Colin Craig loses email trawling bid

Colin Craig has been taking diabolical liberties in his various court cases, but one in particular should send a shiver down the spine of anyone involved in politics.

His bid to silence three people who told the truth about him had a turn for the worse for him with the court rejecting his attempt to go trawling through emails after he tried to execute third-party discovery on Vodafone.

An application by former Conservative Party leader Colin Craig to have Vodafone New Zealand release correspondence between former Conservative Party Board members has been rejected by a court.

Colin Craig made the application in March as part of an ongoing discovery process in one of a string of defamation cases.

In this particular case he’s suing former Conservative Party board member John Stringer for defamation after the party fell to pieces during the Dirty Politics saga. ??

The judgment says Mr Craig made the application because he was concerned some correspondence that would be vital to the case would be held back by Mr Stringer.

If he’d been successful, Vodafone would have had to release any emails sent to or from Mr Stringer’s email accounts between November 1, 2014, and February 26, 2016.

Some in politics have clutched to the hem of Colin Craig’s cloak in the latest “get Slater” campaign. They would be well advised to distance themselves from the coming shit storm that court will deliver.

It may not be that well known but I now have the very expensive and thoroughly effective Brian Henry acting for me in the defamation case and also in Craig’s forlorn copyright case.

I’m looking forward to court as then people will be able to see that I was indeed telling the truth about Colin Craig. If anything, they will find out that I held back.

Good luck to those political commentators who are assisting Craig with his case.


– NZ Herald