When it comes to Ben Rachinger, even his victims remain blinkered

Rangi Kemara - via Twitter

Rangi Kemara – via Twitter

Rangi Kemara, the man fingered by Ben Rachinger as the person responsible for hacking and stealing my emails and other data, has been keeping an eye on things and commenting publicly on Twitter.  It’s mostly to mock me for being a fool, and the fact that Whaleoil is still up and running only because 1) I’m not an important enough target and 2) he can’t be bothered driving the truck through all the security holes he knows about.

All that is vintage Rangi.

But this tweet interested me more.   



Two points that Rangi and others blinkered by their anger/distaste/hatred for me seem to miss:

  1. Ben Rachinger hasn’t just been making up lies and fake documents about me/for me.
  2. In my opinion, the message above was created by Ben as he worked together with his police handlers

I realise he was useful to you Rangi, and that you have given him ideas, directions and help, but you never expected the idiot to go Full Retard, did you?

What you really have to worry about is all the stuff he did for police that I never got to see. Or, knowing Ben, what he might have fabricated to make his police handlers believe that he was making progress.

Like this.



And then Rangi finally zooms out and sees the bigger picture


Rangi is actually right. I am not an important enough target. I’ve been a pawn, and not the chess master.

And even though I’m now off the board, the game continues.





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  • Please remember that Cam has been working with police right through. He knew Ben was working with police too. He just didn’t realise that Ben was actually not being truthful with everyone.
    Not making excuses. But on the scale of speeding to murder, this isn’t close to murder or even close to half-way. Some perspective is needed.

  • contractor

    It is shocking just how unbalanced the attitudes and mixed up behaviour of these people is. They should get a life, and get their own lives in order.

  • Gazza

    Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing. [John Stuart Mill – 1867]