Calling out Corbyn over anti-Semitism

As predicted, with revelations of Jerney Corbyn’s own anti-Semitism, there are now calls for Jeremy Corbyn to denounce his ‘friends’, as he calls them, in Hamas and Hezbollah.

Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure to denounce Hamas and Hezbollah ahead of the local elections next week as members of his inner circle were accused of “vilifying” Jews.

The Labour leader, who has previously called the controversial groups “friends” has launched an inquiry into antisemitism after he was forced to suspend MP Naz Shah and former Mayor Ken Livingstone last week.

Mr Corbyn faces growing pressure from his own MPs amid rumours of a coup to remove him from office if the party does badly in the local elections.

Last week the Labour leader claimed his party does not have a problem with antisemitism and today Diane Abbott, a close ally, warned it is a “smear” to say the party has an issue with anti-Jewish remarks.

It came as Len McCluskey, boss of the union Unite, said the anti-Semitism row has been whipped up in a bid to oust Mr Corbyn.

The Israeli ambassador calls out Corbyn.

The remarks prompted Israeli Ambassador Mark Regev to warn people on the left are “deluding themselves” by claiming there is no problem with anti-Semitism.

He also demanded Mr Corbyn denounce Hamas and Hezbollah, which he said are “homophobic, misogynistic and antisemitic” organisations.

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, he said: “You’ve had too many people on the progressive side of politics who have embraced Hamas and Hezbollah.

“Both of them are anti-Semitic organisations, you just have to read Hamas’ charter and it’s like chapters straight out of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

“Yet some progressive politicians have embraced Hamas. Now, I’d ask the following question: if you’re progressive, you’re embracing an organisation which is homophobic, which is misogynistic, which is openly anti-Semitic, what’s progressive about that?”

Mr Regev also challenged Mr Corbyn to visit Israel and start a dialogue with Jewish leaders in a bid to prevent the row over anti-Semitism spreading.

The Labour leader has previously said he called the two groups “friends” because it is important to have conversations with such groups, even if you do not agree with them.

The Ambassador added: “Why can you share a platform with someone who is openly anti-Semitic?

“I have no doubt that part of the left is in denial. They say ‘anti-Semitism, that’s the right, that’s the fascists’. That’s a cop-out. It doesn’t stand up to serious historical examination.”

The ambassador makes good points; ones that NZ Labour might struggle to answer themselves, especially one Mr Philip Goff, the holder of Yasser Arafat’s hand.



-The Telegraph


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  • Isherman

    The below mural, which has obvious connotations, was painted on a wall in that bastion of tolerance and equality of faiths…Tower Hamlets. Its removal has been ordered and even the former mayor Lufthar Rahman, who himself has been linked to extremists supported its removal. But guess who questioned why it should be removed…that’s right…Jeremy Corbyn, and all via his own facebook page, saying to the artist that he was in ‘good company’, and supported it’s remaining on display. Sort of says it all really.

    • William of Norwich

      Ah the old pyramid…i always wondered why the Israeli supreme court put one in its building in Jerusalem …..

      • Isherman

        I’d be happy to enlighten you, however to do so in this thread would be going off topic, so you could either read the book written about the design of this building by the architects themselves (Ram Karmi & Ada Karmi- Melamede) or pose the question in Backchat, though the answer might prove somewhat disappointing, if you were hoping it’s some sort of proof of the Illuminati or other such fantastical conspiracy.

        • William of Norwich

          My comment was merely a counter as to how ridiculous yours was. Expression of art is an “Opinion” whether someone agrees with it or not is also an opinion. But removal of someones opinion crosses the line. I would be happy to debate anything with you – as long as you didn’t use any “Strawman” arguments like the “illuminati” assumption which in its self is quite compelling of your mentioning the Architects yet fail to mention who paid for the building to be built…touche.

