Cartoon of the Day


Credit: Roger Price


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  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Actually, he does have a point…..

    • Kevin

      Live life to the full while you can, while still saving for a modest retirement, would be better advice perhaps?

      • Rick H

        exactly Kevin.
        It’s hard sometimes, when we see similarly-aged people slipping-their-clogs whilst still working hard, saving, scrimping etc for their up-coming retirement bliss. (they should’ve lived like every day was their last).
        Others, enjoying all the luxuries of life, jet boats, motorcycles, holiday homes, and huge loans – -whilst we scrimp and save. (huge debt, and possible bankruptcy in later life)
        Doesn’t seem fair.
        But, if we are happy enough in life, whilst still living a scrimpy lifestyle, and are lucky enough to survive til the late 70;s, 80s, and still able to enjoy life – -that would make it all worthwhile.
        That’s where myself and partner are aiming for.

  • RAS

    The guy’s question only makes sense in a welfare state.

  • Brian Dingwall

    Because as soon as your money is working hard enough to meet your expenses, you wont have to….