Calling your boss a rat probably won’t work in your pay negotiations

Unions are scumbags, and bully boys. They’ve taken to blockading shops, and picketing and now calling bosses rats.

You have to wonder why they want to work in a place where they consider their boss is a rat.

First Union members have picketed Porirua Pak ‘n Save, calling for pay parity with other supermarket workers.

A line of about 25 picketers stood on Parumoana St outside the store on Saturday beside a giant inflatable rodent, holding a message for owner Ivan Jones to not “be a rat”.

Organiser Richie Morris said union staff took the action after about three weeks of collective negotiation with management.

He said the average wage for staff at Porirua was $16.20, negotiated in 2014 by the union, and the offer from management would see it rise to $16.52 at the end of the proposed two year contract.

Morris said after the two years, staff would still be paid less than current rates for other union Pak ‘n Save staff at the likes of Kilbirnie’s store. He said members at Kilbirnie Pak ‘n Save were on about $17 an hour.   

“They’re just not coming up with a realistic offer for wages.”

Porirua Pak ‘n Save general manager Garrod Brader said the store was engaged in a good faith bargaining process with the union.

“I am unwilling to carry out this process in the public arena as I do not believe it fits with the good faith process.”

The giant inflatable rat was used by union members in a 2014 picket over the last collective negotiations.

It’s a shame the union can’t negotiate in good faith. If I was the boss I’d call off the negotiations. It is just emotional and physical blackmail hidden under the guise of union negotiations.

No union ever added any value to a business. Generally where unions are in place and start flexing their muscles the business suffers decline.

But I wouldn’t have thought abusing your boss and calling him a rat would have been a successful negotiating ploy.


– Fairfax


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  • Sideshow11

    That’s why they wanted little to run labour , he uses the same words about everything they oppose

    • STAG

      I’m waiting for Labour/ Little to bring said giant inflatable rat into the debating chamber, It’s surely got to top Shearers Snapper as a death nell on his “leadership”

  • ex-JAFA

    If the staff at another shop are getting paid more than they’re being offered where they are, why don’t they go to work at the better-paying shop? Perhaps the other shop doesn’t think those people are worth the higher wages they pay?

  • Rick H

    That article does not compare the wages fairly.
    First shop has a stated “average” wage of 16.20.
    Second shop states that “members” are on “about” 17.00
    That shows that some at the first shop will be paid over 17.00, and it doesn’t state that “:all” members of the second shop are on 17.00.

    In effect, those statements could actually say both shops pay the exact same rates.

    • Whitey

      It wouldn’t surprise me if both stores do pay the exact same rates. This is just a sly union wedge strategy. If they manage to get higher rates in Porirua the first thing they’ll do is demand higher rates in Kilbirnie.

  • Message to first union. Get organised and set up a supermarket competing with your “rat” boss, then you will be able to pay yourselves what you think you are worth while putting him out of business.

  • Big_Al

    A totally childless approach from the union and as usual using “bully boy” tactics.
    You can see where Angry Andy got his method of operating from.
    Way to go guys (not)

  • Disinfectant

    A long time employee who didnt get her own way one day to have a second holiday in 6 months, lost her cool and stated that I couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery.

    When she resigned a couple of months later she asked for a reference.

    You can work out what didnt happen.

    • exactchange

      You could offer to be a phone referee. It is amazing how little needs to be said when pauses and vagueness are used judicially.

  • JLS

    The two best things which happened in my career were voluntary unionism, which suddenly allowed me to negotiate for what I was worth and encouraged me to advance myself, and deregulation which dissolved the old public service promotion by service length, cleaned out the dead wood, gave us plenty of satisfying work to do (as opposed to make work), and opened up lots of opportunities for advancement due to the huge wave of changes.
    Roger Douglas, Richard Prebble, and co did a truly great service to this country which is evidenced by the plethora of innovative and globally successful products and services we now produce,which we wouldn’t otherwise have done had we remained a tariff protected, subsidised, licensed, union dominated socialist country. A true example of necessity being the mother of invention. Muldoon actually, and unintentionally, did us a big favour. Just a tremendous shame the cup of tea got in the way of completing the job- what a different and really superior country we could have been.