Coincidence or Dirty Politics from Labour?


When politicians and those who worked for political parties gave this blog stories and leads for stories, Nicky Hager called it Dirty Politics. A political party giving a right-wing blogger information was dirty he said, and only the National party did it.

When blogger and journalist Cameron Slater from Whaleoil, gave stories and leads to mainstream media journalists and mainstream media journalists reciprocated by giving him leads and stories, Nicky Hager called it Dirty Politics. His analysis was very simple. Anyone daring to give or receive information from a New Media journalist was dirty. Ironically, Nicky Hager claimed this without a trace of embarrassment given the fact that he has based all his investigative articles and books on stolen or leaked information rather than actual investigative research.

Recently I shared an email to me from Phil Twyford and the Labour party where he asked me to take a survey about healthy homes and the housing crisis. Included in the survey were requests for permission to share my story with mainstream media journalists.

Now in a strange coincidence there is a story in the mainstream media about…

My random impertinent questions are:

1) Did Estelle Pemberton received the same email that I did?

2) Did she complete the survey?

3) Did she give the Labour party permission to feed her story to the MSM ?



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  • jaundiced

    As said by those wiser than me, ‘there’s no such thing as dirty politics, just politics’

  • Spiker

    From the April 22 story.

    “It will also be interesting to see which media and which journos are going to be outed as the go-to guys and gals for Labour propaganda.”

    So do Sam Sachdeva & Stuff make that list?

  • metalnwood

    The other issue is that ‘stories’ obtained through people who are labour party members, asked for by the party, will always be biased to help the labour parties view. No doubt, whatever their experience, there story will be a little inflated because they know that is what they are being asked to do.

    Edit, rather, not specifically asked, but they know thats the kind of story that is wanted.

    • Isherman

      yep, I might have thought that any people who are Labour party members or activists might be just as, if not more inclined to agree to their sad stories being used in the media, in which case the question is should that be disclosed…you know, from an ethical point of view, by an unbiased media…trained and skilled.

  • Wayne Hodge

    Hmm! Not sure I believe in coincidences when they occur just as Labour are promoting a bill on heating in homes.

    • biscuit barrel

      Its says at the bottom of the story

      “Pemberton said she backed attempts to create minimum heating and insulation standards for rentals, such as those being proposed by Labour leader Andrew Little in his Healthy Homes Guarantee Bill.”

      Thats when its NOT dirty politics when they identify the story subject as supporting a party policy.

  • Sally

    But….as Annette King exclaimed in QT on Tuesday, when Little was questioning Key about who he talked to in the Kora Lounge and Key pointed out the fact that Pharma Officials lobbied the Labour Party, “they are not the government”. So according to her Labour are allowed to play dirty politics.

    BTW I am getting sick of the term dirty politics – isn’t all just “politics”.

    • Just politics if you are on the right, dirty politics if you are from the left but only if it concerns something the “right” are doing.

  • Kevin

    Hager plays politics just as dirty as anyone else – not just because he uses stolen information, but also because he always times the release of his books to cause the maximum amount of damage to his opponents.

  • Bombastic

    The Labour Party connection is one thing, but what’s worse is the media’s inability to think critically about “hard luck” stories they are fed or solicit themselves. Let’s take this one. Estelle is 44 so we can assume she’s had some life experience.

    Mouldy clothes: did she ever think to air them out now and then?

    Electric shocks from stove: I doubt this one, but if true, did it occur to her that might be a safety issue and contact the landlord?

    Electric blanket in flames: that’s your problem sweetheart, it must have been old and in need of replacement, things do wear out. What it isn’t, is the landlord’s fault.

    See, jurno’s, it’s not that hard. Or are you on instruction to regurgitate stories that suit the narrative of the day?

    • biscuit barrel

      Its a human interest story, they arent investigative journalists.
      The employer expects one or two of these per day. It doesnt look into a contra story unless you get additional information from another party.

      • Annoyed

        But it isn’t. Its a direct hit job against National to push a Labour policy, potentially given by Labour to the “journalists” to print. It’s advertising for Labour, not a human interest story.

        • Michelle

          l read it and thought yep Media party pushing a Labour policy at the same time as it hits parliament with all the sad sack stories
          coincidence not

  • Hard1

    Eight years in a rental and all I got was these crappy earrings.

