Chris Darby is another councillor who needs rinsing in October

The strains of despair are already showing on Council with the almighty golden NIMBY – Chris Darby – having a tanty about Labour’s decision to join National against the Urban Boundary.

Darby is not unlike many of his fellow politicians. Principally they buy into the whole compact city nonsense.

Auckland councillor Chris Darby says politicians should stay out of the boundary issue.

Darby, one of four councillors assigned to the proposed Unitary Plan and deputy chairman of the council’s development committee, said the comments were premature.

“It’s only a few weeks until we get the report from the Independent Hearings Panel on the unitary plan. There are submissions to soften, abolish or strengthen the boundary,” Darby said.

“We don’t know what the panel will decide. But we as a city have gone through a long process and it’s out of order for any politician – myself included – to try to influence that decision. ?

“Why did we establish the Independent Hearings Panel to work for almost three years on this, receive thousands of public submissions, hear expert evidence, all put before highly qualified commissioners?”

Twyford’s boundary abolition suggestion also ignored the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy which the Auckland Council confirmed this year, Darby said.

I’ll get onto the Future Urban Land Supply Strategy this week – because it’s a dodgy attempt to backstop any efforts by the Government to force change. Through that strategy the Council can refuse infrastructure builds and stop greenfield occurring anyway.

As for?Darby – he needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

Nobody likes Auckland Council and even less people like the way the Council has gone about wrecking Auckland with foolish city plans.

Because it’s dumber than a bag of hammers.


– NZ Herald