A challenge for Andrew Little

Winston Peters has been filling halls at public meetings…and boasting about it on Facebook.

Public meeting of Winston Peters at Levin

Public meeting of Winston Peters at Levin

The old tusker still has pulling power.  

But it raises an interesting question for Andrew Little. Can he pull like Winston can pull?

I suspect not. Given his appalling ratings in our exclusive INCITE: Politics polling he’d struggle to fill a phone box, if phone boxes still existed.

If the leader of a major political party can’t pull an audience then he really doesn’t have any claim to be leader of the opposition.

In terms of performance that mantle now rests with Winston Peters.

If Andrew Little has presumptions of power he is going to have to match and then exceed Winston Peters, and he can’t do it in the tried and true union way of bussing in supporters. He will have to get genuine people along to hear his droning, gravelly voice and rather short (shorter than even Winston) visage.

There is a world of difference between railing against the bosses in the smoko room and holding sway in a public hall packed full of people who want to be there.




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  • Left Right Out

    Little pulled a bit of a crowd outside someones house the other day, only to find it was the wrong address

    • MaryLou

      And yet again, the crowd was comprised only of media, the only other person there was telling him to go away!

  • Tom

    This doesn’t fill me with joy. I will tell you why, what if Winston actually pipped Little. He certainly then wouldn’t go with National but would probably try and form a government with Labour ,Greens and maybe Dunn. Now that would be a real mess!

    • Terry

      I am prepared to bet a bottle of good wine that Winston will not go with Labour AND Greens. And he would know that without Greens, the numbers wouldn’t be there, so his best bet would be a deal with National, as has happened in the past. I think he’d accept reappointment as Foreign Minister, a job at which he didn’t do too badly under Labour.

      • Tom

        He would if he was the biggest party of the 3 and about to be PM.

        • Terry

          In the present and immediately foreseeable circumstances can you see those three winning 61 seats in the next Parliament?

          • OneTrack

            Yes, I can. Even after the train wreck that is Labour 2016, the balance of the polls is very close. Too many people thinking they are voting for Norm Kirk and that the Greens are for the environment.

    • Winston will never go with the Greens

      • Wheninrome

        What if he were running the show and calling the shots?

      • Miss McGerkinshaw

        You keep saying that but I wouldn’t trust him if it meant being PM – who knows. Just hope you’re correct whatever his temptation might be.

  • Cadwallader

    What would be useful here is some sort of Doomsday Clock to measure the likelihood of Little staying as leader and the life expectancy of Labour itself. It could oscillate between each of Little’s outrageous examples of idiocy. In other words it’d be close to midnight all the time. Perhaps a cuckoo clock is more suited to Labour? I question whether Little would know the difference???

  • john Doe

    The silly thing is that the MSM still follow him around loyally and breathlessly reporting each word and still he can’t garner support. He is doomed.

    • Miss McGerkinshaw

      Maybe if the MSM didn’t “follow him around and breathlessly report each word”so no-one knows what car(s) he is chasing this time, he might get more support?

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Trouble is Winstons support base is a bit like a Ponzi scheme. He has to keep getting new members at the top to counteract the ones falling off the bottom.
    Judging by the photo, by the time they all get home, most will have forgotten where they’ve been.

    • Aucky

      Obviously not a Coro night.

      • STAG

        You think Winnie doesn’t factor that sort of thing in?

        • Aucky

          Of course he does. He wouldn’t want to miss a single episode.

    • Rick H

      post of the day, Alan. I luv it.

    • Melissa

      You had my husband and myself rolling around laughing after reading this to him.

    • Effluent

      Hang on a minute, I turned 60 last year, and I can remember where I was this afternoon – it was ….er……………..

  • Brian Smaller

    To be fair that Winston Peters meeting does look like it was held just before lunch at Sandy Acres Retirement Home. If a Young NZ First member walked in it would bring the average age in that hall down to Jurassic.

    • Alan Beresford B’Stard

      I suspect come election day, quite a few will have departed….

  • Caprice

    I reckon Andrew Little could quadruple the attendance at one of his rallies if he promised to bring along Buddy the cat.
    In fact Buddy would probably get double figures as potential leader, compared to his owners seven percent.
    Be honest. Who would you rather have running the country? At least the cat would make more sense filling a seat in parliament. More cat, less caterwauling.
    Vote Buddy 2017.

  • andrewo

    I thought for a minute it was a photo of God’s waiting room…

  • Miss Phit

    The labour caucus will follow the angry one anywhere….

    But only out of a morbid sense of humour.

  • Wheninrome

    Of course it is John Key’s fault there are now phone boxes, sorry halls of the right dimensions for Andrew Little’s meetings.