Cartoon of the Day

Credit:  BoomSlang

Credit: BoomSlang


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  • Jude

    Brilliant! I suspect ram raids and armed robberies of corner dairies will increase.Surely it is not worth stoking cigarettes?

    • Huia

      Not to mention a complaint to the authorities for offending smokers.

    • 1dafool

      I’m a little worried about getting rolled for my smokes myself. Some of the got a spare smoke requests are intimidating already. I guess the backyard will be the only place to enjoy my legal vice.

  • Melissa

    Excellent. Boomslang certainly gets to the the gist of things with his cartoons.

  • Miss McGerkinshaw

    Hit the nail on the head yet again.

    Makes me wonder why, but very glad, people are prepared to run dairies as they are really so vulnerable – especially with the hours they keep.

    • jcpry

      Because a dairy enjoys margins that would make a supermarket green with envy and the ability to live off the stock tax free. But other than that it does carry a high degree of risk.

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        In my world the risk/reward ratio wouldn’t be high enough but then we are all different and as I said, I’m grateful they are there for when I just need some milk or something.

  • JustanObserver

    I see someone wearing a ‘Warehouse’ or ‘K-Mart’ Hoodie …
    Surely that is discrimination and warrants a complaint to the HRC?

  • kereru

    Wondered how long it would take for the ‘r’ word to appear.

    ‘New Zealand’s leading Maori tobacco researcher says further tax
    increases on smokers have become a racist policy that is discriminating
    against Maori, mental health patients and others.’

    • Abjv

      Maori Party asked for this tax. Who would have thought that a Maori Party policy might be considered racist?

    • lyall

      Wow this researcher has really shown her bias – she suggests Maori women smoke more because it is stressful being a Maori woman and the government is racist because the price rise will bring further stress to Maori women that smoke. So by her logic any policy that increases income tax would be racist to non Maori NZers as they would be penalised more as a percentage as more of them pay income tax!

  • Aucky

    I wonder just how long it will be before industrial scale smuggling arrives on our doorstep. Australian Customs have had to deal with container loads of cigarettes.

    • johcar

      Fake like this? (pic)

  • PersonOfColor:WHITE

    Insightful. Maybe smokers outside WINS might find themselves mugged for their smokes too….

  • I’m liking Boomslang’s stuff more and more. Insightful, hard-hitting and great segues between several current topics. Oh, and this one is also funny – always a bonus with political cartoons.