Cartoon of the Moment


Credit: BoomSlang

I would like to welcome a new cartoonist to Whaleoil.  I would like to, but I can’t.  This one was sent as a sample, and I’ve offered a regular slot.  But BoomSlang is still ambivalent, prevaricating between just sending an occasional one and gracing our pages with regular contributions

What say you Whaleoil audience?   Do you think you want to see more of BoomSlang’s work?  It is clearly going to be confrontational.  Is this the place for it?


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  • Pluto

    Is it truthful – yes
    Is it PC – no
    Bring it on.

  • Melissa

    Yes, if other offerings are as honest as this one.

  • JEL51

    Maybe a tad too hard hitting. Toned-down a little perhaps.

    • Melissa

      But isn’t that the problem? We to need to be more hard hitting on these cases of child abuse, why tone down what is actually going on.

      • JEL51

        I guess you are right, it just seems disrespectful of the little man’s memory somehow. Too soon…?

        • phronesis

          Too soon after the last one or before the next one?

          • JEL51

            Sadly, that sums it up. It is us on-lookers who feel the shame for some stupid reason.

  • papagaya

    Hmm .. doesn’t work for me. Tasteless, and linking a cultural artistic practice with child abuse? No, not clever.

    • Crowgirl

      The child’s name was Moko though.

      • papagaya

        It’s simply not clever. If the linkage was between Maori chid abuse and social welfareism (paying babies to have babies), or iwi authorities (sitting on hundreds of millions of bucks but remaining silent) or white liberals who claim “we” are all responsible, then it would have some meaningful bite. But right now, it’s just being culturally insulting for the sake of it.

  • waldopepper

    cartoons use satire to make serious points. i think this one does that perfectly. but many will claim to be offended by it. if people put as much effort into solving the violence against maori kids as they do about being outraged and offended, nz would be a far better place im sure.

  • Brian Smaller

    It is confrontational – what a good a cartoon of it’s type should be. Will it make some people uncomfortable – hell yes – and that may well say more about those feeling uncomfortable than it does about the cartoon itself.

  • Michelle

    l don’t have a problem with this cartoon and would like to see more

    • kereru

      A few other examples of his work would be useful.

  • Tiger

    Addressing serious issues with confronting debate is surely what WO is all about. Therefore BoomSlang is appropriate. BTW, the boomslang is a venomous Sub-Saharan snake, the venom of which can have a delayed reaction and “provide victims with false reassurance, leading to them underestimating the seriousness of the bite”. Just the reaction this cartoon has.

  • sheppy

    A thought provoking cartoon, although I wonder whether publishing this sort of stuff just gives the leftests ammunition to selectively use against this blog, especially when viewed in a wider international context?

    • spanishbride

      Fair point but then they continue to call us a sewer etc despite the fact that we have the cleanest, most polite, well moderated media outlet in New Zealand.
      Haters are going to hate no matter how we are in reality.

      • dumbshit

        Amusingly, even though they haven’t read the blog themselves, but because “Angry” down the road has told them to hate it!
        I would broaden the scope of the cartoon, as it is a wider issue.

      • Mark

        Totally agree,when they hate you they hate you. No use trying to please such people.

        • Old Kiwi

          “when they hate you they hate you. No use trying to please such people”.
          Yes and I wish JK would adopt the same thinking. “no matter what you say no matter what you do John they’ll still hate you”

  • Sponsz

    Yes, WO is a suitable place for hard hitting, non-PC cartoons like this. More, please!

  • Huia

    It is confronting and thought provoking, but isn’t that what political cartoons are all about?
    This one does not sit comfortably with me as I feel such anguish about these wee babies being tortured and murdered, plus I feel sensitive on the parents behalf at their loss.
    When you think about it, the feral parents are committing these crimes or putting their little ones in these situations, they do not follow through on making sure of the babies safety.
    So on that note I would say yes to the hard hitting cartoonist, but, on the other hand it will be seen by those of us on here who can already see the problem, the cartoon wont be seen by the ones who should be seeing it and thinking about changing their behaviour…..wont.
    Very Charlie Hebboish

  • HunuaRanger

    All this cartoon is doing is pointing out the sad truth that Maori children are over represented in child abuse and neglect statistics, making up over 50% of reported cases.
    If it makes a few leftys upset in the process and puts more of a spotlight on the problem, a cartoon such as this is doing it’s job.
    I look forward to seeing more.

  • Terry

    Yes, yes,. yes!

  • Richard

    Bring it on.
    It’s about time NZ stopped hiding behind this now too well established political correctness.

    Face the facts and statistics NZ…..Je Suis Culturally Ingrained Child Abuse.

  • manuka416

    Will this cartoon make a difference? No. The audience who need to see this are not the audience who follow Whaleoil. All this cartoon will do here is stir up emotions and reinforce racial stereotypes.

    • InnerCityDweller

      Emotions is exactly what’s needed when these events infold. As for the racial stereotypes? This cartoon is simply the result of somebody like BoomSlang observing what’s actually happening out there.

      Unfortunately, and you’re right there, this will never see the light of day where it should.

      • Woody

        I suspect it will be seen by many who would hide the problem if they could so I would bee keen to see how s/he developed.

  • Gaynor

    confrontational? Exactly! A big yes from me!

  • Colin

    With the current cycle of handwringing going on about domestic abuse, it is tiresome to see that no-one can address the real issue, which is appalling overrepresentation of Maori and Pacific Island families in the statistics, And you can’t address it, because to do so gets you labelled as ‘racist’, and all the SJW’s and professional offence takers then pile in, so it’s not worth the hassle. So the domestic violence and child abuse will continue unabated, because in the PC world we live in it is a greater crime to speak a politically unpalatable truth than it is to beat a kid to death.

  • GoingRight

    I would like to see the odd occasional one first before becoming a feature.

  • gerard

    I am sure Moko himself would have said please show it in memory of my life.

  • Chris Fleming


  • Wasapilot

    Some cartoons make me laugh, others make me think about an isuue, this cartoon makes me sad. Very well done cartoon, and so thought provoking.

  • Doug

    Perhaps a few more examples…
    This one is hard hitting, to fix the problem we have to first accurately identify the problem, and too often it seems to be something along these lines. This is not to say all Maori are bad parents, out that the only bad parents are Maori, but they do seem to be disproportionately represented in the stats. If there is a problem with a certain sector of Maori New Zealand, this needs to be identified, so it can be fixed

  • MoggieManiac

    A cartoon doesn’t have to be humourous. [Is cartoon the right word. I can’t think of another better though].
    As is said “a picture is worth a thousand words” is never more true than on this topic. Hopefully, enough people will be offended and post on FaceBook as a comment on how ‘awful’ Whaleoil is, and in that way get the message out to the people who really need to view it.
    I hope the cartoonist makes the decision to keep commenting on the real world around us.

  • CoNZervative

    As an ex-professional cartoonist myself; I can already tell who it is – from the style alone – y’see some of us have secret powers

  • CoNZervative

    One has to say this cartoon offering is right up there and the shrieking from the fascist Left is about to become shrill against WOil I’m sure; but it reminds me of this historic Cobb cartoon in the same vein