Can Penny Bright explain this?

Penny Bright refuses to pay her rates and has been slammed with $13,000 in court costs.

She maintains she is righteous in her attempts to shirk rates.

But it would appear that not only is she shirking her rates, she may also be subverting the water supply to her property.

Photos obtained by Whaleoil suggest she is bypassing the water meter to her property via a jury-rigged hose system.


The bypass of her water meter appears to have been completed during some pavement work October last year.

Sources say that her partner put a tap in before the concrete went back in. The hose runs down the side of her house.

I don’t know how she can think that she can stand for mayor if she can’t rid her lawn of rusting junk cars (and the associated rats that come with piles of rubbish like that) or pay her rates, and it appears she is also getting free water.

Perhaps she might like to explain this evidence in something other than weasel words and excuses.

Perhaps WaterCare might like to investigate; their rules seem quite specific.

The Auckland Council Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw came into effect on 1 July 2015.

It serves as a legally binding mechanism that enables us to protect our water supply and wastewater network assets, and replaces Auckland’s eight previous water supply and wastewater bylaws, standardising regulation across the region.

The bylaw covers various matters including:

  • Avoiding illegal or inappropriate connection to or disconnection from Watercare’s network
  • Protecting Watercare’s network from damage, misuse and interference
  • Requiring appropriate standards for infrastructure that will be vested as public assets
  • Enabling the restriction of water supply in order to maintain an adequate supply of drinking water in the event of drought or other emergency

The by-law is even more specific and the penalties aren’t cheap:

15 Offences (1)

A person who breaches clause 8, 12, 13 or 14 of this bylaw commits an offence under section 239 of the Act. Explanatory note: As at 1 July 2015 the maximum penalty for a person convicted of the offence of breaching this bylaw is a fine of $20,000 per offence.

I really hope Penny Bright has permits for her connection…otherwise she is on the hook for unpaid water bills and potential fines for an unauthorised connection.


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  • Spiker

    Hmm.. looks like it’s been hooked up awhile. Here’s Google Streetview from 2012. Would have thought someone from WaterCare would have spotted that little red hose by now..

    • stephen2d

      Don’t give her any ammo, hide her address even though everyone in Auckland knows it.

      • Spiker

        The address is clearly in the original post.

      • She hadd David Fisher around to her house to video, she also authorises all her election material

      • Jax Taylor

        Too late . You people never learn do you

  • Usaywot

    She’ll just refuse to pay any fine and, it seems, will get away with it. Why in heaven’s name hasn’t something been done about this woman before now. It’s infuriating for us law abiding rate payers.

    • Grizz30

      You can cut her hose.

    • Kevin

      No doubt she’ll demand that Watercare be independently audited before she pays any fines.

  • Davo42

    Where are the howls of outrage over this person not paying their fair share for water from Tamati Coffee and Duncan Garner?

    • pisces8284

      and Jack Tame

    • Left Right Out

      Unless Penny has anything to do with JK nobody in the MSM or left cares

  • symgardiner

    Really need to see what side of the meter the tape is plumbed in. Is it before or after the meter.

  • Grizz30

    Is Penny in number 86 or 86a. All the pictures of her house I have seen look like the property in 86 School Road. If you google map her house all the rusting cars occupy the driveway of 86a. To my astonishment the Google Earth car went past on rubbish day. The silly council are still collecting. Not an old picture as the hose was there for all to see.

    • Jax

      In her Authorised by Penny Bright electioneering stuff it says 86A – interesting though as I had seen her with pictures on the road etc which gave the clear impression it was the other house.

  • Brent

    Need to see the duel Check system at Gate. If she is hooked pre-Check it’s a bigger problem than just stealing.

    • Wasapilot

      Backflow issues Brent. I would hate to have her water mixed with mine if the fire hydrants are used or the main breaks.

      People who refuse to pay for services for “moral” reasons, and then steal these services in a manner that potentially endangers the potable water supply hygene of her neighbours, show in her case complete hypocracy, lunacy and arrogance.

      For hevens sake ACC, prosecuute this nutter and follow through with the penalties, sell he house to pay her debts.

  • BR

    Much as I think Ms Bright to be part of the loony left, I do have a measure of sympathy over her refusal to pay rates. She says she is entitled to know where her money is being spent, and on on that one point I agree with her.

    However if this is true about the water meter, she should be arrested and charged with theft.


