Chronic Fatigue Syndrome – are people just pretending?


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  • johcar

    I’d “rebute” this assertion, but I’m too tired…

  • Orange

    Some people pretend all sorts of things.
    Some people sleep for 20 hours each Saturday exhausted.

  • Charlie

    Known in NZ as “Tapanui Flu” and yes it is real.

  • Disinfectant

    It got me. It took 7 years before I could fully function again.

    How did it start? I shifted house one day doing it all on my own except for a hand to lift the fridge and washing machine. I was around 32 at the time.

    I paced myself over about 14 hours. At the end I was completely whacked. Bed was never so good.

    When I woke up I felt as tired as I did when I hit the hay. I simply couldn’t recover.

    I had had a slight cold infection about a week before but felt fine on the day of the shift.

  • Brad

    Yeah it’s very real, had it for just over a year now, feel 80% all the time…

  • JEL51

    A friend who has had it for many years, found a GP in Sydney that has given her back ‘energy’. She is on a finely tuned diet, particular to her, and the changes include high levels of protein/lots of salmon & sea foods ………..and requires a good bank account.

  • I have a number of patients with CFS. The tests we use when initially diagnosing CFS are not “useless” as this video asserts, they are done to eliminate other possible causes for the symptoms. CFS mimics a lot of conditions. There is a direct test being developed but it is still in experimental phase and is unlikely to be available for years (possibly never, if it doesn’t check out).

    Only antidepressants are uniformly helpful in treatment, but they often do not address the fatigue, unfortunately. CFS is generally a miserable disease for which there is no good treatment. Probably why half the medical fraternity still don’t believe it exists.

    • Brad

      Hi there, are you Auckland based? My doctor keeps telling me there’s nothing he/I can do to speed up recovery, other than ‘taking it easy’. It’s really starting to affect my mood…

      • Technically, your doctor is right. There is no proven treatment. It is worthwhile trying a low salicylate diet (you can find these easily via Dr Google). About a third of my patients experience improvement of their symptoms on this, occasionally with complete resolution. Be warned: it is a hard diet to follow.

        Medical trials of this diet have been equivocal- some studies show significant improvement, others show nothing. My opinion is that CFS is a lousy disease with no good treatment, so the diet is worth trying.

        Other than that, it is just symptom management. BTW, I do work in Auckland, but I can’t offer you much more than I’ve written here. Good luck!