          • Isherman

            My point was that the mural depicts cliched and negative stereotypes of Jews, which may well be the artists ‘opinion’, but for a leader of a major political party to suggest there is nothing wrong with that and defend it, I would have thought pretty questionable, when that same party is at pains to point out it doesn’t tolerate such implied bigotry. In a broader sense I can accept your argument re ‘opinion’, because lets face it, that is what the like of Charlie Hebdo and others are doing with Muhammed cartoons etc. As for the ‘Pyramid’..yes, if it had five sides it would simply be a pentoganal pyramid, but a pyramid nontheless. The fact that the Rothschilds paid for the building as a gift to the state I don’t see any issue with, and I wasn’t trying to somehow avoid it for any particular reason.

          • William of Norwich

            Jews have recently said Donald Trump saying “America First” is an anti-Semitic slur

            Where’s the “Stereotype” outrage here?

          • Isherman

            I think the ADL are drawing a pretty long bow there myself, that’s just silly.

      • Deane Jessep

        Photo is doctored. It is not a Pyramid. It has at least 5 sides from the aerial photo.

        I prefer conspiracy theories that use real data, photo’s, etc, they are much more interesting.

        • William of Norwich

          Your wiki link calls it a Pyramid….

  • Really?

    Phil Goff, Auckland’s great hope as mayor.
    Phil’s record:
    – In dependant mayoral candidate (yeah right)
    – Enemy of our armed forces (remember the spitting Geoff – we do)
    – Questionable/objectionable friends (Yasser Arafat)
    – Life long trough-er looking for the next trough
    Auckland, we are doomed.

  • William of Norwich

    Making a spotlight of other countries politics due to the Ethnicity of another country…never ends well history tells us this.

  • Macca

    No one does envy and hate like the left – end of! For them to say they are not anti-Semitic is just utter lies. They continually try to compare the beliefs of the right to those of Hitler when they are in fact polar opposites.

    One could also lump all the ‘pro Palestinians’ in to the same camp as those above who are guilty of anti-Semitism because there sure as hell is no love lost from the Palestinians towards the Israelis and it’s not from the right that all Palestinian support comes from!

    • Wayne Hodge

      You are totally correct. They are corkscrews in their contortions to deny what is self evident to anyone who is not a leftie.

  • pirate vs ninja

    The use of the term anti-semitism sometimes seems to politicize the issue. What these people are doing should be called racism, plain and simple. If you are against anyone purely because of their race or religion, you’re a racist bigot.

    • William of Norwich

      Is holding hands with an anti-Semite make one an anti-Semite too? Please to explain what exactly is the anti-Semitism pointed out in this article i see no actual words only “association” or “racism” for that matter….

      • Eddie

        You’re right. The hand holding had nothing to do with a shared ideology. Goff just bonded with Arafat over a shared passion for locomotives and scarves. The Grand Mufti met with Hitler because they also liked trains and headwear. It had nothing to do with Jews or anything political. Just don’t read any of what any of the people said about their meetings and you can remain in your fantasy world.

        • William of Norwich

          Hitler shook hands with Black athlete Jesse Owens 1936 Jesse Owens anti-Semitic too?

          • Eddie

            Don’t believe all the photoshops you see.

          • William of Norwich


          • Eddie

            Are you trying to say Goff didn’t hold Arafat’s hand?

          • William of Norwich

            I’m saying holding hands, waving, shaking hands – does not deserve any label. I understand the political objective of implying Phil Goff is a rampant anti-Semite on a mission to gas millions of Jews for holding hands…serves a purpose.

            But it’s cheap and gives no credence to the meaning of anti-Semitism and quite frankly does more harm than good.

          • Eddie

            Actions like words have meaning. Goff knew full well that his meeting with Arafat was a snub to Israel and support for terror. He then chose to hold Arafat’s hand and defend his actions when he returned to NZ. Goff is a fellow traveller like Corby is and both are anti-Semites. They might not say they want Jews killed but they befriend those who do.

  • Mick Ie

    Brothers in Arms. Literally. There is no defending the indefensible.