    • Jax Taylor

      The ‘loony left is actually as ridiculous a label to describe Penny Bright who has been as assiduous in her actions and protests against the likes of Len Brown, Phil Goff and others of their ilk, as she has been against those in what pupports to be the centre and right in NZ or anywhere else ..

      As for the rest of the assertions, assumptions, presumptions, veiled threats and not so veiled to say nothing of the character assassination and possibly outright libel on here? Well we’ll see won’t we?
      What has been implied about the water meter has no basis in fact Bill or as others have quite rightly said, it would not be happening.
      What is happening here though is another example of the toxicity of this blog when Cameron steps over one boundary too many..
      In the current climate of growing anger about those who gang up to sledge slag off and incite others to act unlawfully and specifically target people to bully online.
      Oh Dear!

  • Second time around

    It doesn’t look like there is any water in that tube. It’s probably used for venting or draining or just to mark an old cast iron pipe underground so drivers can avoid driving over the top- unorthodox, but nothing more.

  • Anthony

    She must be on good terms with her meter reader?
    I’d like to see a photo of under the cover.

  • Santa Fe fan

    The hose looks to be connected after the meter and it could be replacing the underground line if it is stuffed. Assuming that it is her meter and she pays the Watercare bills for the water and wastewater charges, there is probably nothing wrong with this apart from the use of a garden hose for potable water.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Is that water meter on private property? In my area (Glenfield) the meters have been moved onto Council property. I always wondered why. Maybe Watercare Services can not touch the meter they own if it is on private property?
    Just saying.

    • oldmanNZ

      i seen a lot of properties in auckland with the meter still on private property.
      some appear to have not been read for many months..(i think in sth auckland its a flat rate?)

  • Chris Fleming

    Maybe she is bottling water and selling overseas.

    • Hard1

      Could be Homeopathic water with each bottle containing a bitter tear of sanctimony.

  • Big fella

    If she is taking water via that hose it will taste terrible, that hose taints water terribly. What with the sun on it, bloody shocking.

  • oldmanNZ

    you can just lift he lid and take a photo inside? meter readers so it.
    its not easy to bypass the meter as the shut off tap is after the meter

  • cows4me

    Some local Melons tried the same trick a few years back. They brought a house and section in the area but the house only had rain water tanks. When the surrounding farm owner went away for a holiday they rain an alkathene pipe from their place to the farmer’s , a good friend, main water line about 100 meters away and hooked it up. They buried the line just below the surface. Everything was going fine till the main water line developed a leak and upon inspection the new line was discovered. What a crack up, the decision was made to deal to the new line. The giant discs, large cutting discs used for working ground up, were attached to tractor and several passes were made over the new line. The poor Melons now have several hundred short bits of pipe.

    • Raibert

      Justice of the absolutely appropriate type.

    • Michelle

      Once had a neighbour who hooked up his electric fence reel to our electric fence through the boundary fence
      It was for his springers so we turned off that line, he worked it out about a week later after a few breaks outs on his side

  • Hobbes

    She is just another common criminal who inhabits the left side of the political spectrum. She should be treated and regarded as such.

  • Raibert

    There is a lot of supposition in this article. Think you should check to see the hose is actually connected. Then a complaint to watercare made very publicly should see remedies in place. Theft is theft and one which could endanger public health can not be condoned.

    • Wasapilot

      She has admitted it is connected on another blog this morning. This installation is in breach of the building code NZBC G12.

      Well past the time when this creature needs to be taught a lesson IMHO.

      • Chris Bell

        Can we then ensure something is done about her cause I am over her grandstanding when everyone else pays their way – goodbye Penny

  • Keyser Soze

    Can a nearby WOiler please just go and take a photo under the cover? I’m not driving all the way over there…

    • Jax Taylor

      You just did.. and have added you to the list of very unpleasant co- conspirators advocating and potentially inciting criminal acts against a female..

      • island time

        The act was to be against the hose I thought.

  • Damon Mudgway

    Does anyone know how many cats Penny has?

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Simple solution to get some action from ACC. All ratepayers endorse their rate demand that they will be opting for the “Bright Plan” for such demands.

  • Big_Al

    I would suggest that the hose as shown has been used as a temporary fix for a broken or damaged water mainline to her house, untill such time as can be replaced with a permanent underground pipe. I would very much doubt that the meter had been bypassed.