrong box

  • Second time around

    Andy says the solution to the housing crisis is to build new homes (a welcome change from singling out the Chinese, although that is probably still Labour policy too). Robertson agrees but also wants to ensure that ALL housing stock is dry and warm, a big, big step beyond what Andy will promise. It does sound like turning water into wine, or as Grant demonstrates, beery breath and spittle into beer.