    Every house in NZ that has bare dirt under the floor will have mould problems. It is Victorian era design carried through to many rebuilds. Ideally the floor cavity should have a concrete base draining away from the house. Rising damp would be prevalent in, what, over 90% of NZ houses?. Where do you start. All those Remuera and Epsom mansions have mould problems too.

    • JohnO

      we have a 1920s Remuera bungalow that is very dry warm and free from mould now that we use HRV.

  • Alan Beresford B’Stard

    Why did she spend years in this alleged cold damp house? If it was really that bad, surely she would have moved out sooner.
    Oh and she came from theUK, where cold and damp is hardly unknown.
    Smells like bs to me.

    • Michelle

      or whinging pom?
      some people think that someone else should clean up after them these days
      once upon a time it was common sense but that is now all but extinct

    • In Vino Veritas

      Why? Because she is stupid Alan. And stupid people cannot be protected from themselves. No matter what situation they are put in, and no matter what warnings, help or anything else the are given to try and protect them, they will make stupid decisions and suffer the consequences. Simple really.

  • Patricia

    When a rental we own was vacated the walls and ceilings, especially in the master bedroom were mould-ridden to the point where I thought the house was toxic and we would be facing a major rebuild. We cleaned it using Exit Mould and a further clean with a home-made tea tree oil mixture and hoped for the best. The current tenant has been in the property for two years and we recently conducted an inspection. No sign of mould or smell of damp. Why? This tenant dusts, vacuums regularly and OPENS WINDOWS. Quelle surprise!!!

    • Wayne Hodge

      AS a renter all my agreements specify tenant to open windows regularly and that tenant must have a commercial spring clean throughout prior to vacating the premises.
      House inspected very quarter.

  • Keanne Lawrence

    Best they could find was a whinging pome? It is always telling that we never hear about mouldy homes in Auckland that many own? With the climate conditions there is every opportunity to get plenty of fresh air which as yet is free to all.
    Reminds me of a question the Vicar asked me in a pre-marriage meeting. “Are you a person who lives in a house with open or closed curtains?” Perhaps he was talking about mould prevention then? Never thought of that.

    • Wheninrome

      How did she manage before she came to NZ, are English homes so warm and mould free?

  • Doug

    We all know that it is only dirty when the other side does it

  • Oh Please

    Champagne socialist. Studied sculpture at Exeter College, and makes arty bags for a living. Probably had to sack the maid who opened the windows and curtains.

    • Wheninrome

      An essential job for NZ . How did she qualify to come to NZ, or was she returning after her OE to a better life in NZ.

      • Oh Please

        A pom, from Brighton on the South Coast. It appears she knows Bevan Chuang :) Wonder is she ‘knows’ Lennie….

  • localnews

    but its working, this is another Labour policy that is going to be enacted by National.
    There is no point in Labour becoming the government, they get all their policies put in place by National. The list of them is getting pretty long.

  • Phenandra

    Almost all New Zealand houses get mouldy if they aren’t aired, and regularly cleaned and dried by the inhabitants. We have an insulated house (after 40 years of living in completely uninsulated housing), but still have to use a dehumidifier/cleaning/regular airing, or we would have mould too. Mould is almost always a user problem, rather than the house itself.

    Electric shocks from the stove – needs an electrician check. Did she request this?

    Electric blanket somehow the landlord’s problem – final confirmation of previous suspicions, the woman is clearly pathetic and an idiot, assuming she has been reported accurately, which is a big if.

    • SlightlyStrange

      The only place we still have damp issues now is our master wardrobe. And that’s mostly because we have too many clothes in it, so the air doesn’t circulate sufficiently.
      Everywhere else we no longer have issues, after replacing some moldy products left by previous owners (including re-plastering both bedrooms).

  • WBC

    It’s just a sad spotlight on the talent that is missing from our media. There is no fact checking, there is no attempt to even look into the basics, just take what you’re given, put your name on it and run it. The more experienced quickly grab a couple of twitter posts to add some weird inter-dimensional credibility to the story…

    Remember, the leading media figures are either boasting about being gun related criminals or deliberately showing naked women on prime time TV in order to try and boost their ratings and take no accountability whatsoever. For instance you will never see either TVNZ or The Edge admit that the display on story was 100% planned and deliberate despite that fact that we all know this is the case.