Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  BoomSlang

Credit: BoomSlang


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  • Oh Please

    That’s a white hand. I’m offended.

    • Gazza

      I will draft a complaint to the HRC right now!

  • manuka416

    Well, that’s just a bit ridiculous. Poverty has nothing to do with poor domestic violence sentencing. Conversely, it seems that the richer or more famous you are, the more you’ll be favoured by the judiciary (e.g. name-suppression favouritism)

  • cows4me

    Oh dear, I suspect hypertension will be claiming a few that work in various government departments now. Dane Susan will be getting a dust off ready for another roll out. Various academics will be spinning like dying flies and the level of offense will be ramped up a couple of notches. More sunlight for the vampires.

  • Dave

    All that is missing is a web address, the phone order number, and a price. Hundreds would be lining up for their certificate, oh, do you accept slightly used goods, bongs, cannabis, WINZ vouchers and so on ?

  • Wayne Hodge

    Great cartoon and just what a political cartoon should be, clear, sharp and relevant

  • Whitey

    Special offer: Poverty License holders are now eligible for a free hug from the deluded government official of their choice!

  • Miguel

    While I get the point of the cartoon, I don’t think this is nearly as good as first cartoon, unfortunately. This one relies too much on text – it hardly needs to be in a cartoon form; a bit visually underpowered. (Not that I could do any better, of course.)

  • symgardiner

    Another beauty. You might need to include a “trigger warning” for the chronically sensitive.

  • muffinmclay

    shouldnt it be signed Susan Devoid?