Calling your boss a rat probably won’t work in your pay negotiations

Unions are scumbags, and bully boys. They’ve taken to blockading shops, and picketing and now calling bosses rats.

You have to wonder why they want to work in a place where they consider their boss is a rat.

First Union members have picketed Porirua?Pak ‘n Save, calling for pay parity with other supermarket workers.

A line of about 25 picketers stood on Parumoana St outside the store on Saturday beside a giant inflatable rodent, holding a message for owner Ivan Jones to not “be a rat”.

Organiser?Richie Morris said union staff took the action after about three weeks of collective negotiation with management.

He said the average wage for staff at Porirua was $16.20, negotiated in 2014 by the union, and the offer from management would see it rise to $16.52 at the end of the proposed two year contract.

Morris said after the two years, staff would still be paid less than current rates for?other union?Pak ‘n Save staff at the likes of Kilbirnie’s store.?He said members at Kilbirnie?Pak?’n Save?were on about $17 an?hour. ??

“They’re just not coming up with a realistic offer for wages.”

Porirua?Pak ‘n Save general manager?Garrod?Brader said the store was engaged in a?good faith bargaining process with the union.

“I am unwilling to carry out this process in the public arena as I do not believe it fits with the good faith process.”

The giant inflatable rat was used by union members in a 2014 picket over the last?collective negotiations.

It’s a shame the union can’t negotiate in good faith. If I was the boss I’d call off the negotiations. It is just emotional and physical blackmail hidden under the guise of union negotiations.

No union ever added any value to a business. Generally where unions are in place and start flexing their muscles the business suffers decline.

But I wouldn’t have thought abusing your boss and calling him a rat would have been a successful negotiating ploy.


– Fairfax