Bugger me with a wire brush: TPP doesn’t breach Treaty – Waitangi Tribunal

Well lookee here, that’s another TPPA myth busted:

The Waitangi Tribunal have ruled the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has not breached Treaty obligations.

However, the report raised a number of concerns, such as misjudging Maori interests and a lack of transparency on Maori advice.

New Zealand is one of 12 countries party to the free trade deal, which the Government claims will benefit the country by $2.7 billion a year by 2030.

The Treaty of Waitangi clause in the agreement should “provide a reasonable degree of protection to Maori interests”, the Tribunal said.   

Claimants before the Tribunal had concerns the Treaty clause would not protect their rights, and the TPPA gave too much power to foreign investors. The Tribunal heard claims for four days in March.

Fears that investors could sue the Government were not “overstated”, the Tribunal said, and should be subject to further public scrutiny and debate.

The Tribunal also looked at the Crown’s consultation before the TPPA text was completed. It was critical of the process, but made no findings

The report outlined concerns about advice to the Government on Maori interests, for example it was unclear what role Te Puni Kokiri had during negotiation and policy.

A point was made that the TPPA would not end with ratification but would require ongoing compliance with New Zealand laws and policies.

Prime Minister John Key said the report supported the Government’s view that Maori rights were protected: “I think Maori should now embrace TPP.”

That won’t stop the whinging mind. Some people just have to whinge.




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  • metalnwood

    ‘However, the report raised a number of concerns, such as misjudging Maori interests and a lack of transparency on Maori advice.’

    Yet however they might have done that, it didn’t impact Maori and the treaty rights. I guess that judged interests and were transparent enough to get it right. Isn’t that what matters, not the hurty feelings?

    • Ruahine

      Not the pretend and so-called hurty feelings.

  • sheppy

    So no Koha, the elite must be gutted! Time to find another non cause to milk

  • MaryLou

    I think the provision is in there, that Koha must always be considered. No other “indigenous ” people’s have that provision in the agreement. And Key did that all off his own bat.

  • “Lack of transparency on Maori advice.”
    What? They didn’t get enough seats at the trough and consultation fees?
    Does it ever end?

  • Quinton Hogg

    Wonders never cease.
    The Waitangi Tribunal issuing a decision that more or less makes sense.

  • Sailor Sam

    And surprpise, surprise, guess who also commented negatively on this issue?
    No less a person as Hone Harawira.
    He must be gearing up to take on Kelvin Davis next year.

    • Alan Beresford B’Stard

      Yes I heard he’s not going to let the issue lie, but continue the fight, even to the UN if necessary. Still, I suppose he doesn’t have a lot to do these days.

      • Sailor Sam

        When Auntie gets the top job there, she won’t be interested, after alshe endorses the TPPA.

  • George Carter

    Waiting for the apology from the whingers and msm, waiting, waiting….oh never mind!

  • Graeme

    Perhaps we will see some praise for Key a d the TPP now, for a change.

    • SAM51

      Dont hold your breath

  • Oh Please

    I see it but I don’t believe it. SURELY there was a taniwha that needed removing?

  • axeman

    So if Maori want an opportunity to improve their lot for their people and move ahead as one then get on board and support this

  • Woody

    They talked to Maori (a quote from the radio just now). I have to wonder did they talk to other ethnic groups including those disgusting white males? Nope. Thought not.

  • lyall

    Whats the difference between Maori interests and Nz interests and why would advice issued to them be more or less transparent from one to the other?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    What a setback. No payola for the early Polynesian settlers.

  • taxpayer

    Of course Hone Hawaria has had something to say about this.
    After all he is a champion of all things Maori, a protector of Maori rights, a leader and a man with Mana, Mana is so important to him he used it as the name for his political party.
    So any minute now I will be expecting him to come out swinging about the Feral sub human scum who MURDERED Moko Rangitoheriri getting away with manslaughter.
    How child killing is a scourge on Maori society, how it won’t be tolerated anymore.
    He will be protesting in the street with the other great Maori leaders and demanding that no plea bargains ever be allowed for such disgusting crimes, and that the guilty scum should be subjected to Marae justice which includes being put in a hangi pit for good.
    Whoops, no gravy attached to that particular train so it’s deafening silence from him and the rest, as usual.